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Fear And Loathing 2012: Hey Momma, Look At Me, I’m On My Way To The Promised Land [Updated]

28 February 2012 @ 19:58

UPDATE at 2003…



Last Wednesday afternoon, America’s Favorite Gonzo Reporter, Stacy McCain, hit the road again to provide us more of his excellent reporting of the campaign for the Republican Presidential Nomination and he won’t be getting off it until after Super Tuesday on 06 March.  I posted an aggregation of his reports on Thursday and on Saturday; and on Monday; here’s what he’s filed since last Evening…

-At 0300 this morning, Stacy wrote up a quickie report with info gleaned from a just-published newspaper.

Gonzo never sleeps.

Later in the morning, he filed a report over at The American Spectator on the state of the race as people begin to head to the polls in Michigan and Arizona.

-As is his habit, Stacy also filed a backgrounder to the TAS article over at his joint.  A highlight:

Show of hands: Who thought Mitt would have had the nomination practically locked up by now? Who expected Romney would have to fight like hell just to win his home state? After Mitt won Florida and Nevada, I thought he might be on the verge of running the table, but somehow Santorum keeps on fighting back.

-Stacy failed to make a Santorum event this afternoon so he returned to Hell [scene of his most recent crime]:

On my way from Troy to Grand Rapids — site of Rick Santorum’s Michigan primary victory party tonight — I got a late start and realized I wouldn’t make it in time for Senator Santorum’s 3 p.m. event at his campaign office there. That’s when it hit me: I should go back to Hell.

Saturday night’s trip was fun, but I hadn’t done much actual political reporting during that visit, so clearly I needed a return trip to answer the question, “How is the turnout in Hell?”

You might think Hell would be full of Democrats, but an informal Saturday night survey of patrons at the Dam Site Inn revealed that there were a lot of Mitt Romney and Ron Paul supporters there, and so I reset the GPS and made my way back through Pinckney and hooked a left on the road to Hell.

Do take the time to click here and read the whole thing.

-He will be at Santorum HQ this evening and I’m sure he will be posting from there.  Once I have the link, I’ll post it for you all.

-Loyal sidekick Smitty, though safely ensconced near his hearth, has been publishing some damn fine posts on the Campaign that are also well-worth a read:

= He just discovered this great Santorum ad that was originally released way back in mid-January [seems like a longer time ago, eh?].  Being the hippest of the crew over at TOM, Smitty manages to make a great music reference and throw in two music videos, while making a sound philosophical point.  What an Übermensch.

= Though this post is not directly related to the primaries, it is well worth a read for the laugh it provides.

-SHAMELESS BLOGWHORING ALERT: Honestly, between Stacy’s reporting and commentary, Smitty’s analysis, and Wombat’s aggregations [like this one from this morning], do you need to go to any other site besides The Other McCain to get up-to-speed on what’s really going on in this campaign?  Huh?!?…..Well!?!

-And, oh yeah…I forgot the five most important words in Stacy’s version of the English Language:


  1. M. Thompson permalink
    29 February 2012 @ 00:29 00:29

    I’ve gotten my rock band metaphor for The Other McCain down pat, with Stacy as the center of the act guitarist/singer, Smitty laying down one heck of a bassline, and Wombat-socho as their non-combustable drummer, keeping the whole thing going.

  2. 29 February 2012 @ 01:53 01:53

    He looks good with that Mustang.


    Einstein defined insanity as…

  3. Adobe Walls permalink
    29 February 2012 @ 02:26 02:26

    We’re f**ked diddly ucked.

  4. tadcf permalink
    29 February 2012 @ 09:04 09:04

    My experience is that his blog—The Other McCain—censors opposition opinion (the right-wing American way).


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