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Steyn Of The Times

28 November 2011 @ 17:51

From Europe, via Mark Steyn, we have word of this very symbolic event [worth quoting in full]:

Lebensraum in the Maternity Ward

Germany has just set a new national record for the biggest baby ever born. Break out the lederhosen and start slapping those thighs:

Doctors were left astounded after a gigantic baby set a new record for Germany’s heaviest-ever naturally born newborn Friday. The boy was named Jihad.

That would be a wee bit too perfectly symbolic if you put it in a novel. But, for us paranoid demographic alarmists, real life in the new Europe disdains the subtle approach.

But it is a graphic novel, Mr. Steyn: a revised version of The Camp Of The Saints.

This passage from that work just came to mind:

Way back, behind the backmost women in the crowd, a giant of a man stood stripped to the waist, holding something over his head and waving it like a flag. Untouchable pariah, this dealer in droppings, dung roller by trade, molder of manure briquettes, turd eater in time of famine, and holding high in his stinking hands a mass of human flesh. At the bottom, two stumps; then an enormous trunk, all hunched and twisted and bent out of shape; no neck, but a kind of extra stump, a third one in place of a head, and a bald little skull, with two holes for eyes and a hole for a mouth, but a mouth that was no mouth at all—no throat, no teeth—just a flap of skin over his gullet. The monster’s eyes were alive, and they stared straight ahead, high over the crowd, frozen forward in a relentless gaze—except, that is, when his pariah father would wave him bodily back and forth. It was just that lidless gaze that flashed through the bars of the gate and caught the eye of the Consul himself, staring in spellbound horror…. [Chapter Five]

Could This Be One Explanation?

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