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Jen And Erick Not Sittin’ In A Tree

27 October 2011 @ 11:14

Regarding this whole Jennifer Rubin / Erick Erickson dust-up [Stacy McCain has the details here]:

-We know that Erickson is a first-class jerk.

-And we know Mzz. Rubin is not much of a conservative anymore.

This is like the Iran/Iraq War: can’t both sides lose?

-When I first began blogging in the Spring of 2008 and through most of 2009, I often quoted her favorably, but I started noticing a change in late ’09 – a shift from that Wolverine Spirit Stacy mentions [Miss Rubin said in early 2009: 'The opposition party must oppose']. It was as if she saw the TEA Party and thought it too ‘messy’, disorganized. In other words, it didn’t follow the Establishment Rulebook; it didn’t conduct itself in what the Elites in politics consider the proper manner.

Also, I noticed a naivete in her thinking about Islam and domestic matters.

Perhaps, like so many others, she was infected with the Beltway Virus?…I don’t know.

-As for Mr. Erickson: It was a very poor choice of words. Anybody possessing any decent sense of Common Sense knows that the term ‘Likud’ carries with it the implication of divided or suspect loyalties to The United States by Jews.

For such a self-proclaimed deep thinker, this was just plain stupid [he had
to have it explained to him???]. Makes you think the wise man is just a wise guy.

-Whatever it is that has infected both Erick Erickson and Jennifer Rubin, it’s sad.

I pity the fools.

  1. 27 October 2011 @ 11:31 11:31

    I quit reading Mr. Erickson years ago. He’s just another blogger who decided since he got a bit of attention it meant he was smart. Not so much!

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 October 2011 @ 20:30 20:30

      DC Erick.

  2. Rosalie permalink
    27 October 2011 @ 13:05 13:05

    I learn a lot on blogs like this. I appreciate you explaining what “likud” means. I wish all bloggers did this more often.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 October 2011 @ 20:29 20:29

      My pleasure. I learn an awful more from bloggers than I do the MSM, that’s for sure.


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