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Nomination Excitations: I’ll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon

06 February 2012 @ 11:18


Word has just come that Willard Mitt Romney got, in the final tally, over fifty percent of the vote in the low-turnout Nevada Caucuses this past Saturday.

-If Newton Leroy decides to drop out at some point, Stacy McCain and others believe he will end up endorsing Willard:

CBS has a report on the billionaires who have given to super-PACs, and [Sheldon] Adelson is the only one backing Newt. Given the hints from Adelson, isn’t is now obvious why Gingrich will ultimately endorse Romney? Newt wouldn’t dare double-cross the patron whose multimillion-dollar donation was the only reason Gingrich wasn’t forced to quit after his fourth-place finish in Iowa and his fifth-place finish in New Hampshire.

Don’t be surprised if Newton Leroy doesn’t endorse Willard, I say. In the end, pressure from his <i>padrone</i> will be overcome by his tantrum-throwing. I offer as one of the exhibits in my argument, Newt’s petulant and vitriol-laden late evening press conference on Saturday, which should have wiped away any lingering doubt that he is a raging Narcissist. As Stacy wrote:

The characteristic trait of the narcissist is his inability to accept responsibility for his own failures. Everybody likes to believe that they deserve credit for their successes, but no one wants to believe that they are at fault when they screw up. This is normal. Yet the damaged ego of the narcissist makes it impossible for him to acknowledge his own contribution to his failures. He cannot even admit to himself that he is at fault, which is why he attempts to focus blame on scapegoats.

And so when Newt starts pointing the finger, blaming others for his failures, portraying himself as the victim — of Goldman Sachs, “money power,” George Soros, “the elite media,” Mormons (!) and a “blatantly dishonest” opponent — even his supporters ought to recognize these unseemly eruptions as symptomatic of Gingrich’s narcissistic tendencies.

Why do you think I warned you against jumping onto his bandwagon?

For all his excellent qualities — abilities that no one can deny — Newt also has this personality defect, a tendency to think of himself as a person so transcendentally important that the rules which govern the behavior of normal people don’t apply to him. And when those insignificant Lilliputians (as he regards them) insist that the Great Man must account for his transgressions, Newt angrily lashes out at the scapegoats he blames for his failures, because he is incapable of accepting the blame himself.

This is a man in love with the sound of his own ideas and who cannot abide any questioning of his righteousness [does he remind you of a certain Jug-Eared Jesus?].

Let’s face it: it has become rather obvious the Newton Leroy lacks the maturity to be President of these United States. That he obviously has a raging ego that is born of a deeply-rooted Narcissism, a belief that he is wiser than us all. And let is not forget, as has been clearly shown by his statements and actions: he is not a true, down-in-his-bones, conservative. Witness how quickly he is ready to utilize Leftist arguments in order to score points and gain advantage. Such things as consistently and fealty to a core set of beliefs are beneath this Ubermensch. And forget humility. As I wrote nearly a year ago: Newt…it’s Dog Track Time.

-However, please do not in any way see my criticisms of Newton Leroy as in any way providing a sanction of or as a recommendation for Willard.

Check out this ad from Newton [I'm unable to embed from my current location]. As Smitty writes: ‘I’m not a Newt fan, but this ad should give your pause’. Indeed it does.

-Willard certainly has earned the right to crow about his managerial talents, but he is also a Narcissist — just not as bad on the scale as Newton. How else does one explain that he keeps thinking conservatives will accept him for any other reason than that they get worn down or buy into the ‘he’s most electable argument’. He has been campaigning for the job for over six years and I think it’s rather clear by now, the Right ain’t buying what he’s selling

We don’t want him; he’s not a conservative.

We like him as a man and probably would be very happy to have him as a neighbor, but he is not the person to lead us into battle against the Left. SecTres, maybe. SecInt, possibly. Leader Of The Free World, no bloody way.



Of the official candidates, that leaves us with Rick Santorum.

Many on the Right are starting to align themselves with him.

Stacy has a report on some of them, including Michelle Malkin, David Limbaugh, Phyllis Schlafy, etc. Hell, even one of the Gay Patriots has nice things to say about Mr. Santorum:

…Finally, while this isn’t quite an angel-wings endorsement, Dan Blatt of Gay Patriot offers some words of respect for Santorum:

Maybe Santorum is doing well because he comes across as a nice guy. He enjoyed that reputation when he served on Capitol Hill. Although, to be sure, the Senator has said some strange things about gays, he has treated the one member of his staff who has been publicly “outed” as gay with dignity. Indeed, his one-time spokesman Robert Traynham said “was open with Santorum about his sexual orientation” and that he had “never heard Santorum voice an anti-gay or bigoted comment” in the ten years he had worked for him.

Many people disagree with Santorum on issues, but still respect his sincerity and consistency….


It is no news for long-time readers of these Dispatches that I still prefer Sarah Palin, but unless she decides to rise to the occasion and show a willingness to sacrifice her life, her fortunes, and her sacred honor, the next best person to support is true conservative Rick Santorum.

I hold no illusions that he will be perfect. In fact, I’m sure we will have to hold his feet to the fire on a few occasions as his misinterprets conservative thinking. However, I know that he will be approaching the issues confronting him from a conservative perspective and not from a technocratic one, not from a Ubermensch one, not from a rose-colored glass one.

One final thought: In the midst of all this Nomination Excitation Madness, Ladd Ehlinger reminds us to keep our eyes on the other prize:

What’s important now is to send to Washington, D.C. representatives who will protect us from whoever wins the Presidential election, whether it be Obama or a GOP candidate. Granted, a conservative veto-proof majority in the House and Senate is not perfect protection against a big-government POTUS, but it’s better than nothing.

So if you’re a conservative activist who’s been spending your focus and energy on the Presidential race, gyrating linguistically to defend your candidate, look to your own back yard. Your efforts, heartfelt though they are, have little chance of turning the course of the GOP Presidential Primary. But you can vet candidates in your backyard. Find the one that you believe in most, and fight for him or her with all your heart.

Because you will probably need your Representative in 2012. Let’s just hope you won’t need him or her desperately.

And remember: NOT ONE RED CENT!

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    SMOD it is then.

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        08 February 2012 @ 01:36 01:36

        Sweet Meteor Of Death, apparently Cthulhu will not be on the ballot this time around.

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          Erickson has become such a joke.

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