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Bob’s Musings: We’ll Drift Through It All, It’s The Modern Age

15 February 2012 @ 11:01

-Blogging may be a bit light around here today as I have a doctor’s appointment with my primary physician, who is always late, and because I have to get some paperwork done for the condo we own in Vegas. We own one little condo, but, if you just looked at the amount of paperwork alone we have to process, you’d think we were a LLC with many properties ― thank you, tyrannical government.

-In my post last evening on the latest poster child for boring idiocy, Nick Minaj, I forgot to link Dan Collins’s excellent post over at The Conservatory on the cretinous ‘singers’ behavior at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Apologies, Dano [and a tip of the fedora to Pundette].

Do take the time top click here and read it ― I especially liked this part:

If you believe that even a single performer or presenter might have had the good sense and/or integrity to refuse to participate in the wake of this extravagant tantrum of unearned self-righteousness, you’d be silly. These are Important People, who had Important Grief to express, along with other Important Sentiments masquerading as Important Insights into the Human Condition, by which they mean the Super-Human Condition, which is the Reality That As Celebrities They Live. All in all, it was a pastiche of a parody of a burlesque of a burlesque, which is what Art is all about. And Art, as any of them with the vocabulary to do so will tell you, Elevates the Human Spirit.

That boy has a way with words.

While people like Mzzz. Minaj and George Clooney and M.I.A. think they’re being so transgressive and brave and bold, those of us who live in The Real World know that they’re just crashing bores.

-While I might want to argue with some of the points he makes in the body of his posting [he still hasn't purged his soul of all of the Leftist virus that infected it for so many years], I can’t argue with the sentiment in Andrew Klaven’s title:

Celebrate Black History Month: Slap a Leftist!


-It’s so easy to give into despair these days if you’re a conservative. Hell, we’re witnessing and living through the decline of Western Civilization, of everything we hold dear, in a frenzy of Nihilism that has been accelerating in the past few decades. It is at times like these, when it would be so easy to give up and retreat from the battlefield, that a story like Cassy Fiano’s is needed.

I urge you to head on over to Pajama’s Media and read the story of how Cassy and her Marine husband Matt are dealing with the fact that their second child will be born with Down’s Syndrome. As Doug Powers writes:

If a society is indeed judged by how it treats its most helpless, people like Cassy, her husband, friends of my family and countless others out there who choose life are reasons to remain optimistic about our future.

Hope in a hopeless world.

God Bless Them All.

-Rightly lamenting the fact that a Pew report finds that 2.75 million people are registered to vote in more than one state, that 1.8 million dead people are still on the voting rolls, and 12 million records have incorrect addresses, Rick Moran writes:

Pew is right. The findings don’t "suggest" voter fraud. They only "suggest" it is extremely likely. The childlike faith in the honesty and integrity of both political parties is charming – if not misplaced.

Those numbers represent a direct threat to democracy. The rolls should be purged immediately. If not, and there is another close election, it will probably come down to which side can steal the most votes.

Because the GOP let the Motor/Voter Law pass some two decades ago, you can only purge the rolls after a Presidential Election. Also M/V has made it much too easy to register to vote [including allowing same day registration], which just invites fraud. I agree with Mr. Moran that requiring Vote I.D. is absolutely necessary, but repeal of Motor/Voter, a scheme dreamed up by Progressives, must be paired with it.

One quibble: Rick Moran sees the numbers cited in the Pew report as ‘a direct threat to democracy’. What he fails tyo grasp is that the problem here is Democracy. Rule by 50.1 percent is Mob Rule, something The Founding Fathers specifically feared and, thus, set up their national government not to be.

-Here’s a very interesting development…

From The Denver Post, Nancy Lofholm reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to Matt Naugle]:

The 100 or so sheriffs gathered in a Las Vegas hotel ballroom two weeks ago learned that some weighty titles have been attached to the stars they wear on their chests.

"Ultimate enforcers of the Constitution." "Protectors against government tyranny." "America’s last hope." "Brave oath keepers."

And the sheriffs, including eight from Colorado, learned that they need to protect their citizenry from much more than local lawbreakers. In today’s world, public enemy No. 1 just might be the federal government — or the "out-of-control federal bureaucracy," as organizers of the convention like to refer to it.

The person who will "stand tall against federal tyranny," even if it means armed resistance, according to organizers, is the county sheriff.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association’s inaugural convention was designed to be the national coming-out for this idea and the start of an educational movement that its founder hopes will sweep the country. Its sponsors included the John Birch Society, the Gun Owners of America and the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Advertisers included survivalist businesses, anti-IRS proponents, purveyors of gold-buying secrets and one company that sells a guide, "How to Turn Your Home into a Fortress."

The involvement of The John Birch Society raises some flags, but what I found interesting was that one hundred sheriffs, knowing this, still attended. It says, I think, something about the times we live in.

-For the first thirty-six hours or so after it was announced that Whitney Huston had died, Matt Drudge turned his site into something like one of those roadside memorials that now pop-up with great regularity. I believe he, at one point, declared himself to be a big fan of Miss Houston.

So…Matt’s come out of the closet, eh?

No straight guy can be a big fan of someone like Whitney Huston and be straight. A regular man can be a simple fan, but he does not hold performers like WH and Barbra Streisand in as high esteem as, say, he does a Ronnie James Dio or an Eric Clapton or a Frank Sinatra. No frigging way. Nope…Matt is a poof.

-Dr. Helen, wife of that lucky bastard Instapundit, has moved her blog to a new site, so update ye blogrolls:

-Stacy McCain has recommended we check out Cody Holt’s blog, Modicum Of Insanity, and, like that ol’ time religion, a recommendation from Stacy is good enough for me [I especially liked CH's Doomsday Clock].

-From the Department Of Defense, we learn:

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced today that the next Independence variant littoral combat ship (LCS) will be named the USS Gabrielle Giffords.

The selection of Gabrielle Giffords, designated LCS 10, honors the former Congresswoman from Tucson, Ariz., and who is known for supporting the military and veterans.

I want ships named after military heroes, sorry, not people who happened to be in some place at the wrong time

Also: I don’t care what the policy of the Navy is or has been over time, I am uncomfortable with naming ships after live persons, especially those in politics. The same goes for government buildings.

It reeks of Caesarism.

-I know this is late [but yesterday was a bitch]: Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!

I can’t give you anything but love, baby……and this here great Song Of The Week by Mark Steyn: My Funny Valentine.

-Last week from Ben Shapiro we learned that this season of House will be the last, one the few shows I watch with any regularity. I can blame Hugh Laurie and the other producers for wanting to go out while on top. It’s been a great eight seasons. Best of locuk to the creators and cast.

First The New Yankee Workshop was ended, then Catherine left CSI, now Gregory House is moving on ― Mike Holmes better not be next.

-Live well, my friends…

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    15 February 2012 @ 21:28 21:28

    Re: Ships.

    Bob Hope, ADM Burke, Old As- sorry, Hyman Rickover, and VADM Bulkley made sense, as old farts, since we couldn’t know when they’d die.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      15 February 2012 @ 21:30 21:30

      Good points; Bob hope would be a worthy exception to my rule.


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