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Something To Keep In Mind When Discussing The Actions Of The Catholic Church

16 February 2012 @ 11:11

What people either forget or fail to understand is that The Catholic Church is not an absolute monarchy, but, rather, a feudal kingdom.

The Pope is absolute on certain matters [dogma], but he shares the governing of The Church with his princes, the Cardinals [bishops are lesser princes]. In other words: in matters regarding the soul, the Pope is the final word, as he has been chosen by God, but on any other matter, he and the cardinals share power as the King and his Lords did in Medieval times.

The Church has been infiltrated very successfully by the Left. They first took over the Jesuits and then spread their Evil from that base. Pope John Paul The Great and the current Pontiff are from the faction that has been battling the Left within the RCC, but they can, and have been able to, do only so much because of the feudal structure of The Church, which spread the power around. It is a Federalist System, if you will, where Cardinals and Bishops possess a certain amount of autonomy on all matters except faith and morals. And no Pope can seek to turn The Church into an absolute monarchy because it was Jesus, they believe, who created The Church and He did it based on the organizing principle of The Apostles [the Bishops are the direct descendants of the Apostles].

That many people in this day and age think the Pope is an absolute monarch is a tribute to the successful campaign by the Left to demonize The Church.

Like The American Republic before it entered the Progressive Age, The Roman Catholic Church is ‘messy’ in the way it goes about things because it is a federalist organization.

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