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CPAC Hangover

13 February 2012 @ 18:13

It’s effecting America’s favorite Gonzo reporter:

(Yes, I understand that my feelings of worthlessness may be symptomatic of Post-CPAC Syndrome, a type of depression resulting from the realization that it’s another 36o days until the next one.)

Stacy really enjoys the three-day VRWC fest that is CPAC and that he has labelled the ‘Mardi Gras Of The Right’, so this let down in understandable.

Another factor: that letdown you feel after you’ve been giving it your all on something and that something ends.  I always felt it after a recording session.

Stacy filed a report earlier today, over at The American Spectator, on CPAC and the fortunes of the candidates for The Presidency that is well worth a read.  A highlight:

The bad news for Newt continued at the three-day conservative conference in Washington, where CPAC attendees gave Gingrich just 15 percent of the vote in Saturday’s straw poll. The media made much of Romney’s victory in the CPAC straw poll — 38 percent to Santorum’s 31 percent — but the fact that Santorum beat Gingrich by more than a 2-to-1 margin was arguably more significant. And while there was some sarcastic scoffing when Santorum first accused Romney of having “rigged” a victory Saturday, reports by the New York Times and Politico’s Jonathan Martin confirmed that Santorum was factually correct: The Romney campaign paid for CPAC registrations and bused in supporters to ensure a win in the closely watched straw poll. Romney’s win in Saturday’s Maine caucus was untainted by any such suggestion of illegitimacy. Another fourth-place finish for Gingrich, who got just 6 percent of the Maine vote, added emphasis to the weeklong streak of evidence that Newt’s campaign is fading while Santorum’s is surging.

With more than two weeks to go before the next round of primaries (Feb. 28 in Arizona and Michigan), it is impossible to rule out another stunning upheaval in this year’s turbulent Republican race….

Please do read the whole thing.  It’s a damn good take on the state of the race.

You can see all of Stacy’s [and Smitty’s and Wombat’s] reporting from CPAC 2012 by clicking here.

Anything that gets the adrenalin moving like a 440 volt blast in a copper bathtub is good for the reflexes and keeps the veins free of cholesterol… but too many adrenaline rushes in any given time span has the same effect on the nervous system as too many electro-shock treatments are said to have on the brain: after a while you start burning out the circuits. When a jackrabbit gets addicted to road-running, its only a matter of time before he gets smashed — and when a journalist turns into a politics junkie he will sooner or later start raving and babbling in print about things that only a person who has Been There can possibly understand.

—Hunter S. Thompson

  1. 13 February 2012 @ 18:54 18:54

    So, do we get you down here next year?


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