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Will Donald Chump Endorse The Plump Rump Grump?…

02 February 2012 @ 13:45

…Or Will The Blowhard Support The Old Guard?

There are conflicting reports that Donald Trump will endorse either Newton Leroy Gingrich or Willard Mitt Romney this afternoon at 1530 EDT.

Matt Drudge seems to think it will be the latter who will receive the blessing from The Donald.

In encouraging Mr. Chump in his endeavors, Smitty defends the buffoonery that saturates our politics in these dark times:

Call it a reverse Cloward-Piven: I’m contending that the only way to break the current Ruling Class grip on things is to drive it all to 11, in the full Spinal Tap fashion. There isn’t a thing wrong with us that the metaphorical equivalent of a few more shots of Jose C. cannot fix. Let us puke out the decades of Progressive idiocy in full technicolor glory, and re-emerge fully purged and ready to take an adult view of matters.

I salute you, Donald, and whatever species of varmint crouches upon your cranium.

Why make the shots ‘metaphorical’ Admiral Smitty? C2H5OH has been known to clear the cobwebs of one’s mind, allowing for much more reasoned thinking to occur. I say, this issue is worth a full bottle’s worth of shots.

  1. Gatordoug permalink
    02 February 2012 @ 17:11 17:11

    Donald “Please someone look at me” Trump
    Bob, you might appreciate this post, i did earlier,


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