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The Burning Bed Of The Right

12 September 2011 @ 17:54

An excellent post by Joy McCann [tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain], over at The Conservatory, brought to my attention a very good one by Joe Fein, proprietor of Valley Of The Shadow.  Joy’s article is entitled: Joseph Fein on the Right Establishment’s Abusive Relationship with the Blogosphere.  That inspired the title of this post. 

As Joy points out:

…the left appreciates the sinistrosphere, but the right treats the dextrosphere as if it were a friend-with-privileges one marks time with until one’s “real boyfriend,” the Legacy Media, shows up. But the real boyfriend in this case should be charged with domestic violence.

For Joe Fein, the last straw was the grotesque spectacle of seeing MSNBC, of all networks, handling the Republican debate this past Wednesday night in Simi Valley. Naturally, the questions focused on how ooky-spooky the GOP is, as moderators tried to create negative sound bites that their own team, the Democrats, could use later on to embarrass our nominee. And the economy—unemployment in particular—got very short shrift. Because that hardly plays to the Democrats’ advantage, does it?

From Joe [here he’s speaking specifically of the California GOP, but his proposals can be applied nationwide]:

The bloggers on the right are there as defense AND offence (if used correctly). On the chessboard of the political realm, we bloggers are the knights. We can move quickly, think around corners, and hide in plain sight.

A few sympathetic bloggers in a Media Room can hear what reporters say to themselves. Alliances can be built, and knowing what the “narrative” is will allow the sympathetic blogger to tell the “correct” story.

But it requires the CAGOP to stand up for their allies. Politics is the oldest game — one of the first rules is “Back your Allies.” Another is “Get your message out.”

MSNBC will take up space in the media room at the CAGOP convention. Kick them out, and put in the 30 bloggers who support the CAGOP’s goals. Thank me later. And if MSNBC has any problem, I’ll take them on.

That’s the spirit.

The day after the debate, Andrew Breitbart offered some spot-on commentary on this issue [worth quoting at length]:

The very premise of the Republican presidential debate, hosted by NBC/Politico and broadcast by corporate welfare queen MSNBC proves that conservatives don’t understand the power the media is trying to exert over the next election.

It is an insult to the house of Reagan that MSNBC would try to pass itself off as a fair news organization with the eight Republican candidates giving the sneering, snobby and snide enemy a certain imprimatur of legitimacy.

The only reason the GOP is in a fighting stance in the 2012 presidential election is the Tea Party. The alternative narrative-drivers at MSNBC have spent much of the last two-plus years trying to frame millions and millions of patriotic and concerned Americans as violent, racist knuckle-draggers.

To dignify those habitual and unaccountable slanderers by appearing on that stage shows that apparently these Republicans and daily MSNBC punching bags don’t comprehend the scope of the media problem.

Barack Obama was elected due to the work of the media in 2008. Barack Obama will not cross the finish line in 2012 without the help of that same media–with MSNBC leaning forward as it pushes their wildly unpopular President from behind.

2012 will be won or lost in the media trenches. General Electric (still partial owners of MSNBC, and its crony capitalist architect) has become the poster child for rent-seeking corporate welfare and tax dodging. Do Republicans not know that GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt is Obama’s close friend and corporate fig leaf as chair of the administration’s jobs panel? Why did none of the eight candidates shove this back in the aggressive moderators’ faces: that they are as complicit in the debt crisis–that they refused to bring up in the debate–as Obama himself?

MSNBC is the administration’s government-supported public relations operation, continually featuring news segments framed by the George Soros-funded and John Podesta-led Center for American Progress and Media Matters for America. The latter is partially funded by a labor movement that considers those that appeared on the Reagan stage “sons of bitches” and has declared “war” on them. MSNBC even injected an SEIU hit job ad during a debate break.

My message to these GOP candidates, while they’re licking their wounds this weekend, is this: you only have yourselves to blame.

When the New York Times and other media outlets push false “anti-science” and “racist” memes, intentionally distracting from Obama’s debt disaster and the jobs crisis mega-disaster–subjects that MSNBC did everything it could to steer clear of at the Reagan library–remember this: you willingly walked into this trap set by those willfully seeking your destruction.

Worse yet, MSNBC’s ratings would constitute a national disaster worthy of FEMA intervention. On Wednesday night, the Republican party invited millions of unsuspecting independent and Republican viewers into a venue that holds a majority of them in contempt.

Am I calling for a boycott? No. I’m not boycotting dog-fighting rings–I just wouldn’t ever entertain the thought of going to one. So the question is: Why would you? With all due respect, I have no choice but to question the judgment of those who would willingly subject themselves to a forum that puts them at the mercy of political opponents in the media who wield “objectivity” as a weapon–opponents who unsurprisingly used last night’s opportunity to craft narratives designed to help reelect Barack Obama.

In 2008, we watched John McCain’s campaign repeatedly play the role of Charlie Brown to the media’s Lucy. Last night was a demoralizing reminder that the next GOP standard-bearer will find him or herself on their back after the media has pulled away the ball.

We on the Right say again and again that the 2012 Elections are the ones where we have to make our stand, that it is only by achieving the right kind of victories that we will truly set us on the course to save this country.  Many of us want someone like a Sarah Palin who is going to tell it like it is and pull no punches.  The times demand that we stop playing games because this is a fight for survival.  However, I think that some of us on the Right don’t understand that this balls-to-the-wall, take-no-prisoners attitude must be all-encompassing.  The way things have been done over the past decades must be discarded.

We must not show any consideration towards those who would see us either destroyed or subjugated.  For too long, the Right, as Joy says:

…harbors the hope that if it just changes a few things, the MSM will stop roughing it up and giving it black eyes. “This time, it’ll be different.”

We’ve got to stop living like battered wives and then whining like Boston fishwives every time we get roughed-up. 

As a group the Republican candidates must refuse to allow journalists and news readers from MSNBC and CNN and the rest of the Legacy Media to be involved in any debates. 

They must not give interviews to any of them, nor let them do profiles with cooperation. 

These media people are a division in the Leftist Army and, if we’re resolved to fight Leftist politicians and their ideas, we must do battle with all of the divisions, all the time.  If we say we’ve going to give no quarter in the political realm, we must do the same in the media world.

And this applies to all Right Wing candidates running for office from the federal down to the town governments, even into the Republican City/Town Committees. 

Most of the media in this country are owned, lock, stock, and barrel, by the Left.  They are not legitimate.  We owe them nothing.  In fact, if we cooperate with them in any way or show them any consideration, we are playing into their hands.  We are providing them with a cover of legitimacy.  We are committing political suicide.

If you want to feel loved, Republicans, go hire a hooker and pay her to ‘love you long time’ — at least you’ll be being honest with yourself. 

The stakes are too high.  This country is perishing in an orgy of Nihilist Leftism.  We have to stop futzing around.  There isn’t much time left.  Conservative candidates, at every level, have to break their disastrous affair with the bad boys/bats–t crazy chicks and go for the guy- or gal-next-door type…and next-door is The Rightosphere.

It’s time for the GOP to snap and light the Lefturpedic Bed on fire…and move on to a normal relationship with the bloggers.

  1. Rosalie permalink
    13 September 2011 @ 15:10 15:10

    It annoyed the heck out of me to think that MSNBC was having the debate. What is wrong with these candidates for allowing it? I haven’t heard anything negative about the CNN debate though. But the debates definitely need to be changed. Things are looking pretty good for Palin to enter the picture after this last debate. And if she doesn’t, it wouldn’t surprise me to see her working for CNN one of these fine days.

  2. Arius permalink
    13 September 2011 @ 16:38 16:38

    There are two major parties, the stupid party and the evil party, and I am sure I don’t have to tell you which is which. Why does the Republican Party keep trying to live up to it?

    • Adobe Walls permalink
      14 September 2011 @ 01:17 01:17

      Stupid is as stupid does?

      • bobbelvedere permalink*
        19 September 2011 @ 20:12 20:12

        Makes sense to me.

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