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Progressivism: Wrong Since It’s Beginning

31 October 2011 @ 14:48

Don Surber makes a very good point in a post on the #Occupy people [or, as Adobe Walls calls them: The Donner Party]:

This is the face of liberalism, America. It is lawless, selfish, disrespectful and above all mean. The Democratic Party’s embrace, promotion and even logistical support of the Occupy Wall Street movement likely will backfire….

I heard about his post from the Lonely Conservative, who commented:

What is progressivism – the new word for liberalism? Lawlessness. And the #Occupy demonstrations are the perfect example. I’m so glad the Democrats embraced these misguided people, who are now the face of the Democrat Party.

Of course, ‘Progressivism’ is, in the best Green tradition, a recycling of the Left in America’s second name.

When Leftism first came to America around the mid-19th Century, it was known as Socialism or Marxism, labels that were proudly worn by it’s adherents. However, once the all the violence in Europe and Russia that was perpetrated by radical Leftist groups starting happening and once the pro-union movement in this country started getting more violent, the less-physical, shall we say, Leftists needed to disassociate themselves from the Anarchists, Nihilists, Marxists, etc., so they came up with the nice, calm sounding name ‘Progressive’. They wanted to achieve a fundamental transformation of the American system of government from within the halls of power and without violence. The movement received a big boost when Teddy Roosevelt embraced many of their goals and they enjoyed their best years under the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

The Progressives believed that the key to their success would be in converting this country into a Democracy and in convincing the masses that The Constitution was an outdated document that should not be considered written in stone, but ‘living’ [ie: subject to whim]. They also sought to brainwash the American Public by convincing them that The Declaration Of Independence meant something quite different then had been believed up until they came along with their Illuminated reading of it. In other words, the Progressives wanted to stage a soft coup d’etat. At this, they have been very successful.

Therefore, since it’s beginnings, and continuing up until this very day, the Progressive Movement has always been about Lawlessness and Lawlessness’s twin sister, Disorder.

  1. 31 October 2011 @ 15:49 15:49

    Progressivism is a perversion or distortion is what really *is*. They change reality to fit their own warped, demented view of reality. Let’s face it folks, liberalism/progressivism is a mental disorder which rejects truth and reality.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      31 October 2011 @ 19:53 19:53

      Dead solid perfect!

  2. Adobe Walls permalink
    31 October 2011 @ 16:54 16:54

    What’s amazing to me is that in large part the Leftist Sleight-Of-Hand still works.

    We’ve covered this ground over and over again for a century or more and yet most people still don’t get it.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      31 October 2011 @ 19:47 19:47

      I intend to keep pounding at it until it resonates.

      BTW: Thanks for reminding me of that posting. I had always wanted to make it a Quo Vadis page.

  3. MrPaulRevere permalink
    01 November 2011 @ 03:36 03:36

    “At this, they have been very successful.” Truer words have never been typed. This nation began to go off the rails when it’s citizens stopped self-regulating and began to eschew self reliance. When I was a kid a piece of trash like Bill Maher would never have been within ten miles of a television camera. Today, we celebrate those who refuse to regulate their own behavior. This, dear readers is a formula for national suicide.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      01 November 2011 @ 19:42 19:42

      As the great Jean Raspail has said many times: Could This Be One Explanation?


  1. Progressivism is Lawlessness | The Lonely Conservative

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