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Michele Bachmann: What Should Be Next

04 January 2012 @ 17:44

Now that Mrs. Bachmann has dropped out of the race for the GOP Nomination, where can she be most useful to those of us who, like her, are dedicated to restoring our freedoms and liberties, who get it?

I’ve written here many times what I think is the best answer for this feisty fighter: return to the House, get together with like-minded members, plot, plan, and, when ready [but as quickly as possible] stage a coup to overthrow Cryin’ John Boehner and his Establishment minions.

If, indeed, we are able to get someone elected to The White House who get’s it, we need TEA Party-minded people in both houses of the Congress in charge of their respective bodies.  Otherwise, if the Establishment types are in control, it will be a lot harder to begin and carry out the long, torturous process of (1) overturning all of the severe damage the Leftists in the Executive and the Congress have inflicted on us in the past several years and (2) getting passed those reforms [Ooo, that word!] needed to save this country from financial and political bankruptcy.

As I stated yesterday:

…Mrs. Bachmann is better suited to the kind of hand-to-hand combat and trench warfare that is to be found in our House Of Representatives. With the right people at her side, she would make a damn fine Speaker and I have no doubt she would relentlessly hound and batter the Democrats and RINO’s.

This is what she excels at, her metier, if your will: climbing the hills, charging the bastard’s camp in the dead of night.  She would make a damn fine Major General for our side.

Now, like any good two-star, she needs a balls-to-the-wall Brigadier out there doing the dirty work.  How about Allen West?  He’s a tenacious fighter and he knows what to do when lives are on the line.

While Mrs. Bachmann and Mr. West are great on the political battlefield, they are not of a temperament conducive to running the HQ.  So, what would be needed is someone who can keep the ‘office’ running as smoothly as possible.  I’m not sure who is best suited to this unglamorous task, but, perhaps, you can offer some suggestions.  General Patton needed his Charles Codman, so, too, would a Speaker Bachmann.

Mrs. Bachmann: You waged an honorable campaign.  It did not catch fire.  Don’t snuff that flame that burns with inside you.  Direct it towards taking control of the House.  Save it from the Boehners and Cantors and those others who refuse to see that the America we know and love is on the verge of collapse.


  1. Duke C permalink
    04 January 2012 @ 19:53 19:53

    I second the Idea..Ms Bachman would make a great speaker of the House, however she is going to need many more Tea Party co-harts to make that dream a reality. If the RINO Mittens is noninated, many Independent-conservative voters may just stay home, especially after the RINO farce the VA GOP is foisting on Virginia primary voters. It will be helpfull that Eric Holder does not resign, continues on defending his involvement in Gunwalker Scandal, along with the next democRAT sex scandal to emerge from Washington, and keep Pelosi’s swamp in New Media focus.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      04 January 2012 @ 20:56 20:56

      If Mandate Mitt gets the Nod, we bloggers have to do what we can to encourage people to stay interested in the Congressional races.

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    04 January 2012 @ 20:26 20:26

    Well, I’m moving into her district in about seven months. I hope to vote for her re-election.

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