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Romney Delenda Est!

17 November 2011 @ 11:09

Another episode in TCOTS’s ongoing series that aims to show why Williard Mitt Romney must not be allowed to receive the Republican Nomination for President…

Today’s entry comes courtesy of William Jacobson, Dean of Legal Insurrection:

…The media has taken to digging up rocks to find dirt on Rick Perry, shaking complainers out of the trees against Herman Cain, and trying to sully Newt with innuendos about his consulting business, but Romney remains unexamined.It’s not that the media hasn’t done it’s job; it’s doing its job of electing Obama quite well by holding its fire on Romney until it is too late for Republicans. Major Republican and conservative journals that support Romney are equally complicit, as it is in their candidate’s interest to portray everyone but Romney as unelectable.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that the other Republican candidates have the resources to do it, but you can bet the Obama campaign does and has.

To nominate Mitt Romney without a thorough vetting in the primaries will result in a general election disaster.

Two points:

-That GOP-friendly and some conservative journals are complicit in the non-vetting of Mr. Romney should tell you that they do not yet understand how close The United States is to collapse. Remember who they are and never, ever forget.

-The fact that the Fifth Column Media want Mandate Mitt to be the GOP Nominee tells you that they believe he will be the easiest for Obama to beat because there is absolutely no doubt that the Establishment Media can no longer be counted on to provide any objective reporting when it comes to political matters.

Professor Jacobson is right on the money with the posting I quoted from above…now, if we could just make him understand that his trust and faith in Newt is badly misplaced….

SIDENOTE: What the Romney Trolls have been subjecting the good Professor to since his endorsement of Newt yesterday is disgusting. He is an honorable man.

  1. 19 November 2011 @ 10:07 10:07

    Good stuff, linked @ RR:

    Recommended Saturday Family Reading~


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