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If Sarah Ain’t Going To Run: Adam Carolla For President

01 December 2011 @ 17:57

He gets it [WARNING: Language]…

Take your Mitt and your Newt and your GOP Establishment and stick ’em where the sun don’t shine.





  1. loopyloo305 permalink
    01 December 2011 @ 18:30 18:30

    Could we draft him? He really knows how to get attention!

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      01 December 2011 @ 19:23 19:23

      Hell, Loo, let’s draft Sarah and make him VP. While she’s doing her thing as Cheief Executive, he could me out making speechs.

      • loopyloo305 permalink
        01 December 2011 @ 20:10 20:10

        That sounds like a plan Bob, where do I sign up? I am tired of the same old same old!

  2. 02 December 2011 @ 14:25 14:25

    We’re all ‘against’ all the candidates for this reason or that this time around… so be it.

    But no matter what cards we’ve been dealt, time’s approaching when we pull the lever and politically support some GOPer who’s still standing… or Trump… or Obama, and there’s not going to be any Republican late entries.

    I think Bachmann (my fave) chances are 1%, Perry 2 or 3 maybe.

    It’s going to be Newt or Mitt… I got issues with Newt, but nothing like the seething contempt I feel for Mother of All Oily Reptiles Romney.

    No brainer for me- but for any real Gingrich negatives, not being able to beat Obama is NOT one of them… that’s rubbish

  3. Adobe Walls permalink
    02 December 2011 @ 16:14 16:14

    Newt is a man of many flaws some of them are deficiencies. I don’t trust a man with no flaws. Romney is remarkable only for his deficiencies, chief among them being that he can’t beat Obama and if he could, to what purpose?

    • Rosalie permalink
      02 December 2011 @ 18:38 18:38

      I don’t think he can beat him either. And you’re right, “to what purpose”.

  4. 02 December 2011 @ 17:00 17:00

    I love it: “Go occupy a f***ing hairnet and a job.”

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      02 December 2011 @ 17:29 17:29

      That rant should be shown to every true patriot as a morale booster.

  5. 02 December 2011 @ 22:55 22:55

    Nah. Sarah for president. Ace for Governor of California.

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