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Fear And Loathing 2012: Of Fish And Junkies

25 February 2012 @ 17:02

Wednesday afternoon, America’s Favorite Gonzo Reporter, Stacy McCain, hit the road again to provide us more of his excellent reporting of the campaign for the Republican Presidential Nomination and he won’t be getting off it until after Super Tuesday on 06 March.  I posted an aggregation of his reports on Thursday; here’s what he’s filed since early Thursday Evening…

-Yesterday, Stacy filed a report on his visit to Santorum HQ, his attendance at a campaign event for Pete Hoekstra where Herman Cain was speaking [he got a chance to sit down with Mr. Cain and, out of the interview, got the hook for the report he filed yesterday morning over at The American Spectator].  Stacy also visited Willard HQ and had an interesting encounter.  A highlight [‘Fear And Loathing In Romneyland’, indeed, as you will see]:

“I need to take this call,” I told the Romney volunteer lady, and retreated to the foyer area to talk to Mike [Rogers of GraniteGrok]. He was calling from an airport, about to board a flight back to New Hampshire, and said he’d been reading my campaign-trail blogging. As I was talking to him, however, a couple of young guys came out of a back office in the Romney headquarters, and I overheard one of them mutter the phrase “Santorum blogger.”


By the time I got off the phone with Mike, one of the young Romney guys was standing there in a polite-but-serious posture. The dude looked like he might have played linebacker in high school. A brief conversation ensued, which I summarized on Twitter:

5:39 p.m.: Folks at Romney Michigan HQ recognize me, invite me to leave. Must be the hat.

The perils of notoriety. They didn’t even let me get a picture of the office. I wonder if the linebacker-looking dude would have chased off Michelle Malkin? She has also endorsed Rick Santorum and — by the way — she will be here in Michigan, along with Andrew Breitbart and all the GOP presidential candidates, for Saturday’s Americans for Prosperity forum in Troy. It’s hard to imagine Malkin getting the bum’s rush at Romney HQ, but she’s famous, whereas I am merely notorious.

And we want you to stay that way.

-Late yesterday afternoon, Stacy filed a pictorial report while waiting for Rick Santorum to appear at a Catholic Friday Fish Fry.

-This morning he filed a report, with video, on the Fish Fry and an event at the Knights Of Columbus in Lincoln Park.  A highlight:

It’s gonna be kind of hard for Mitt Romney to compete with Rick Santorum in terms of his straight-out appeal to Catholic voters in Michigan. At last night’s Lenten fish fry at a Catholic church in Walled Lake, Santorum began by saying, “I love the smell of fish on a Friday night.”…

He also asks a very timely and pertinent question: ‘Why does Rupert Murdoch hate nuns?’.

-Loyal sidekick Smitty, though safely ensconced near his hearth, has been publishing some damn fine posts on the Campaign that are well-worth a read:

= He still doubts that Willard ‘gets it’ and I don’t blame him.

= Smitty’s all for kicking [especially BHO, in the patooty], but not screaming.

= He reports on Arlen Spector once again making a spectacle of his sorry-arse self by being the committed douche nozzle he is.

= In this posting, the Admiral Of The Afghan Seas uses humor to make a spot-on point about the GOP [‘Grand Ossified Party’???].

= Earlier today, he published a post wherein he disagrees with the idea that the primary season has been too long and should be drastically curbed, making a good case for his point of view.

= Also this morning, Smitty posted an exposé on those das-tard-lee Koch Brothers and the meeting of their cabal in Michigan today.  He just filed a follow-up on what Koch-minion Rick Santorum said there.

-SHAMELESS BLOGWHORING ALERT: Honestly, between Stacy’s reporting and commentary, Smitty’s analysis, and Wombat’s aggregations, do you need to go to any other site besides The Other McCain to get up-to-speed on what’s really going on in this campaign?

-I doubt if I’ll get a chance to do another one of these on Sunday, but do keeping checking over at TOM for the latest posts.

‘Not everybody is comfortable with the idea that politics is a guilty addiction. But it is. They are addicts, and they are guilty and they do lie and cheat and steal — like all junkies. And when they get in a frenzy, they will sacrifice anything and anybody to feed their cruel and stupid habit, and there is no cure for it. That is addictive thinking. That is politics — especially in presidential campaigns. That is when the addicts seize the high ground. They care about nothing else. They are salmon, and they must spawn. They are addicts.’

  1. tadcf permalink
    27 February 2012 @ 08:56 08:56

    I don’t read The Other McCain, because the site blocks my comments—apparently they do not like opposition opinions.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 February 2012 @ 19:51 19:51

      It takes a lot to get banned over at TOM.


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