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Question Of The Day…

10 February 2012 @ 09:24

…comes courtesy of Adjoran, commenting over at The Other McCain.


From, Rita Giordano reporting [tip of the fedora to Wombat-Socho's Live At Five]:

New Jersey and nine other states have been granted waivers from requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind law in return for pursuing greater accountability and other improvements in their public schools.

Besides the Garden State, the Obama administration announced Thursday the granting of waivers to Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Federal officials said they would continue to work with an 11th state, New Mexico, which did not succeed on its initial application. An additional 28 states, along with Washington and Puerto Rico, have indicated they planned to seek waivers.


Wow, how did states get waivers from NCLB when the bill authorized nothing of the sort?

It’s like we don’t need no stinking laws, we have the dictator to tell us what to freakin’ do.

Well, jeez Adj…Congress wouldn’t act, so Julius Obamacus Nero Caesar was compelled to…….he did [sniffles] it for the children!

I have been leaning towards advocating that, if Willard Mitt Romney gets the GOP Nomination, conservatives should either stay home or write-in, say, Sarah Palin because, to put it very simply: Mr. Romney (a) doesn’t get it and (b) he will, at best, only slow our progress down the road to perdition [ie: collapse into a Leftist morass]. And, I fear, many who are now involved in the struggle to restore our freedoms and liberties will see Willard’s election as a sign that they can get back to their ‘normal’ lives* and the fire of The TEA Party Movement will be dampened.

But, in light of such brazeness as we see in the above report, I think it may be worth the risk to put a non-conservative such as Romney in The White House in order to prevent such unashamed and bald-faced violations of The Constitution by this serial violator of his Oath Of Office from continuing. Obama’s actions and attitude are not dictatorial-like: they are the actions of a Tyrant.

* I put the word normal in quotes because so many
of us no longer grasp the fact that, in a constitutional
republic such as ours, it must be a normal part of
our lives to be involved in and informed of the goings-on

of our governments at all levels ― standing guard watch,
as it were, for The Constitution.

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  1. TN dad permalink
    12 February 2012 @ 03:05 03:05

    NCLB is a nightmare for the school systems and should be abandoned Nationwide.

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