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Ewige Blumenkraft* Report [Updated Below]

14 October 2011 @ 10:56

As the Revolutionaries plot to take the #Occupy action global, some thoughts and links concerning what Michelle Malkin labels Kamp Alinsky…

-BREAKING: Violence Erupts In New York.

Don Surber has the details and links here. From his introduction:

If you judge a man by the enemies he makes, Internet innovator Andrew Breitbart is my kind of people. He waded into the Occupy Los Angeles and the lefties at Service Employees International Union were so scared of his presence that they assigned him a personal minder, a la every communist country there were (and are). After all, he helped tear down ACORN, which was joined at the hip to SEIU — the union that made Barack Obama. The stakes are that high and what he has to say is important.

He compared Occupy Wall Street/Los Angeles/Whatever to the violent and anarchist (but well-organized) protests against the World Trade Organization a dozen years ago. He saw the similarities in these protests, which President Obama and the Democratic Party have embraced as if it were a life preserver for next year’s election.

That just backfired this morning.

He quotes from a New York Post report:

It’s war! Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters — emboldened by officials backing down this morning from evicting them from their Zuccotti Park campsite for a 7 a.m. cleaning — stormed Wall Street, leaping over barriers and getting into a fracas with cops. The throng of protesters streamed on to Broadway, blocking traffic, setting up a confrontation with police who are waiting for them on the street. Things turned predictably violent as cops tackled protesters and chased them up the street — forcing everyone to the sidewalks — in what turned into a melee.

Surprise, sur-frickin’-prise.

Now back to my regularly scheduled posting…

-Speaking of the intrepid and dogged Mrs. Malkin: her latest column chronicles the costs to taxpayers of the various filth-ins going on across the fruited plain. A highlight:

These are not principled advocates of fiscal responsibility. They are professional freeloaders.

Unlike Tea Party activists who focused like a laser beam on politicians in both parties responsible for redistributing wealth to Big Business cronies by force, the Occupy Wall Street movement is everywhere and nowhere. The entitled Kamp Alinsky Kids are poaching WiFi and trespassing on private property under the guise of “social justice,” but in plain service of themselves.

Their t-shirts and speeches glorify Marxist radicals Che Guevara, Emiliano Zapata, and Chairman Mao. They lionize convicted Death Row cop killer Troy Davis and WikiLeaks collaborator Bradley Manning. They condemn “Nazi Bankers,” Jews, Fox News, the American Legislative Exchange Council, Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker, the Koch family, and the New York Police Department (“pigs!”). They promote the illegal alien DREAM Act and 9/11 Trutherism.

It makes one despair that this country can be saved…and sometimes you wonder if it’s worth the effort to save it in one piece.

-Mrs. Malkin links a very interesting report by Alan Farnham over at ABC Business News that looks at what the hacker groups like Anonymous have been up to. He spoke with Vincent Schiavone

…founder and chairman of ListenLogic, a company that gives corporate clients advance warning of cyber attacks and of other threats circulating on the Internet, calls Occupy-related threats “alarming.” His company monitors a wide variety of online sources—including Facebook and Twitter postings and even posted church sermons—to see what topics, issues and grievances are increasing in volume, meaning in intensity and in number on the Internet.

What his company has found is a definite increase in the alarming stuff. A highlight:

ListenLogic is detecting, he says, a change in the tone of discourse about the so-called 1 percent richest Americans.

There still are postings that talk about taxing the 1 percent more severely or even throwing them in jail. “But then,” says Schiavone, “there’s an increase in ‘let’s kill’ them. We see ‘eat the rich,’ ‘kill the wealthy.’ There are images circulating of senior executives being decapitated, images of blood. Artists are releasing images of banks on fire.”

Such extremism, he hastens to point out, is not representative of the objectives of most Occupiers. “Is that the movement? Absolutely not. They have been trying to be peaceful and respectful.” But the movement harbors within it, he says, persons “a lot more radical.”

As the history of all revolutionary movements has shown, all it takes is a few, fairly organized core group of radicals to propel a movement forward into violence. It helps if the majority of folks in the movement are ignorant, as the Russian workers were or as the #Occupy college students and graduates are.

-In a related matter, we learn from Fox25 in Boston:

The Coast Guard in Boston confirmed that a woman in uniform was harassed and spat upon near Occupy Boston protesters. The woman was walking to the train and said protesters spit on her twice, called her foul names and even threw a water bottle at her.

Now, the Coast Guard is warning all staff working on Atlantic Avenue to avoid those protesters while in uniform.

Of course, I can’t condemn this because the TEA Party did the same thing……oh wait!…they did-ent. In fact, at every single TEA Party event, they cleaned up after themselves whereas hundreds of reports of the stench and filth at the #Occupy events have been published.

Is it wrong for me and some of my Friends In The Ether to be speculating [and hoping] for cholera or typhus outbreaks amongst the illegal squatters? Even if it is [and I’m not so sure], I have no hesitation to predict that the incidents of STD’s among the youts involved will be quite high.

-Over at The PJ Tatler, Zombie has filed a detailed and well-researched report on the Anti-Semitism that has infested the #OccupyLove-Ins across the country. A highlight:

While there have been intense arguments in the media recently about hints of anti-Semitism which have erupted at New York’s Occupy Wall Street protest, very little attention has been paid to similar problems cropping up at other “Occupy” events around the country.

Below you will find some photographs and a video taken at the Occupy Los Angeles encampment which reveal how there is a growing encroachment of anti-Semitic “Jewish bankers” conspiracy theories becoming more and more evident at these events. Obviously not everyone at the “Occupy” protests is an anti-Semite, but the fact that these statements and views fit so neatly into the whole anti-banker milieu, and often go completely unchallenged by fellow protesters, should give everyone cause for concern about where this whole movement is heading.

Do please take the time to click here and read the rest of the report, which contains many pictures and some video. Well-done, Zombie.

Sad thing is: I bet some of those making the charges are self-hating Jews.

Every Revolution has resulted in the persecution of Jews, yet so many of them get involved in supporting or participating in them. Explain that one to me.

-Over at Protein Wisdom, Jeff Goldstein quotes from the Reuters report you may have heard about that shows George Soros has indirectly funded Adbusters, the organization that created the #Occupy Movement. He then points out:

But what is important in this story is the mention of Adbusters, who registered an domain name months in advance of these “spontaneous” protests.

Shockingly, Adbusters has a history of (thinly-veiled) anti-Semitism — and today’s protests against “Wall Street” and “bankers” is merely an extension of its earlier protests against the controlling cabal of “neocons.”

Adbusters sees filthy, sneaky Jews everywhere — and everywhere this stealthy cabal of neocons, bankers, and Zionists, is controlling the world, robbing The People, and hoarding The Wealth.

Of course, we’ve heard such things before in history. But what’s new is that the mainstream Democrat Party — which is no longer the party of JFK or Scoop Jackson, or even Walter Mondale, but is rather the product of a New Left, led by Marxists, racial demagogues, and “progressives” — have openly embraced and defended this movement.

Emphasis on the word ‘openly’. The stink of Anti-Semitism has wafted through the halls of the Democratic Party for several decades now.

Jews in America tend to vote Democratic despite the mounds of evidence that the Party is tainted with a Jew-hating contingent. Explain that one to me too.

-William Jacobson reports that some Leftist Jews are have formed an #OccupyJudaism Movement. Well, hey, the Useful Idiots have a right to be heard to.

-I had a good laugh for myself the other day when I watched this video [via Darleen Click] of John Lewis being denied the opportunity to speak at #OccupyAtlanta. It made my day, but a number of folks felt his pain.

Let us not forget that John Lewis and his Leftist pals created these mutant children ― they are his legacy.

Question: Wasn’t he one of the people who accused the DC TEA Partiers of calling him and his CBC toadies ‘Niggers’??? A charge that was never proven. Methinks you know the answer to that one.

-Hey! Regarding the #Occupy agitators, John McCain says ‘I understand their frustration’. Did he understand the frustration of those Hippies who were protesting The Vietnam War too while he was rotting in a North Vietnamese Prison?

-If you’ve got some time over the next few days, Andrew Breitbart needs your help [tip of the fedora to William Jacobson]:

In keeping with the new media notion of crowdsourcing–enthusiastically embraced by the mainstream media when trawling through Sarah Palin’s emails–Big Government will be providing readers later today with links to a document drop consisting of thousands of emails.

The email archive, created by a private cyber security researcher, appears to contain messages shared by the left’s anarcho-socialist activists during the strategic and daily tactical planning of the “Occupy Wall Street” and broader “Occupy” campaign this fall.

Big Government received a tip about the existence of the archive, and we were able to contact the individual who compiled and posted it. He will describe the archive, and how he obtained the emails, later this morning exclusively on Big Government.

Through “crowdsourcing,” the media and the public will then be able to discover the truth behind the “Occupy” movement.

Do take the time to click here for the details.

That researcher has now posted an explanation of what he did, how he did it, and download links. From his posting:

…the emails reveal the many failed efforts of the hacker collective Anonymous. If those efforts had succeeded, they may have damaged the global economy.Some examples are:

We are sharing the email archive because we believe the public needs to know the hidden agendas behind the Occupation–the socialist, anarchist, and other agendas that have not been reported in the mainstream media.

Bravo, sir. God Bless You.

-Expect more later this PM.

UPDATE at 1921…

-Regarding Anti-Semitism and Adbusters, Alana Goodman reports [tip of the fedora to Doug Ross]:

It isn’t just a few crackpots engaging in anti-Semitism incidents at the Occupy Wall Street protests. Apparently, the main organizer behind the movement – Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn – has a history of anti-Jewish writing.

Miss Goodman then goes on to provide the details. It is very damning evidence. She concludes:

That’s not to say the Occupy Wall Street movement itself is anti-Semitic. But if the top organizer behind the Tea Party turned out to have published a blacklist of American Jews he claimed had dual loyalty to the U.S. and Israel, the backlash from the media would be massive. And if the top leader of the Tea Party fought a legal battle with the U.S. Holocaust Museum over an offensive collage he made using Warsaw Ghetto photos, politicians certainly wouldn’t be lining up to support the movement.

‘Vile’ and ‘Disgusting’ are the only tags any post on the #Occupy Movement needs.

-I didn’t know until a few days ago [or I wasn’t listening] but the park taken over by the protesters in New York is privately owned.  Brookfield Office Properties hold the deed.  From MyFoxNY, we learn [another tip of the old fedora to Doug Ross]:

The situation highlights the unusual nature of Zuccotti Park, a privately owned space with 24-hour access.

Brookfield agreed to open the park as part of a zoning deal with the city.

In the weeks since the protesters began their encampment, Brookfield has repeatedly asked the NYPD to keep people from sleeping in it. But police have not acted on those requests. Brookfield reiterated its position in a letter on Tuesday to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

“After weeks of occupation, conditions at the Park have deteriorated to unsanitary and unsafe levels,” Brookfield’s CEO, Richard Clark, said in the letter, noting that Brookfield has “received hundreds of phone calls and emails from concerned citizens and office workers in the neighborhood.”

So…it appears that Lawlessness and Disorder reign in New York City.  One of the core duties of every single police force is to protect private property.  Ray Kelly should be ashamed of himself.  He doesn’t deserve to wear the badge.

-They say the best humor is rooted in the Truth and, over at American Glob, Aleister gives us a needed chuckle by noticing the subtle humor of Matt Drudge [see also the comment I left there].

-Jeff Goldstein is dead, solid, perfect [emphasis mine]:

Now that the left, with help from a complicit (and revoltingly romantic) media, have ginned up interest in the “Occupy Movement,” the next stage of perception is being forged – this time, with the help of professional organizers, to be followed by the various factions of the leftist movement, from NGOs to labor to the cynical, opportunistic politicians that hope to lend this attack on the capitalist system the legitimacy of a real grass roots uprising (knowing as they do that it is government that stands to gain most from such an anti-capital, anti-free market movement).

Which is why it’s important to know the players.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the mainstream press has thrown in with what now is but a collection of aimless malcontents or fringe revolutionary Marxists, protecting them with blinkered coverage and by themselves claiming the responsible of putting into words the mission statement of a group of disparate protesters that, it is clear, has none.

These events shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Alinsky or Cloward-Piven — and yet the smart set, even those putatively aligned with the right, has spent so much time marginalizing those who pointed out how the revolutionary playbook was being followed, that they seem dead set on refusing to acknowledge, even at this moment, the orchestrated attempt at a soft-coup that is taking place right before their eyes.

Perhaps when the first “bankers” or “Wall Street-types” are arrested or beaten, the people who’ve spent years now insisting Obama is merely another liberal Democrat, and that fears of his radical ties to the likes of Black Liberation theology or the brains behind the Weathermen were the overblown, paranoid fantasies of racist fringe wingnuts from whom the more cultured Republicans need distance themselves, will stop relying on their adeptness at ironizing the world and turn their attentions to the evidence that is piling up before them.

Marginalize this.

* German for ‘Eternal Flower Power’.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    14 October 2011 @ 21:13 21:13

    Hopefully the corporation that owns the park is applying for the temporary guest workers I’m sure that most of the Irregular Calvary from Tahrir Square could us the work.

    I think this is great you can’t have a counter revolution without revolution. The SDs are have completely misread these folks. Debbie Wassermann-Schultz, head of the SDNC, thinks they’re going to help get zero’s nominee to head the consumer credit agency confirmed! Unfortunately the percentage of Anarchists and SRs in these groups is small, with any luck they’ll radicalize some of the others. Pelosi thinks these guys are going to be knocking on doors next summer so she can take back the House. The problem is they don’t want to knock on doors they want to knock down doors and pillage the fatcats behind them. If the OWSers figure out that copulating in parks and holding up homemade signs ain’t going to get their student loans canceled some of them will decide it’s time for action. That is were this regimes problems begin. “Revolutionary” action puts the police between the fatcats and the revolutionaries, not between the regime and us. One third of the OWS crowd thinks America is just as bad as Al Qaeda. Imagine what happens when one of the nitwits yells that at a NYPD cop who lost a brother or father on 9/11.

    Unfortunately I don’t think mattes come to that. Notice that none of the police are wearing riot gear? I’ve seen more police gear at the parties we used to have when I was a teenager. And to think the SDs want to be the vanguard of these clowns.

  2. 17 October 2011 @ 16:35 16:35

    This is a disgusting turn of events, and it’s gonna get worse. Ulstermann has another insider report today, and the wall street guy he’s talking to is LEAVING NYC. There is talk it’s gonna get very violent. I think they want to do something like was done in rome & spain.

    These commies and scumbags are insane and very dangerous. I wouldn’t get within a mile of them.

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