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What The Future Holds: A New Holocaust In The Making?

20 January 2012 @ 09:17

For the Jews in Europe, the situation there is causing many of them to experience Deja Vu [or, as some call it, Deja Jew].

From Rabbi Aaron Rubinger, we learn [tip of the fedora to Wombat Socho’s Live At Five]:

Over the course of 2 months, I visited Jewish communities in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium and the UK and interviewed dozens of Jewish leaders as well as “laymen” – both Jews and non-Jews. While attempting to determine the seriousness of contemporary European Anti-Semitism, I experienced what I would term “déjà Jew” – the peculiar sense that we, the members of Jewish people, are reliving an experience from the past; that we have somehow time-traveled and are now re-experiencing occurrences that are all too familiar.

From the mid-1930s to early 1940s, Jews who recognized that they were no longer safe in Europe anxiously sought refuge abroad. Sylvain Zenouda, the co-founder and current vice president of the Bureau National de Vigilance Contre l”Antisèmitism—an organization which monitors and documents anti-Semitism in France—told me that educated young Jews in France with the financial means to do so have either fled the country or are making plans to flee. Again?

80 years ago, our people were being verbally abused and brutally assaulted in public places. And now it seems to be happening all over again. Viviane Teitelbaum, a minister in the Brussels Regional Parliament, related an incident that occurred this past November involving a 13-year old Jewish girl in Brussels. The girl was brutally assaulted at her school, resulting in her hospitalization for multiple injuries including a concussion. The attackers were not members of the Third Reich’s SS, but a group of female Muslim students at the same school. The ringleader pronounced her to be a “filthy Jew!” Apparently, in the weeks prior to the attack, the girl’s father had approached the authorities and the school with complaints that there had been threats made by fellow classmates against his daughter. Upon hearing that his concerns were simply brushed aside, I immediately thought of Yogi Berra’s famous gaff: “This is like déjà vu all over again!”

2 generations ago, some Jews sought to protect themselves by masquerading as Aryans. In an interview conducted in November, a Parisian mother related how the fear of being physically attacked by Muslim extremist thugs means that it is “not rare at all today” for French Jewish students to attempt to pass themselves off as Muslim – with some even going as far as to fast on Ramadan. One case in point was a Jewish girl of North African descent who for years was successful in this deception, until finally she was “exposed” when Muslim girls caught her eating matzah in the bathroom during Pesah. After her classmates beat her viciously, they invited their male Muslim friends to their school to participate in a gang rape.

Wait…didn’t this happen to us already?

He concludes:

…anti-Semitism in the world is as real now as it was in the 30s and 40s; the lust for Jewish blood by our enemies is as ravenous today as it has ever been; even “passive” Europeans are, once again, the silent collaborators. However, today we thankfully have a State of Israel in which Jews from the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Sweden, the UK and elsewhere will always be welcomed. Perhaps then, it’s time to say goodbye to “déjà-Jew.”

Don’t forget America, Rabbi. In fact, I would tell any Jew seeking to escaping the Mohammedin threat to come here where the threat of annihilation is not as great ― yet.

I Can Feel The Fear In The Western World.

UPDATE at 1755…

-Down in the Comments Section, M. Thompson makes an excellant point:

So once again, we are reminded why our republic must be a shining city on the hill. There are barbarians in the world, an[d] we must keep them out.


The trouble we face is that, with the ascendancy of the Left in all of our institutions, we are seeing a resurgence of Anti-Semitism in all areas of American Society.  The halting of this trend is just another reason we have a duty to fight to restore our freedoms and liberties.

-By the way, in answer to the question I asked in the post title: Yes, because the modern Mohammedin, while he despises and seeks to eliminate or absorb into the Muslim Collective all who are not of his religion, reserves a special place in the dark recesses of his soul, where Hate rules, for the Hebrew.  Should the Mohammedins gain enough power in Europe, the first non-Muslims to suffer mass executions will be the Jews.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    20 January 2012 @ 14:43 14:43

    So once again, we are reminded why our republic must be a shining city on the hill. There are barbarians in the world, an we must keep them out.

  2. Wayne permalink
    23 January 2012 @ 21:20 21:20

    I wonder what Rabbi Rubinger’s political leanings are? I wonder if he, like so many of his bretheren, support multiculturalism, diversity and mass immigration into Western (and only Western) nations? Oh, that’s right! He supports multiculturalism, diverisity and mass 3rd world immigration for the West, just not for Israel. Because Jews must maintain ethnic, religious and racial dominance in Israe. Piss on the West! Now I understand!
    Bob, you are absolutely blind if you do not see that Jews, generally speaking, are the purest most unaderterated definitions of leftism.

  3. Wayne permalink
    23 January 2012 @ 21:40 21:40

    “I can feel the fear in the West”. Some fear, Bob, but mostly self loathing. Just as in Jean Raspail’s book, Western peoples have undergone so much brainwashing and misinformation that they actually believe thier culture, heritage and race is no better than anyone elses and therefore, not worthy of defense and promotion. They believe their ancestors were evil or at least misguided, and therefore will throw the door open to any lesser peoples. In Europe they use Jewish persecution as a bat to beat the ethnic European peoples over the head with. Here in the U.S. they use slavery, segregation and Jim Crow. In SA they used Apartheid. Of course, all of these are a sham to make our children feel guilty (it’s called white guilt here in the states) so that we willingly give up our inheritance. Could this be one reason? DAMN RIGHT!

  4. Wayne permalink
    23 January 2012 @ 21:51 21:51

    Bob, as my previous comments may have elude to, I’m quiet tired of the Holocaust drumbeat. Jews find it convenient to take up the mantle of the ever-persecuted minority. According to history, there are 79, some say over 100, times that Jews have been either segregated, isolated or kicked out of their host nations. No doubt they were. Now I don’t know what your drinking habits are Bob, but if you got kicked out of 79 bars, at what point would you begin to ask yourself what you are doing to get kicked out, rather that sobbing about what assholes the bartender and bouncers are? Make sense? I’m not saying they don’t have some legit issues, but having 2 kids I know that there is ALWAYS two sides to any story.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      23 January 2012 @ 23:15 23:15

      And BAM! goes the hammer.

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