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The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

28 November 2011 @ 16:35

…is awarded to Adjoran, long-time commentator in Le Blogosphere and thorn in the side of the Rose-Colored Glasses Crowd, for this succinct and insightful observation on Western idealism versus reality in The Middle East:

The fatal error of the Israel-hating Left and the Democracy-deluded Right in the region remains the unshakable belief that given a single democratic election without the first foundation of the necessary conditions for democracy to succeed (rule of law, equality under the law, independent judiciary, right to contract enforceable under law, and right to private property), even barbarians dedicated to a death cult will behave civilly.


We have become so enamored with the fantastical notion that our form of representational government can be applied everywhere and anywhere in the world, that we have blinded ourselves to the fact that what we have in America is an unparalleled situation, a coming together of various parts that formed a one-off, unique whole.

Nations that do not have a history of living under the conditions Adj lists above are not as civilized as we are and, therefore, cannot handle the responsibilities that come with having a constitutional republic [it could be argued that we Americans can no longer handle it].

Adjoran made his observation in a post by Stacy McCain on the latest gang-rape of a female journalist in Egypt. I believe Adj was inspired by this passage written by Stacy:

Some people become so obsessed by intellectual abstractions — “liberty,” “equality,” “social justice,” “human rights,” etc. — that they can ignore or accept even the most catastrophic consequences of their good intentions. For too many people, ideas are like idols, to be worshiped without doubt, no matter how many corpses are piled up at the bloody altars of their fanatical cults.

“Democracy” is one such intellectual idol, and imposing this idea on the rest of the world has become a bipartisan pursuit of our political establishment, an idée fixe exercising such a dominant influence over our foreign policy that no matter how many wild-goose chases we make, or how often the will-o’-th’-wisp eludes our frantic grasp, we never tire of the effort….

And the sad part is: this Democracy product we help to distribute is not at all what The Founding Fathers produced. In fact, one of their goals was to avoid establishing a Democracy, which they understood rightly to be a system of governing that was based on the rule of men, whim, and not the Rule Of Law.

What both the Right and the Left are seeking to introduce and establish on other nations and peoples is the a mutated and sickly version of the original Shining City On A Hill, one that has been ravaged by the cancer known as Leftism.

Everywhere we have done it, it has failed or is failing. Democracy is Evil; it is a step along the road to Totalitarianism and away from freedom.

It’s time many Americans pulled their heads out of their arses, took off their rose-colored glasses, and began to understand these truths.

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  1. ruralcounsel permalink
    29 November 2011 @ 15:50 15:50

    “what we have in America is an unparalleled situation”

    Make that “had” instead of “have” and you’ll be closer to the truth.

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