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Fighting The Leftist Cancer

04 November 2011 @ 10:09

William Jacobson revises a Wes Pruden editorial to make it more accurate:

This There was once a serious country conservative movement with serious newspapers, back in the day when they were edited by serious editors and a man had the right to confront an accuser before she was allowed to destroy his reputation, career and even his life.

Herman Cain doesn’t look like Jack the Ripper, but Scotland Yard never pursued Mr. Ripper with the passion of the newspapers and television networks conservative Twitterers and bloggers so hot after Mr. Cain because they support another candidate. He may be guilty of whatever it is that he is accused of – so far little more than a wink, a predatory smile or even a suggestive smirk. Or he may not be guilty. But in the wonderland of Washington journalism the conservative blogsphere, we now demand the verdict first and only then the evidence (if any).

That this is happening does not surprise me at all.

When I talk about the cancer that is Leftist Thinking, I use that disease specifically because, once it begins to grow in one part of the body, it will spread [metastasize] all over the body if it is not treated as soon as possible. So it is with Leftist Thinking and so it has been in The United States over the last one hundred-and-twenty-plus years.

We are all riddled with this cancer to varying degrees. Some of us have been applying big doses of chemo to ourselves, but others have opted for a milder course of treatment.

When I was diagnosed with cancer five years ago this past August, the first decision I made once I recovered from the total shock of it all was: ‘Cut it all out; cut out the healthy stuff around it if that’s safer, and damn the implications. And throw every bit of radiation and chemo at me you think I can stand’. They did and although I now suffer from some permanent damage and parts of my body are in chronic pain, I’m alive and having a grand time fighting the Bolshes and being with Mrs. Belvedere.

Sadly, while many conservatives now understand the threat of Leftism and a lot of those understand that we are all infected by it, they refuse to do the work necessary to attack and kill the Leftist cancer within. But this is what must be done if you’re going to live to fight another day.


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