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Right Wing Bloggers Under Relentless Attack: The Battle Rages On

17 October 2011 @ 20:02

Many of you will recall the article I published in late August on the unceasing attacks that have been launched by Leftists on a good number of my friends in the Rightosphere.  Please do take the time to read that post if you haven’t already or reread it as I will not rehash it’s details here.

In it I mentioned the cases of Zilla Of The Resistance, Pam Geller, Stacy McCain, Chris Wysocki, Amusing Bunni, Michelle Malkin, and Donald Douglas — all of whom have been slandered and trolled by independent agents of the Left.

Donald, the man behind American Power, has been subject to efforts by these radicals to get him fired from his job as a college professor.  He has posted a Roundup on Progressive Campaign of Workplace Intimidation and Harassment that I urge you to read all of, including the links, so that you can get a real understanding of th extent of these attempts to destroy this good man and hurt his family.  What the Left is doing to him is but one instance of many that I fear will grow in number as the Progressives become more desperate.  By having rejected tradition and morality and, thus, decency, the Left is free to achieve their end [the silencing of all opposition] by any means necessary.  There is nothing to restrain them; God-like, they have given themselves license to do as they see fit.

I owe a debt to Zilla for bringing this whole issue back to the forefront of my thinking.  Yesterday she published a wonderful call-to-arms to stand with Donald in his defense against the dark forces that are out to destroy him.  It is entitled Stand Against Evil — Never Let It Win and I urge you to read it and answer Zilla’s call:

If there is one thing I’ve learned since joining the Right Blogosphere community is that we stand together and we look after our brethren, because if we let one of ours fall beneath the crushing weight of evil, we will all go down one way or another. Donald never fails to rally to the side of one of us when we have a problem, he has stood with many of us through thick and thin, let’s show him right now that WE have his back! Please contact me via email, Twitter or in the comments section below) to have your name and/or your blog (if you have one) added to he Roll Call list in support of our friend Donald Douglas and let the cruel jerks of the left know that Donald Douglas is by no means alone in this fight.

As soon as I hit ‘Publish’ on this post, I’m heading over to Zilla’s place to ask her to add my name to her growing list.  As I wrote in the aforementioned August posting of mine:

…We must support each other in this grand attempt to restore our freedoms and liberties, for, truly, if we do not hang together, we shall most assuredly hang separately — by a rope of our own making, on the Leftist gallows.

Filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger is on Zilla’s list and over at his site he comments:

Liberty media, scattered and disorganized, never really puts up a decent fight back. Which, I suppose, is why collectivists end up in power. Then mankind must front a massive effort to rid the planet of them, eventually.

It seems to me that liberty media (which can run the gamut from Ace of Spades’ blog, The Other McCain’s blog, on up to Michelle Malkin, Breitbart’s websites, and so forth), typically reacts to The Eye of Sauron by complaining about its glare on them. But they always seem to be absent when non-friend colleagues have been attacked. The end result is a bunch of “Polands” all yelping when they are invaded, but ignoring the distress calls from their neighbors.

There must be a better way to deal with these creeps.

Indeed.  I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out a way but my creative powers have failed me.  But fear not, Ladd has turned his mind to this task:

Everyone stands up once in a while – [Stacy] McCain (whom I consider a good friend), is certainly one of those people. But his efforts, and really the efforts of everyone on our “side” of the aisle, are entirely uncoordinated and haphazard. Brings up many ideas on how to fight back more effectively… hmmm.

I look forward to the product of his contemplations.

  1. 17 October 2011 @ 20:48 20:48

    It’s Despicable, and DEMONIC, as I commented to Don on his blog, and he was good enough to quote on his post. They really are agents of Satan. It’s bad enough to get death threats and such, but when they tell such vile lies about a person that could get them arrested, and fired from their jobs, that’s just beyond HORRIBLE, and I do know how awful it is to be attacked by these out of control maniacs.

    Thanks for posting this, Bob, Ladd gives a good analogy, it is like a bunch of little Polands crying out for help. I don’t know what to do either, except to pray. It’s very dangerous times we are in now, as the news has shown the last week or so, and going to get worse.
    It would be wonderful if a REALLY heavy hitter like Breitbart took up Don’s cause, and exposed the vile attacks on his livelihood and liberty, like he exposed who is really behind the ows charade. Stay safe everyone.

  2. Adobe Walls permalink
    17 October 2011 @ 23:29 23:29

    “Then mankind must front a massive effort to rid the planet of them, eventually.”

    Sounds like a good place to start.

  3. 18 October 2011 @ 02:45 02:45

    Thanks Bob!

    I’ll get you linked up tomorrow!

  4. 18 October 2011 @ 07:14 07:14

    Thank you, Bob! We need to stand together, and the big names on ‘our’ side need to step up and join us. I sent messages to all of my contacts higher up on the RightBlog food chain than little ole me, you see the results in the Roll Call list, we need everyone else to do the same – maybe then we can get those with a much further reach to take up the cause. I guess what I’m trying to say is, make this go viral!

  5. 18 October 2011 @ 09:18 09:18

    Linked in my new post here:

  6. 18 October 2011 @ 20:16 20:16

    Gee, if only we had some kind of covert list or roster that could help us coordinate a response in these situations. But what would such a list look like? How would that roster work? If only there was an example of how that could be done…

  7. 09 November 2011 @ 23:41 23:41

    Good luck!


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