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The Jobs Speech: Smoke, Mirrors, And Flatulence [Updated Below]

09 September 2011 @ 14:27

The usual puking of pablum by our Man-Child-In-Chief, this time accompanied by a healthy dose of fetid methane that surely damaged the environment.

Some of the reactions by people I respect [many of whom have provided some very useful and informative links in their postings]…

Michelle Malkin:

Shorter Obama: Collectivism is all-American, you sons-of-b*tches. Now pass the bill now that I am proposing, but which no one has seen or introduced yet. NOW!

Well heck: how are we going to know what’s in it until we pass it [like, you know, gas]?

The Lonely Conservative:

The insanity is almost too much to take. Maybe that’s the plan, to drive the rest of us insane with these wildly crazy proposals. Let’s hope the Republicans don’t fall for his political games.

As a side note, I asked Mr. LC if he would hire another employee if Obama is able to extend the payroll tax reduction. He just laughed.

Well, I’ve certainly been at the brink a few times, as regular readers of TCOTS know too well. Thank God for bourbon and Mrs. B.

William Teach:

…Speaker Boehner should have done a one minute response to Obama and simply said “Thank you for telling us what your plan is, Mr. President. You say you want us to pass it right away. You said that numerous times. We’ll, we can’t pass a speech, so, we’ll expect to see it first thing Friday morning.”

Admiral Teach called it a ‘Tired, Recycled Speech’ ― hey, at least the feckless fraud is recycling.

Aaron Goldstein:

I’ll say this much for Obama. He was full of piss and vinegar.

He was full of sharia and venom.

Jim Treacher:

…You know how a little kid thinks if he just keeps stomping his feet and making the same demand over and over, eventually he’ll get what he wants? Incidentally, here’s one of the indications of Narcissistic Personality Disorder: “has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations.” Probably just a coincidence! Well, now that the American Jobs Act has solved this problem, Obama should schedule a big speech to announce the Everything Is Okay Now and You’re Going to Reelect Me Act….

Don’t give Little Barry any ideas.

-Ron Radosh:

Writing at the website “,” former New York Sun vice-president and managing editor Ira Stoll, who is also author of a biography of Sam Adams, thought something sounded very familiar when he listened to President Barack Obama’s speech last night. Stoll had been reading the new book by Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum, That Used To Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back. What Stoll found is that a paragraph in the president’s speech was taken directly from their new book, without attribution.

Stoll gives his blog the title “Presidential Plagiarist?” The title has a question mark, because as you can see, it is actually a scaled down précis of the paragraph written by Friedman and Mandelbaum. Anyone can see, however, that it is taken directly from their book.

Please do take the time to click here and read the rest.

Take pity on the poor lad! Don’t forget that he’s never has an original thought before. He’s nothing but a parrot: ‘Polly want a tax hike!’

-Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Guitars, as reported by NRO’s Robert Costa [tip of the fedora to Jim Hoft]:

“We’re under attack,” Juskiewicz says. “It’s pretty interesting to see that one of the points in Obama’s speech was to cut back regulation and promote jobs, when, in fact, he’s done just the opposite with us. We have been under investigation and harassment for over two years and that continues on — seized goods, shut down our plant.”

Finally, a big businessman who is willing to stand up and fight instead of donating and grovelling his way out of the government’s gun sites.

William Jacobson:

…This was a stump speech by someone who abused his office by commandeering our nation’s chamber and networks to launch his campaign.

This was a stump speech by a chump.

-Per usual, Vicki has published a crackerjack aggregation of reaction to The Greatest Jobs Speech In The History Of The Universe. She also observed something very interesting:

I didn’t have the stomach to watch the POTUS SOTU speech live last night, but read the Politico transcript. Obama actually referenced “God” at least three times in this address. Is that a new record? He was sure to include “under God” when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, unlike his previous recitations last fall of the Declaration of Independence preamble when he deliberately omitted “Creator” from his oration while at two separate venues. The backlash from those glaring omissions may have prompted his out-of-character references to God last night.

Missing from this speech was for a friggin’ flock of red, white, and blue eagles to fly above his head while “Battle Hymn of the Republic” played. Did Obama hire a new speechwriter who can fake conservatism somewhat better than the previous dude did?

Not just any flock, mind you, but a ‘friggin’ flock’!

Russ Emerson:

The dullness of Obama’s campaign speech last night was exceeded only by its predictability. And possibly by its mendacity.

I know sometimes Barry just feels like a cat on a hot tin roof.

-Not to be missed is Vodkapundit’s drunkblogging of the speech [tip of the fedora to Paco].

-Pundette, who does a fine job of tearing apart Ensign Pulver’s sails, found the speech to be: Angry, Irrelevant, And…Funny.

-The World’s Youngest Blogger didn’t even have to write a word for us to understand what he thought of The Most Important Speech Ever Delivered By A God [the picture is Goddamn priceless ― thank you Frau Smitty].

-Stacy McCain is dead solid perfect:

It’s dead on arrival in Congress, so all the hype about his jobs plan was just sound and fury signifying nothing. Like everything else Obama says or does, the Big Speech was a complete waste of time.



Special Message to Ensign Pulver: Buy some Beano.

UPDATE at 1705…

At one point in his speech, Biggus Daddyus Dickus said:

…What kind of country would this be if this chamber had voted down Social Security or Medicare just because it violated some rigid idea about what government could or could not do? (Applause.) How many Americans would have suffered as a result?

As Adobe Walls points out in the Comments section of Stacy’s posting, ‘some rigid idea’ is The Constitution.

  1. Rosalie permalink
    09 September 2011 @ 14:45 14:45

    Thanks for doing the dirty work for us. There’s no way i was gonna watch him.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      09 September 2011 @ 17:10 17:10

      I didn’t watch the bloody thing ’cause I just wasn’t in the mood to drink heavily last night.

      • 09 September 2011 @ 22:19 22:19

        I quit drinking over 14 years ago. Though I’m not a believer in what the psychologists refer to as “triggers,” I think it’s just best I avoid anything The Current Occupant has to say. Forever.

        I kept an eye on my Twitter feed while watching the Green Bay pre-game. That gave me a nice sampling of reactions to the bullshirt The Current Occupant was spouting,and I read the drunkblog transcript today. FABulous way to handle any blather from D.C!

        • bobbelvedere permalink*
          12 September 2011 @ 20:05 20:05

          I don’t think any person of sound mind and body should subject themselves to one of his speeches. Why risk the possible brain damage?

  2. Adobe Walls permalink
    09 September 2011 @ 18:48 18:48

    OBI non CAN-DOOY (Or why we’re still boned)

    Ultimately the most revealing statement he made was while asking about where would we be without Medicare and Social Security if we had allowed a “rigid idea” to stand in the way. That rigid idea is our Constitution. I am SHOCKED at how little comment I’ve read on this in the sites I’ve gotten to thus far last night and today. After all another $4.5 billion dollars in debt is merely par for the course. But the constitution is merely a “rigid idea” says it all don’t it.
    Jobs now? Because everyone knows the best time to start reconstructing schools is at the beginning of the school year. I’ve written this at several places in the last few days and once again am astounded at how unremarkable that glaring flaw seems to be.
    Aside from the obvious fact that the “infrastructure bank” is just another union slush fund, the million plus unemployed construction workers referenced in Obama’s speech are not road crews. Road construction and repair is probably the healthiest sector of the construction industry. Home and commercial construction is the hardest hit sector. Some minor details here. There is very little electrical work by percentage of contract amount in road construction. There is almost no if any HVAC work or equipment (usually the largest subcontract in an office high-rise) in road construction. There is no need for sheetrock hangers, trim workers or carpenters installing doors, windows or cabinets in road construction.
    Do we really think we should extend unemployment benefits again, really?
    Tax credits for hiring never worked in the past and won’t work now because the credit is a fraction of “burden above salary “costs of hiring a new employee. Businesses that need more people will take the windfall. Companies that don’t need more workers… don’t. Tax credits for hiring discharged military suffers from the aforementioned problem and fails to address the two main obstacles to hiring vets. Number one, their leadership skills, discipline, respect for chain of command, ability to deal with the fact that their boss may be dumber than they are but his or her position still deserves respect is under appreciated. The quality of character the military instills does transfer to work even though being in the military is very different from working in the private sector. Furthermore I suspect it would be helpful if Homeland Security didn’t describe discharged vets as potential rightwing terrorists. Just a thought. The second problem is that many of the skills gained in the service do not or appear not, to be directly applicable to the private sector. With some education of the business community and minor tweaking of skills this problem could be overcome.
    Aid to the states, are you f**k**g kidding me…again?!! States and localities that have spent frivolously and hired promiscuously deserve to fail. Elections have consequences; people elect the problems they have. It’s not equitable to make those who elected prudent and responsible local and state government to subsidize the irresponsibility of other voters. If your state or local school boards, county supervisors, state legislators and Governor used your local government as a jobs program…suffer.
    We have been throwing money at education for generations, the ratio of administrators to teachers used 1 to 3.5 not long ago, and now in many places it’s 1 to 1. What have we achieved? Test scores have been flat for decades, high school grads are increasing unprepared for work of higher education. Increased funding has led to increasingly diminishing returns and in many cases has created functionally illiterate sociopaths who can’t decide if Hitler was evil or not because they are taught that it’s not their place to judge the difference between right and wrong. It is.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      12 September 2011 @ 20:06 20:06

      Hey, you know Adobe, your comments there might make a good posting on their own!

  3. 10 September 2011 @ 00:55 00:55

    To Bob — You always make me sound so much more better than I am. Hugs and cyber-smooches to you for the link to Frugal Café. Mark Levin apparently was on the air during the Whiner in Chief’s reelection campaign/don’t fire me speech, so I’m gonna listen to it tomorrow morning. Levin said he would be playing the SOTU speech with an open mic, thus being able to provide his own special *wink, wink* commentary during the speech. I downloaded the mp3 from The Great One’s website and will kick back and listen to it tomorrow morning, steaming cup of java in hand. That’s the only way I listen to POTUS and keep from screaming – having Levin scream for me, LOL.

    To kcduffy — I’m stealing your “The Current Occupant” in the future. You’ve been duly warned. 🙂

    To Adobe Walls — great catch on “rigid idea.” I missed it, too. A great many other excellent points made, kudos.

    • Adobe Walls permalink
      10 September 2011 @ 02:44 02:44


    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      12 September 2011 @ 20:07 20:07

      Sssh! The wife will find out about our cyber-smooching!

  4. 10 September 2011 @ 09:03 09:03

    “This was a stump speech by a chump.” Well there you have it—a new nickname: “The Stump Chump”

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      12 September 2011 @ 20:08 20:08

      So good to hear from you Miss WOOT! I hope you are doing better.

      Me likey ‘The Stump Chump’.

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