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Bob’s Musings: Saturday Night’s Alright For Blogging

24 September 2011 @ 17:31

Bob's Muse

-I was going to do a number of separate postings today on some of the stories I’ll be mentioning below, but time, my old foe, is once again waging his dastardly campaign against me to deny me enough hours to blog.  Also, the old devil health has been plaguing me all week with the after-effects of the cold I supposedly was finished with last Sunday [fellow chemo veterans, do you have the same problem?].  A third component of my woes is that this is the busiest time of year at work for moi [as I write this, I’m monitoring programs that are running on the office servers].  Hence, this semi-aggregation and brief set of commentaries on things I wanted to handle separately and with more fiberous commentary and analysis.

-The performance of Rick Perry in Thursday Night’s GOP debate is getting, it seems, universally panned.  I touched on this yesterday here and Stacy McCain had some choice comments worth quoting:

Wow, Rick Perry really stunk it up in Orlando, didn’t he? I already did one round-up of reaction, but the reviews are so universally negative that more needs to be said. Bill Kristol said, “no front-runner in a presidential field has ever . . . had as weak a showing as Rick Perry. It was close to a disqualifying two hours for him.”

That was a prelude to Kristol pining for Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush or Chris Christie to join the 2012 field, a species of nonsense that I’m getting tired of. How about the pundits stop trying to recruit their dream candidates and instead talk about the people who are actually, y’know, running for president? Because if you pundit types don’t knock it off, I might just have to write a 2,000-word persuasive essay about why Sarah Palin needs to get in the race, and I know that’s the last thing in the world you want.

But Perry’s suckage has consequences, most notably for the folks who jumped aboard his bandwagon last month only to find themselves now apparently on the Road to Fred Thompsonville….

Full disclosure: I was one of those Thompsonites, but, hey, I supported Al Haig in 1988, so I’m just merely living-up to my image.

-In a post today, Stacy reports on an interesting shift in candidate support that may be talking place, at the very least in Florida.  He quotes from a report by Byron York:

There’s no scientific polling, but talks with dozens of delegates who will vote in today’s Florida straw poll suggest that many are making last-minute decisions to vote for Herman Cain.

What seems to be happening is this: A lot of delegates came to Orlando planning to vote for Rick Perry. But Perry’s poor performance at Thursday night’s Fox News-Google debate gave them pause and re-opened the question of whom they will support. And many of the conservatives who were attracted to Perry will, when asked for a second choice, naturally gravitate to Cain, who, it just happens, had a particularly good debate on Thursday. So with Perry not commanding the loyalty he did just 48 hours ago, Cain appears to be picking up support.

Wow, did I completely miss an exclusive or what? York’s account closely matches what Sarah [Rumpf] told me last night: Perry’s supporters at the GOP event seemed demoralized Friday, while Cain’s supporters were fired up.

It will be interesting to see how that straw poll goes later this PM and it will be quite entertaining to see if this trend builds steam.  There are signs, too, that Rick Santorum may benefit from the Perry Buyer’s Remorse.  It’s all to the good, in my humble, dipsomaniacal opinion.

-In that first posting of Stacy’s I mentioned, he offers some very good analysis of the reaction of GOProud to Rick Santorum’s remarks on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  However, he also feels himself a failure for having to forego being in Florida for the debate due to family obligations:

Yesterday afternoon my editor at The American Spectator called, wondering if I was in Orlando, and my answer was a long explanation of “no.” As I had explained at some length Sunday, the requisite trip to Ohio after the Tampa debate spoiled my plan to spend two uninterrupted weeks covering the campaign in Florida, and simultaneously deprived me of funding necessary to return in time for the Orlando debate.

Keeping Mrs. Other McCain happy is Job One, the Ohio trip was an inescapable duty, and so I had to cover last night’s debate from here in my basement office and skip CPAC Florida. This feels like abject professional failure….

Get over it, man: you should be proud of yourself for having sacrificed for such a worthy and noble cause as your wife and her family.  Too many in your business love their work more than their friends and family.  The temptations are great.  And you did the honorable thing.

-Tere, Mistress of Teresamerica but blogging over at the great she and her lucky husband run, Catholibertarian, links my thoughts on the debate that I published yesterday, but she has the gall to disagree with me [whereas Caesar just had the Gaul]:

…It looks like Rick Santorum is picking up some steam. I hope he continues this pattern. Santorum kicked Perry’s butt! The only thing I disagree with Bob on is I think Mitt Romney had a pretty good night. He’s a slippery fellow. We already have one of those in the White House now and we don’t need another elected President.

She’s lucky she’s intelligent, insightful, and good-looking, otherwise I would deliver her a sound textural thrashing.

-Hey, Don Obamleone favors taking care of his fellow Corporatist Mafiosi over insuring our national security — who wudda think it?

-GatorDoug and the DarcPrynce, proprietors of The Daley Gator, have declared this blog their Blog Of The Month.  This is the second time TCOTS has been so honored and the whole gang here thanks them both and will be dedicating the first round to them at our weekly Saturday Night Ramble get-together this evening.  As a special recognition of their generosity [and Doug’s great taste in his Rule 5 picks] The TCOTS Gang also plans to issue a hearty ‘Huzzah!’ in their honor.

Just to give you an idea of the good stuff on tap over at their joint, here’s a sample of their recent offerings [pickled eggs and beer nuts included free-of-charge]:

= Doug issues the proper prescription for handling a deranged anti-Palin poof virus.

= The DarcPrynce has the audio for all the worthwhile radio talks shows from this past week here.

= Another helpful thing DP does is his News You Can Use postings [which include his The Daley Benefactor posts].

= DaleyGator DaleyBabe: Marisa Jara [who was just featured in TCOTS latest Rule 5 News, BTW].

Thanks again, gentlemen.

-Thanks to Josh Painter, over at Texans For Sarah Palin, for linking my Is This The End Of Tucky? post.  Josh is a good egg.

-A big ‘Thank You’ to Mike, That Mr. G Guy, for linking your humble Dispatcher often.  I don’t FMJRA him often enough, but his kindness is much appreciated [besides, how can you not like a guy who labels Paul Krugman ‘Crap Master Extraordinaire‘?].  And he happens to be one of our top commentators, too.

-Hogs are the new copper?  Mike has the details here.  This whole bacon addiction thang has gotten out of hand!  Look at this story from KMOX in St. Louis, we learn [tip of the fedora to Matt Drudge]:

Police in the St. Louis suburb of University City say a suspect in a string of burglaries was caught after a homeowner reported finding him frying bacon in her kitchen.

Kenya Ealy says she returned home after an errand and found 36-year-old Damon Petty of St. Louis cooking breakfast.

Ealy says the suspect initially tried to keep her out of the house by trying to hold the front door shut. But Ealy and a friend managed to tackle and subdue the man and call police.

Subsequent reports tell us that the frying pan was not dented, nor the Teflon coating scratched.

I predicted this would happen back in the 1980’s, when I had a blog in my mind [the drugs were high-quality back then —I’d like to kill the bastard who got rid of quaaludes]. As I thought-posted back then:

I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend lately: more and more men [and some of the womins] are becoming obsessed with that great staple of The American Diet: bacon. They talk about it all the time and are spending more and more of their hard-earned monies on the fatty pork product. This is addictive behavior, and, if it’s not prevented, it will lead to an epidemic of pork abuse. Oscar Myer Weiner cars will not be safe. Hog farms will be subject to thefts of their valuable livestock by bacon junkies. Ho’s with thunder thighs will not be safe.  Roving bacon junkies will break into homes just to cook and eat other people’s bacon and cause massive grease spatters. A madness will descend upon the land — a madness I tell you!!!

Wow…how right was I?  [I blame Instapundit]

-I’ve got to head off and get Rule 5 Saturday ready.

-Considering the subtitle of this post, I would be remiss if I didn’t embed the following…

I feel now compelled to include this one, which was one of the best pop songs of the 1970’s and which brings back many memories, like the lyrics themselves do…

I still have the original single of that song and I will always keep it, even though it is worn and nearly unplayable, because the story of my obtaining of it brings back very fond memories.  On the day it was released, I had to have it — it was one of those teenage obsessions that no reason or logic can break through — but there was a problem: a blizzard.  I was staying that Saturday night with my Grandparents and the weather was so bad that we had to skip 4:30 Mass.  However, I had to have Crocodile Rock and I had to have it NOW.  Somehow, the savvy-side of my fourteen-year-old brain convinced my Grandparents to allow me to walk the half-mile to the local music store and get my hands on the damn thing.  I did and it was worth braving the Antarctic-like conditions to obtain the sacred 45rpm platter so I could play that song over and over again before I was called away to watch the regular Saturday Evening Abbott & Costello movie to be followed by Lawrence Welk [my Grandparents’s favorite show].  What made the experience even more memorable was that the flipside of the 45 contained this great song that would, over the years, become and remain one of my favorite rock pop songs…

-Live well, my friends…

  1. 24 September 2011 @ 19:12 19:12

    Appreciate the links Bob. What a fine lineup you have this weekend. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Mike G. ( Watching Clemson beat the Fla State Seminoles…WhooHoo!)

    • 25 September 2011 @ 16:05 16:05

      I predicted this would happen back in the 1980′s, when I had a blog in my mind [the drugs were high-quality back then —I’d like to kill the bastard who got rid of quaaludes].

      You and me both Bob. 😉

      • bobbelvedere permalink*
        25 September 2011 @ 23:15 23:15

        Thanks for the kind thoughts, Mike. I am feeling much better today [I think the Maker’s Mark last night helped].

        One of the funniest routines I ever saw was by David Steinberg on Tom Snyder’s old show back in the 1990’s. He did about a ten minute riff on how he and his wife would pack off their kids and do quaaludes. Can’t find it on YouTube — damn.

  2. 25 September 2011 @ 10:45 10:45

    Thank you very much for the compliments, Bob. Believe me I didn’t want Romney to have a pretty good night but I think he did. You had me LMAO!. Hope you feel better. Have a great Sunday!

    I’ll be watching the Steelers.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      25 September 2011 @ 23:16 23:16

      I hope you feel better, Tere.

  3. 26 September 2011 @ 13:13 13:13

    Great post, Bob, good addition of the Elton Vids!
    Hope your cold gets better. This time of year, with all the rain and nites in the 50’s, it’s hard to keep well.


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