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‘All Jihad Is Local’

21 November 2011 @ 14:12

And it runs from Left to Right, even though it must admitted that it does weaken the farther along on it’s journey it goes.

Over The Corner, Rich Lowry posted this yesterday [worth quoting in full]:

I had to read far down into this New York Times news item about the arrest of Jose Pimental to get an idea of what the plot was about: “Mr. Pimentel, who is also known as Muhammad Yusuf . . .”

Mark Steyn replied [also worth quoting in full]:

Rich, re that “Man Arrested And Charged In Bomb Plot,” don’t worry about Señor Pimentel also being “known as Muhammad Yusuf.” Mayor Bloomberg has already pronounced him a “lone wolf“:

Mayor: ‘Lone Wolf’ Terror Suspect Arrested

Alleged ‘Lone Wolf’ Arrested In New York On Terror Charges

’Lone Wolf’ Terror Suspect Arraigned In New York

So relax. He’s just another working stiff from Local 473 of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves. Any connection between Muhammad and any other Mohammeds, Mohameds, Muhammeds or Muhamads is purely coincidental. For one thing, Mr Yusuf was thinking of adopting the name “Osama Hussein,” after Messrs bin Laden and Saddam, but worried that it might draw unwanted attention to himself. Which shows how little he knows about us.

So nothing to worry about. There’ll be another lone wolf along any moment. All jihad is local.

Once again, leave it to Mr. Steyn to summarize succinctly one of our dangerous, ongoing stupidities.

I won’t bore you with another rant against the majority of Americans who refuse to open their eyes about the very real threat of Jihad, homegrown and otherwise, within the borders of The United States ― Lord knows I’ve published enough of them here ― but I will just make one simple point: we ignore the threat at our peril because, someday soon, one of those Mohammedin cockroaches will succeed ― the Law Of Averages and all that.

Denial is a river in America.

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