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Bob’s Musings: Come Fly With Me

12 December 2011 @ 19:52

Bob's Muse

-As regular readers of this site are well aware, your humble Dispatcher usually stops blogging at around dinner time on Saturday nights and doesn’t return to the Rightosphere until some time in the late afternoon of the Lord’s Day.  While some of us are off drinking and a-thinkin’, Stacy McCain is reading and a-writin’, reelin’ and a-rockin’ way until to the break of dawn.  The man produces some of his best work in the wee small hours of, and this past weekend was a prime example.  So, a good chunk of this jam session will consist of some commentary that was sparked by the flame El Speedo Magnifico lit.  But let us not forget Sidekick Smitty who, as the doting Daddy-O, has also been producing some damn good postitude while I suspect he’s taking care of The World’s Youngest Blogger, as Mrs. Smitty enjoys some quality time in the lands of the Sandman.

-In commenting on the impending release of Robert Spencer’s latest book [Did Muhammad Exist?], the Admiral Of The Afghan Seas remarks:

…My theory is that the Postmodern Left views Islam as a wrecking ball for their anti-Enlightenment effort. Radical Islam, anyway, view the Postmodern Left as enablers. Each thinks the other a tool, and both are correct.

The Left thinks they will be able to control the Mohammedins.  They are in for a rude shock.  Like they themselves, the followers of Allah are possessed of a low-cunning.

However, don’t be surprised that, if the two gain dominance, it is the Left that ends up nuking the other back to the pre-Stone Age.  Since The French Revolution it has been the nations controlled by the Left that have waged the cruelest wars.  This is one of the reasons I always have to chuckle when I watch a film like Fail Safe because it is the Progressive President who comes up with the worst solution possible to the problem being faced.

-I must say that, unlike a number of people on the Right, I was heartened to hear Newt Gingrich describe the Palestinians as a made-up group.  It’s about time someone called them exactly what they are.  I still hope with every fiber of my being that he does not get the GOP nomination, but, hey, a broken bloviating clock is right twice a day, right?

-This leads me to another thought that comes under the ‘calling a spade a spade’ heading: The United States is the only nation within The West with any will left to defend Western Civilization from the onslaught of the Nihilists [ie: the Left and the Mohammedins]. We are, truly, the last, best hope of [civilized] man on Earth.  So let us stop beating around the bush: the proper name for The West is ‘Christendom’.

-As for Mr. Spencer: let us hope his next book looks into the history of Allah, that he is not the same as the God of Abraham.

-Stacy is currently reading Robert Service’s excellent biography of Leon Trotsky and he offers some bang-on thoughts and observations on what he’s consumed so far, although he does express a bit of sympathy for the murderous bastard [nobody’s perfect, not even the man who will one day rule Le Blogosphere].

This comment of Stacy’s sparked an observation:

It is my boast that I’ve read more Marx than most Marxists….

I think that’s boast that a good number of us on the Right can make.  In the discussions I’ve had with most Marxists and Communists over the years, I’ve discovered that their readings of their own thinkers have most often be scattershot and woefully lacking in depth.  The most satisfying conversations I’ve had on Marxist and Communist philosophies have been with members of the Right, who always seem to be more widely read in this area.

-Regarding Robert Service: He is a wonderful historian. Mr. Service’s book on Trotsky is a great read. It will encourage you to buy it, I think, to know that it has been denounced by various Communist and Marxist organizations for it’s ‘falsifications’, which tells you it must be pretty damn accurate.

To fully understand The Russian Revolution and the thinking that drove it, I would very highly recommend The Russian Revolution by Richard Pipes. One of the reasons I do is because the parallels between the struggles between the various factions of the Left in Russia and the modern American Left are stunning.

-BTW: The Russian Revolution is the middle book in his trilogy on The Revolution — the other two bookending it: Russia Under The Old Regime and Russia Under The Bolshevik Regime.

-Mr. Pipes was also a member of Team B over at the CIA which looked at the Soviet Union’s real strength and, as Wikipedia summarizes: ‘The Team B reports became the intellectual foundation for the idea of “the window of vulnerability” and of the massive arms buildup that began toward the end of the Carter administration and accelerated under President Ronald Reagan’.

-Stacy informs us that the-organization-once-known-as-ACORN-and-now-having-been-reconstituted-under-different-names is quite involved now in the Occupy Movement.  What they’re exactly up to can be found here.

I’m not surprised as this tactic can be found in the early chapters of the Leftist Playbook [Communist -> Socialist -> Progressive -> Liberal -> Progressive -> ?].

To be able to effectively root-out and destroy all of the arms of the community organizing syndicate, you first need to understand how it’s structured and how it operates.

Stanley Kurtz’s Radical-In-Chief explains it all as does Matthew Vadum in his book [neither of whom can be described as ‘nutters’].  If I were elected President, I would assign a Special AG to read both books and then get to work [I’d also assign him or her a very savvy PR spokesman].

-So…outside last Friday’s U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Christmas Party a bunch of revolutionaries from the DC Occupy Soviet laid down at the entrance and covered themselves in a red carpet shouting at the Party attendees: ‘You walk on our rights, now walk on us’.

Two comments: (1) had your’s truly been there I would have taken the pinko bastards up on their offer and walked that red carpet, making sure the cameras were rolling and (2) Patrick Murray for Congress!

-I get the feeling that it isn’t Romney’s Mormonism that turns people off so much as it is that plastic, golly-gee-willickers personality so many of them seem to project.

That Up With People persona is annoying and to some it seems a bit creepy.

-Copying the actions of my good Friend In The Ether Dan Collins, I, too, offer this fact without any comment, except, perhaps, to suggest that The Illuminati’s ways have coarsened over the centuries.

Paco reports that our Fearless Leader can’t even interpret his own dreams correctly, let alone The Constitution [the phrase ‘He’d screw-up a wet dream’ comes to mind for some reason].

-A Quick Note: Posting may be a bit erratic over the next week and a half as we prepare to go away on the twenty-first. I’ve got work to do in Real Life and Job Life that I normally would in the latter days of the month, prepare posts to post while I’m gone, and make a Christmas Card.

-A Happy Birthday to Francis Albert Sinatra, who, I have no doubt, is up where the air is rarefied, gliding starry-eyed with some gal in the sky.

-Live well my friends…

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    12 December 2011 @ 20:49 20:49

    A “Peoples Tragedy” by Orlando Figes as Charles opined in Stacy’s comments is also an excellent read. Starting in 1905 thru 1924 offers more context than most histories of the revolution.

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