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‘Now What’s All This Crud About No Joint Session Tonight?’

31 August 2011 @ 14:28

Early this morning we learned that:

President Obama is preparing to fight a political war this fall on two fronts — the first against Republicans who want his job and the second against Republicans who want to make his job more difficult.

Obama is taking dead-aim at the latter group, targeting Congress in a fall offensive that the president’s reelection campaign hopes will bruise the overall GOP image beyond repair.Right now, few people in Washington are as expert on damaged images as Obama.

He has seen his overall approval ratings — along with his numbers with constituencies key to his reelection — hit new lows this August.

He needs a villain and fast.

Enter Congress, the villain set to return to work next week. It clocks in with a 13 percent approval rating, having suffered more from the July brawl over the debt ceiling than even Obama.

When GOP lawmakers return, the president and his team are ready to deliver a flurry of attacks, castigating Congress for inaction on jobs, being on the wrong side of taxes and eager to destroy social safety net programs. If Obama and his team have their way, Americans will come to see every Republican as a Tea Party extremist.

One White House official cautioned that Obama’s jobs speech will not be a “fire-breathing” partisan address. But the official said the president will be putting Congress on notice: Help him create jobs or get hammered as extremists more interested in playing politics.

That’s from a report by Sam Youngman in The Hill.

Well, we knew this was coming, that Obama would do anything to bolster his image in order to win next Fall, so this is no surprise.

What shouldn’t have surprised me, but did, was the word that came out just a short bit ago that the little fella wants to (1) make his ‘job’s speech’ before a joint session of the Congress and (2) he wants to do at 8:00 PM on 07 September, the exact date and time of the next scheduled GOP debate.

As Andrew McCarthy writes:

…The White House says that politics played absolutely no part in its choice of a date. Of course not. There is no reason why Obama needs to make his announcement before a joint session of Congress — any more than there was any reason why, if he really has a cure for what ails us, he needed to delay it for a couple of weeks while he went on his Martha’s Vineyard vacation. He could have announced it on the 18th hole. In any event, it will be up to House Speaker John Boehner whether to grant the president’s request.

Even the previous champion sleaze to occupy The White House, Billy Cigars, still followed the unwritten rules of politics. One of those dictums is that you don’t step on the other guy’s political events by having yours happen at the same time.

It would seem the arrogant Narcissist-In-Chief, just as when it comes to morality, just doesn’t give a good Goddamn.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. Please forgive me my moment of weakness.

Admiral Teach wades-in with his assessment of Ensign Pulver’s strategy:

Basically the same old same old. The GOP is offering jobs plans, ones that are forward looking and have been show to work. Obama is going with income redistribution, demonizing the rich, repaving roads and painting bridges (already repaved and repainted due to the wasteful Stimulus), pushing high speed rail (of which tons of money have been already allocated in the Stimulus yet not even started), and….well, that’s about it. Handouts to unions and creation of temporary jobs. He pretty much said this during his Rose Garden speech whine-a-athon this morning, pushing the transportation bill passage. Which is weird, because cars are supposed to be bad for globull warming, and cars need roads. He also mentioned building new airports. Aren’t private jet owners now evil?

The Admiral Of Pirate’s Cove links to a post by land-lubber William Jacobson, who comments:

Keep it up champ, because it’s worked so well for you so far.

Substitute the word ‘chump’ and you have my feelings.

Tip of the fedora to Admiral Smitty, who issues this field order regarding The Hill report:

…Read the whole thing, and then point and laugh. After the chuckle, get back on task brushing these Lefty nitwits aside, in that exceptional American fashion.That is all.

Aye, aye, sir!

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    31 August 2011 @ 15:31 15:31

    When I googled the debate the website NBC First Read was announcing that the debate had been moved from Sept. 14th to the 7th. Now this raises since the debate date changed appears to have been in May of this year is it possible the White House simply isn’t keeping up with recent news? After all it’s only been three months since the “new” date was announced. My next question is the same one many asked when the Reagan Library announced NBC/Politico would moderate. Why would the RNC care what the communists want to know about GOP presidential candidates?

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      01 September 2011 @ 19:17 19:17

      If the candidates want to really prove that they get what’s a stake in this election, they would band together and refuse to let any of the MSM into the debates.

      Let Fox host a few, but people like Glenn Reynolds, Michelle Malkin, Stacy McCain, the folks over at The American Spectator, should be asking the questions, if you’re going to stick with the modern debate format.

  2. Rosalie permalink
    01 September 2011 @ 09:28 09:28

    I remember when O was running he scheduled his dinner with the so-called conservative writers on the same night Bush was having some kind of an affair, I believe, for the military. I remember Rush Limbaugh was invited to the White House. I thought to myself then that he did that on purpose. He always has to have the attention.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      01 September 2011 @ 19:20 19:20

      He’s a spolied little brat in an adult body.


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