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Methinks This Gentleman Was a Prophet Too

26 September 2011 @ 20:15

And we were fools not to heed his warnings:

My hero back in the day.

Swiped from The Feral Irishman, who offers some on-target commentary of his own.

  1. 26 September 2011 @ 22:28 22:28

    I always liked the character of Archie Bunker, but Carroll O’Connor was one of the biggest Liberals in Hollywood. Archie Bunker was a spoof on Republicans by O’Connor, but ya gotta admit, it was a good one. From Wikipedia;

    O’Connor’s own politics were liberal, but he understood the Bunker character and played him not only with bombast and humor but with touches of vulnerability. The writing on the show was consistently left of center, but O’Connor often deftly skewered the liberal pieties of the day. The result is widely considered to be an absorbing, entertaining television show. All in the Family was based on the BBC show Til Death Us Do Part, with Bunker based on Alf Garnett, but somewhat less abrasive.

    Although Bunker was famous for his malapropisms of the English language, O’Connor was highly educated and cultured and was an English professor before he turned to acting.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 September 2011 @ 20:54 20:54

      It was a good spoof of what were blue-collar Reagan/Nixon guys. Credit to Norman Lear for also spoofing Hippie Liberals like Meathead and his wife.

      Mr. O’Connor was such a good actor, he made Archie so human, you couldn’t help but like him, whereas his son-in-law and daughter were spoiled Baby Boomer jerks.

  2. 27 September 2011 @ 10:28 10:28

    Archie Bunker was a prophet. I remember one All in the Family episode from the late ’70s where Archie tells Mike: “You’re getting Reagan in 1980!”

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 September 2011 @ 20:55 20:55

      While drowning In a sea of Alan Aldas in the 1970’s, Archie was a life preserver.


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