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Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

16 February 2012 @ 11:46

With all the discussion that has been prompted by the move of the Obama Administration to force Catholic institutions to violate their faith, it’s easy to forget the issue that is at the heart of this matter.

Fortunately, Stacy McCain and Jeff Goldstein are here to remind us in their direct and clear styles.

From Stacy:

…This issue isn’t about employers imposing anything on anybody. It’s about whether the federal government can mandate certain types of insurance coverage for private employers, even to the point of requiring Catholic organizations to pay for insurance that includes full coverage — no deductible, no co-pay — for contraception, sterilization and abortifacient “morning after” drugs.

From Jeff:

This is not a Catholic issue, or even a strictly religious issue. This is about individual sovereignty, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the fundamental relationship between the State and the individual being forcibly altered such that we are no longer a government of and by the people, but rather subjects who must petition the State for our “rights,” and who the State can mandate engage in economic behavior that we cannot opt out of, be we a private business or a private citizen.

It is the trick of the Left to try to turn this into a battle in the culture wars. It is, but that is only the facet of the fight they wish to focus on.

It’s ideological prestidigitation. And those idiots who are sending out warnings that to oppose the government on this is to free up, say, Muslim employers to impose Sharia law on their employees, would do well to understand that this is not about employers imposing anything — after all, the Catholic Church, as employer, is not mandating that their employees not use birth control, or that they go to church, or that they carry a rosary, or that they love the baby Jesus; instead, it is about a central authority’s push to overthrow the constraints of the Constitution and Declaration and “fundamentally transform” the US by way of a coup against the very foundation of American exceptionalism: individual sovereignty, a limited government of enumerated powers, and natural rights that cannot be taken away by government.

We, the defenders of Western Civilization, do ourselves no good by letting ourselves get bogged down in just a ‘facet’ of the war we are waging. The Left wants us to concentrate on only one front in a world-wide war, to develop tunnel vision, so that we will concentrate all of our forces in one area while they run rampant in all the others.

Also: the Left wants nothing more than to make this ‘a Catholic thing’ because it will discourage many to take up the fight who feel that this battle does not concern them and because it will discourage those who fear Papism from realizing they have a stake in this battle.

First, they came for The Catholics…

Keep your eyes on the Leftist Prize: they want us to be beholden to them for all of our rights, to stop believing that we are endowed by The Creator with certain inalienable rights.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    16 February 2012 @ 14:46 14:46

    This is a perfect example of the real purpose of Obamacare which is to exercise complete control over every aspect of our lives. The Bolsheviks know that they must humble and diminish all non-governmental institutions to exert that control this current fight is just one of many steps leading into that abyss.


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