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A Time For Breaking…

02 November 2011 @ 08:03

…the confidentiality agreement that prevents Herman Cain and his accusers from talking about the incidents in question.

As Stacy McCain writes in a damn fine post:

And I say, let’s hear the whole story — the sooner, the better — directly from the accuser. No more “sources say.” No more anonymity.

No more vague second-hand descriptions that can neither be wholly believed nor entirely refuted. That the accused is a man very much in the public eye, while the accuser is concealed behind a rampart of anonymity, is grossly unfair both to Cain and to the American people. Until the identity of the accusers is made public, and the full account of their accusations can be heard and evaluated, we have no way of judging the credibility of the charges or severity of the alleged offenses.

And to hell with a confidentiality agreement at this point. Anyone who thinks it possible to enforce a confidentiality agreement now, when descriptions of these cases have already become front-page news everywhere, needs to wake up to reality.

If you believe Herman Cain’s denial of these accusations, you should demand nothing less than complete disclosure of the entire story, in confidence that he will be vindicated. Whatever the truth is, no one can pretend that there is anything to be gained for anyone by continued secrecy and anonymity.

The continued concealment hurts Mr. Cain by allowing rampant gossiping speculation, made with the barest of evidence, to continue. That is an affront to Herman Cain’s honor. Those charged with something must be allowed to face his or her’s accusers ― in this case in The Public Square.

Of course, Mr. Cain could demand a quid pro quo.

The longer this lasts, the more it benefits the Democrats…and Mitt Romney.

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