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Ewige Blumenkraft Report: The Filth And The Fury…And The Foul Stench

26 October 2011 @ 17:42

Though it appears some city officials are tiring of the stench and the filth and the fury of the Obamaville protesters, the Useful Idiots are still out there doing the Bolshe Hokey Pokey, so I figured it was time to corral some interesting reports, commentary, and analysis that have been published since the last EB Report

-Another reason [if you needed one] why Mitt Romney must not be allowed to get the GOP Nomination.  From Michael Goodwin’s column in the New York Post of 19 October, we learn:

It is bad enough that Obama is trying to recruit this destructive cult for partisan purposes. It is even worse that he is not alone.Mitt Romney, the probable GOP presidential nominee, foolishly gave credence to the protesters’ distorted vision that American society consists of a few haves oppressing a multitude of have-nots, with nothing in the middle.

“I don’t worry about the top 1 percent,” Romney told a New Hampshire audience. “They’re doing just fine by themselves. I worry about the 99 percent in America. And so I look at what’s happening on Wall Street, and my own view is, boy I understand how those people feel … The people in this country are upset.”

Yes, yes, about 75 percent of Americans are upset about the economy and the lack of jobs. But it verges on insanity to say that the protesters in lower Manhattan are typical examples of that angst, and thus deserving of mainstream support.

To endorse the radical movement’s sentiments is to deny reality and make the jobs crisis worse. More taxes, debt and regulation would kill the future. If new entitlements are created, it’s game over.

Obama already has made the financial system a pinata. Now that it’s spilled its candy — Goldman Sachs is losing money, hooray! — he wants to beat it to death to get four more years. He certainly doesn’t need Romney’s help.

But, by golly, he’s going to get it because Mandate Mitt needs him some votes. 

Romney Delanda Est! [trans: The Dupe Must Be Destroyed!]

-Elizabeth Warren, the Pinko, er, Democratic Party’s front-running candidate to take on Senator Scott Brown has made the claim, ‘I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they [the #Occupy people] do’ and then stated, ‘I support what they do’ [DaTechGuy has the details here].

If Senator Brown has any smarts, he’s already ordered a specially made scarf with those words on it so that he can tie it around her red neck.

-I had a hearty laugh that almost caused me to fall off my chair, roll on the floor, and lose my arse last week when I read the stories of the residents of the Obamavilles complaining that some of their stuff had been stolen. 

Message to the members of The Useful Idiot Club: Hey you ain’t got no right to complain…’Imagine no possessions…’ and all that, you suckers.

-In my last EB Report, I forgot to include this bit of damn fine reporting by Aurelius over at Pundit Press [tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain on Twitter].  It seems a number of the residents of Obamaville are not to be satisfied with just marching and squatting and shouting and holding signs:

…Now, they have taken their insanity to a whole new level: they are calling for the beheading of “white kids,” the “hanging” of capitalists, and the murder of parents.

Their violent and murderous rhetoric is all over their movement, along with their atrocious antisemitism….

Methinks these ‘Revolutionaries’ are taking a decidedly French turn ― as is not surprising to learn if you’ve studied any Leftist movement.

-Of course, as with any proper revolution, there must be children who get abused in some way.

From Stacy McCain, we learn of a fourteen year-old girl who was statutorily raped at the Dallas Obamaville and an eleven year-old boy who was gotten drunk at the Missoula one.

Regarding the former: some of the Dallas Obamaville residents are blaming the girl for saying she was nineteen.  Over at All American Blogger, Duane Lester, who has worked with sex offenders ain’t buying the line that these upstanding Bolshes had no clue that she was underage.  Okay, Feminists, where’s the outrage?  [crickets chirping]

-That great Aussie of Aussies, Tim Blair makes a valiant effort to answer the concerns of the Obamaville residents across the whole of the world.  A highlight [tip of the fedora to GregoryNo6]:

5. General knowledge is a problem for Occupants. Asked if the US government spends more on health care and pensions or the military, 94 per cent of Occupy Wall Street respondents said military. Wrong. Military spending in 2010 was less than half that spent on health and pensions.

Suggested action: waterboarding.

I like the way this man thinks.  One suggestion about the waterboarding: use soapy water.

-I have found the perfect theme song for the Obamaville Collective:

-I think it fitting to end this report by highly recommending Jeff Goldstein’s magnificent essay from 16 October, The Great Unraveling.  Here are the first few paragraphs:

It’s here, people. Obama’s plan is to marshal this “People’s uprising” into a political attack on the engine of capitalism, using the Wall Street he’s in bed with as an attack on the capitalist system, and the “bankers” and traders as the scapegoats.

The outlines of the plan have long been clear, but sadly, those who bothered to look and to express alarm early on were dismissed as fringe cranks and unhelpful “purists” whose outlandish Visigothery would drive away “moderates” and “independents” (who, incidentally, flocked to the GOP in the wake of the TEA Party movement, giving us a 2010 electoral landslide. But we’re to bracket that. Our betters know what’s best, regardless of how many times they prove themselves astoundingly out of touch with the mood of their own base). And now the next stage is beginning: an assault on the “fat cats” and the money men, launched from different angles, with the Occupy Wall Street crowds providing the civil unrest, the social tension, and the optics, making the more outlandish demands (and including the most repugnant fellow-travelers), while Obama serves as the voice of reason and moderation, fashioning his campaign around a populist soft-socialism in which the banks and bankers and money men are required to pay “their fair share” and the “wealth disparity” is addressed — even as the evil Republicans try to “protect the rich.”

Reality doesn’t play a part. Propaganda to stoke envy and animate the programmed students of institutions long ago infiltrated and solidified by the organized left, is all that needs be concentrated upon — to create the illusion of a mass social uprising (of “the 99%”)

Anyone who’s read Alinsky, or familiarized themselves with Cloward-Piven, or has read Edward Bellamy’s socialist Utopian blueprint, Looking Backwards, knew what was coming — and we knew because we didn’t pretend Obama was anything else but the radical leftwing ideologue, marketed as a pragmatic empty slate, he truly is. Billy Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn told us that. Jeremy Wright and Frank Davis told us that. ACORN and community organizing and local endorsements by communist parties told us that. All we did was look.

Please, I urge you to take the time to click here and read the full essay – it is a grand example of Right Reason and clarity.

  1. Rosalie permalink
    26 October 2011 @ 18:17 18:17

    Romney is positively sickening. For some reason he reminds me so much of O. I guess it’s the hypocrisy. He understand how those people feel. What a laugh. I hear Perry’s going after him bigtime. That warms the cockles of my heart. I’m sure Cain will enjoy the benefit from it too.

  2. 26 October 2011 @ 20:29 20:29

    Electing Romney won’t retire Obama. It will just whitewash him. Pass it on.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 October 2011 @ 20:25 20:25


  3. Adobe Walls permalink
    26 October 2011 @ 21:41 21:41

    CAIR has endorsed is now supporting and sending speakers to OWS sites. The current denizens should all be converted is a couple weeks.

    I oppose the term Obamavilles to describe the campouts in city parks. There are really Obamavilles out there with people who are really hurting.

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