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Only Mad Dogs And Glenn Beck’s Men Go Out In The Midday Sun

07 February 2012 @ 13:50

The sad decline of Glenn Beck, that I’ve posted about before, continues…

From John Nolte, over at Big Journalism, we learn [tip of the fedora to BadBlue]:

You have to wonder what’s going on with Glenn Beck.

Beck’s fall from grace started when his site, The Blaze, falsely attacked James O’Keefe — to the delight of the very people who used to attack Beck. Then Beck, of all things, betrayed the Tea Party in the worst way any conservative could. I thought he’d hit bottom with that. After all, how much lower can you go than selling out to the mainstream media?

Well, yesterday, what I thought had been a rhetorical question was answered when The Blaze went full Andrew Sullivan, full Politico, full Wonkette, and and attacked Sarah Palin over a situation involving her family.

The Governor’s sin? Composing what amounts to a touching article about her family’s life with Trig – Todd and Sarah Palin’s youngest son with Down Syndrome.

To understand how misleading the Blaze attack is, you first have to read what Beck’s writer, a piece of work named Eddie Scarry (more on him below), wrote….

Please do take the time to click here and read the whole report.

That someone [Scarry] is looking to make a name for himself bashing Mrs. Palin is no surprise.

That he would do it to her for writing about her and her family’s joys and sorrows of taking care of a disabled child is vile and disgusting.

That Glenn Beck and his Editor-In-Chief Scott Baker should publish such trash shows that they are men without any sense of honor or decency.

Glenn Beck…

…it’s Dog Track Time.

  1. 07 February 2012 @ 16:29 16:29

    It would be nice if people would actually address what was SAID, not what they heard. Like him or hate him, Beck is correct about what he is REALLY arguing. Newt IS a Progressive – his words, not mine. Newt DOES advocate Progressive policies. So, if you claim to be against Obama because of his ideology and/or policies but you support Newt, then you are being hypocritical. Glenn was merely asking if that was driven by race. Personally, I think it has more to do with the media support of the 2-Party system (read “Tragedy and Hope” and/or “None Dare Call it Treason.”).

    Feel free to attack me, as I DO listen to Glenn – a LOT! Started out hating the man with a passion. I thought him a fool. But then I started to actually look in to what he is trying to tell people and I discovered something: HE IS CORRECT! So, I either have to face and accept that, or I have to stand with the people Beck is chastising for their own duplicitousness. Sorry, I can’t stand where I know I am wrong.

  2. Adobe Walls permalink
    08 February 2012 @ 01:33 01:33

    Well we knew Beck was mad just not mad at us.

  3. 08 February 2012 @ 02:21 02:21

    The Blaze is just being a drama queen about it.


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