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Stacy McCain Live-Blogs Herman Cain’s Annoucement

03 December 2011 @ 12:59

You can following it by clicking here.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    03 December 2011 @ 14:17 14:17

    Herman Cain never made the sale for me. That said it really pisses me off that a good man was defeated not by his shortcomings but by nefarious gold digging cretins and the scurrilous Winston Smith Media.
    This is but another example of why conservatives failure to actually develop a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy when Hillary suggested it will prove to be one of the crucial failures of in the effort to save this Republic. Once again our settling for being better than the left rather than being better AT IT than the left, allows them to use whatever tactics they please without fear of retribution cedes them the field. The fact that there will never be any effort to destroy the agents of this smear campaign hamstrings our movement.

    If prior experience had demonstrated that making unproved accusations would result in the utter destruction of ones life, if there was something to fear for those who might consider becoming pawns of the left this may never have happened.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      04 December 2011 @ 19:23 19:23

      I’ve long been contemplating in the back of my head why do conservatives seem so incapable of fighting back effectively in these kind of things. Perhaps now this will be the spur to bring it to the front end of my thoughts and maybe come up with a strategy.

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