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Fear And Loathing 2012: The Road Trip To Super Tuesday

23 February 2012 @ 20:18

Early yesterday afternoon, America’s Favorite Gonzo Reporter, Stacy McCain, hit the road again to provide us more of his excellent reporting of the campaign for the Republican Presidential Nomination and he won’t be getting off it until after Super Tuesday on 06 March.

-Before he left, he filed a report on how analysts believe Willard and Newton Leroy have been burning through the campaign cash very quickly…and how he himself is short on funds.

-On his way to Ohio, Stacy published a report with a curious perspective on the latest polls that show Rick Santorum ahead of Willard.  While it’s true that Stace is The Road Man For The Lords Of Karma, I can assure you, after reading this post, that he is not working for Old Scratch on his tour of The United States.

-Yesterday evening, I linked his post wherein he live-blogged the Debate last night from Ohio [his first stop], but in case you missed it, here it is again.

-This morning over at The American Spectator, Stacy filed a report this morning on the debate.  Per usual, he also published a related post over at The Other McCain.  A highlight from the latter:

This morning, I woke up and switched on Fox & Friends and watched them bring on Mitt Romney’s proxy Chris Christie to lead the 8 a.m. hour. Steve Doocy’s first question to Christie — this is from memory, but close enough to an exact quote that I’ll put it inside quotation marks — was: “All the conservative blogs say Mitt Romney won and Rick Santorum had a bad night.”

Really? Of course I’m prejudiced by my pro-Santorum sentiments, but this seemed an odd way to start the morning’s schedule at Fox News, as if they were delivering the Official Message.

We know many at Fox are rooting for Willard, so I was not surprised that they decided to join the ‘say something enough times and people will start believing it’ crowd.

-This afternoon, Stacy filed a report on the reaction to Rick Santorum’s performance.  He quotes Erick Erickson saying some positive things about the candidate and comments, in part:

Certainly I cannot be the only conservative who recalls how Erickson spent the final week before the Iowa caucuses furiously attacking Santorum in what was, so far as I could figure, a final desperate attempt to salvage hope for a Rick Perry comeback. And yet now Erickson deems it his prerogative to offer strategic “messaging” advice to the Santorum campaign?

This is not to say that Erickson’s advice is wrong, of course. But this kind of sadistic “frenemies” stuff — Erickson relentlessly pounding on Santorum for months and then expecting Santorum to heed his advice — just boggles my mind. Why does Erickson, who has made it abundantly clear that he would rather have Romney than Santorum as the GOP nominee, make this show of pretending to want to help Santorum?

I think Erickson’s trying to retain his legitimacy among the conservatives. He may be smart enough to realize how much he has damaged his reputation, starting last Fall with the Palin Countdown posts. Such an egotistical fellow has a desperate need to remain viable.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s still dead to me.

-Early this evening, Stacy filed a brief report on the latest attack ad against Willard by the Santorum Campaign. 

-Tomorrow, I suspect, he’ll begin filing reports from Michigan.  Godspeed, Road Man.

‘I returned to the Holiday Inn — where they have a swimming pool and air-conditioned rooms — to consider the paradox of a nation that has given so much to those who preach the glories of rugged individualism from the security of countless corporate sinecures, and so little to that diminishing band of yesterday’s refugees who still practice it, day by day, in a tough, rootless and sometimes witless style that most of us have long since been weaned away from.’

-And, oh yeah…I forgot the five most important words in Stacy’s version of the English Language:


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