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Fear And Loathing 2011: But What’s Puzzling You Is The Nature Of My Game

06 September 2011 @ 17:58

-As I write this, Stacy McCain may be on his way home from New England, but one thing’s for sure, he’s done some great gonzo reporting while covering political events in New Hampshire these past several days.  He’s been staying with Peter I, DaTechGuy, and this is my third aggregation of their reporting [please see here for Parts One and Two].

-After I posted Part Two yesterday evening, Stacy filed another report entitled: Fear and Loathing in Manchester: Palin Offers No Sympathy for the Media Devil.  It contains a link to a video of Mrs. Palin’s remarks in Manchester and remarks on the MSM’s frustration with her.  A highlight:

Love her or hate her, wherever and whenever Palin ventures out in public, she’s still headline news — even though 99% of the political press corps is certain she’s not going to be a candidate in 2012. Being assigned to cover the non-candidate who won’t say whether or not she’s running is, understandably, a frustrating experience for reporters. Nobody can get an exclusive scoop on the Palin beat, you see, and the wizards of the national media resent being reduced to trying to assemble an article under such circumstances….

-This morning, The American Spectator published a report by Stacy on Sarah Palin’s activities in the Granite State.  A highlight:

Well, one must always place an asterisk besides any prediction about Palin. None of the political experts who are now scoffing at her potential candidacy expected her to be picked as John McCain’s running mate in 2012, and Palin seems to delight in doing the unexpected. Without any advance warning to the press, for example, she ran a half-marathon race in Iowa over the weekend — a move that could be seen as an obvious metaphor: Nobody expected her to run, and yet she did. 

Here’s a bit of a supplement to the above article over at The Other McCain.

-I’d like to pause here to offer my two cents on this whole ‘Palin’s stringing this out too long’/’Don’t talk to me about Palin until she announces’ meme that’s, sadly, infected many on the Right.  These two strains of thought disregard two very important facts:

1) Mrs. Palin told us all that she would announce her decision by the end of the month; and

2) She is worthy of covering because she does have a lot of influence on the race for the GOP Nomination.

This dismissive attitude that is gaining some traction is the work of the GOP Establishment Elites and the Left.  Both groups, I believe, fear her.  This is especially true of the Left because you know damn well that if they really believed she would be easy to beat they wold not be pushing the negative memes.  Buck up.

Via Stacy, we learned that Mrs. Palin issued a response to Jimmy Hoffa’s thuggish war cry yesterday.

-Pete did his ‘Man On The Street’ thing, just talking to the average Joes and Janes,  yesterday and posted the interviews here. [today, he finally had the time to post his MOTS interviews from Sunday’s Tea Party Express / Romney event here]

-He took a ton of pictures and has posted them here [including a great one of Mrs. Palin].

-Despite being very busy covering the events of the past few days and having to handle Hurricane Stacy, Pete managed to file a column over on the fact that, if you want to see ‘civility’ in action, go to a TEA Party event where the TP’ers disagree.

-Another job well done Stacy and Pete…Bravo.

I sat there for a long time, and thought about a lot of things. Foremost among them was the suspicion that my strange and ungovernable instincts might do me in before I had a chance to get rich. No matter how much I wanted those things that I needed money to buy, there was some devilish current pushing me off in another direction- toward anarchy poverty and craziness. That maddening delusion that a man can lead a decent life without hiring himself out as a Judas goat.

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