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Fear And Loathing 2012: Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be

27 February 2012 @ 18:07

Last Wednesday afternoon, America’s Favorite Gonzo Reporter, Stacy McCain, hit the road again to provide us more of his excellent reporting of the campaign for the Republican Presidential Nomination and he won’t be getting off it until after Super Tuesday on 06 March.  I posted an aggregation of his reports on Thursday and on Saturday; here’s what he’s filed since Saturday Evening…

-Yesterday, Stacy posted a very entertaining report of his visit Saturday Night to Hell……Michigan.  A highlight:

Hell’s (Honky Tonk) Angels

We soon reached our infernal destination, and I was directed to the Dam Site Inn, an establishment that derives its name from its proximity to the former site of a mill dam on Hell Creek. (The history of Hell is online, if you are interested.) You might describe the Dam Site Inn as a tavern or saloon. Vinnie called it a “dive joint,” but I immediately recognized it as a splendid example of what folks down home call a honky tonk, complete with numerous ladies of the type whom Hank Thompson memorialized in song as “honky tonk angels.”

Such are the only angels one is likely to find in Hell.

In contrast to the wholesome steatopygia of our brunette Pinckney Diner waitress — did you ever look up that word? — the waitress at the Dam Site Inn was a slender blonde with no hips whatsoever. However, this skinny lass was friendly and efficient, despite her tragically hipless condition, and refreshments were soon provided.

Here it is necessary to note that I hadn’t realized our excursion to Hell would involve a visit to a honky tonk….

Do take the time to click here and read the rest.

-Early this morning, Stacy filed a report, over at The American Spectator, on a Santorum event he attended in Troy last night.  A highlight:

Rick Santorum had been speaking for nearly an hour Sunday night in Davison. He had laid out his policies on economics, on energy, on social issues and national security. He had defended his record against attacks from his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, and expressed strong criticism of President Obama’s policies. He took questions from the audience of about 400 people who packed Crystal Hall and gave lengthy, detailed answers. When it came time for the final question, a man mentioned the “kid gloves” treatment that many conservatives felt Obama received from 2008 GOP nominee John McCain. Would Santorum go after Obama?

“Well, what do you think?” Santorum answered, getting a huge cheer from the crowd. Santorum said that he has tried to avoid personal attacks in the long Republican primary campaign and preferred to “keep it on the issues.” The former Pennsylvania senator then said, “I’m not going to go out and personally attack Barack Obama.… I’m going to talk about what he’s done to this country. I’m going to talk about his policies.… I’m going to hold him accountable for every decision he’s made.… Let me assure you, we will draw a contrast. We will talk about what’s at stake in this country. We will not let you down. We will fight for your principles and we’ll fight for this country. Just help us, here in Michigan, on Tuesday.”

There was nothing controversial in those comments, and so they didn’t become an instant banner headline on the Drudge Report….

-As is his practice, Stacy filed a background report [with video] over at TOM to go along with the above.  A snippet:

Sunday, while I was driving up I-75 on my way to the event in Davison, I switched on the local classic rock station and heard a Romney ad that compared Santorum to “liberal Carl Levin.” Imagine what it feels like to be Rick Santorum, a lifelong conservative, and to know that this is what your more moderate opponent is saying about you.

I spoke with him as he was driving to the event and we discussed that ad and other things going on in the race for the GOP nod.  A few minutes after we got off the phone, Stacy called back to tell me he had just missed being rammed by a deer on the highway.  Luckily it ran in front of his rented car, but it hit a minivan at ramming speed and was catapulted off the highway.  Long-time readers of TOM will know the significance of this incident.

-Late this afternoon, he filed a report from a Santorum event in Lansing, just before he was heading off to cover a Romney one.

-FYI: The day after the primaries in Michigan and Arizona, Stacy will be heading to Ohio, which is a crucial state on Super Tuesday.

-Loyal sidekick Smitty, though safely ensconced near his hearth, has been publishing some damn fine posts on the Campaign that are also well-worth a read:

= On Sunday, he posted video of Rick Santorum on Meet The Press and Stacy provided an Update on the candidate’s appearance on ABC’s This Week with Steffy.

= In this post, Smitty starts throwing around big old German words again [what one of their phrases ain’t big?] in making a fine point about our Ignominious Nimrod-In-Chief [if he keeps doing this, I may have to bring the Kraut Hammer down on the Admiral].

-SHAMELESS BLOGWHORING ALERT: Honestly, between Stacy’s reporting and commentary, Smitty’s analysis, and Wombat’s aggregations, do you need to go to any other site besides The Other McCain to get up-to-speed on what’s really going on in this campaign?  Huh?!?

Don’t mind her playing a demon
As long as it’s with me
If this is hell then you could say
It’s heavenly
Hell ain’t a bad place to be

Late at night turns down the lights
Closes up on me
Opens my heart, tears it apart
Brings out the devil in me
Hell ain’t no bad place to be

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