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Quote Of The Day From Mark Steyn’s After America

30 August 2011 @ 17:32

Early August saw the publican of Mark Steyn’s latest treatise, After America: Get Ready For Armageddon.

Every so often I will be posting a pithy quote of wisdom from Mr. Steyn [the book is chock-full of them] as I make my way through the tome.

Here’s today’s…

Human capital is the most important element in any society.  The first requirement of the American Dream is Americans.  Today we have American sclerosis, to which many Americans are contributing.  Capitalism is liberating: you’re born a peasant but you don’t have to die one.  You can work hard and get a nice place in the suburbs.  If you’re a nineteenth-century Russian serf and you get to Ellis Island, you’ll be living in a tenement on the Lower East Side, but your kids will get an education and move uptown, and your grandkids will be doctors and accountants in Westchester County.

And you great-grandchild will be a Harvard-educated dam-busting environmental activist demanding an end to all this electricity and indoor toilets.  [page 35]

An autographed copy can be purchased directly from Mr. Steyn’s website here, but I would urge you to head to your favorite blogger’s site, one who has Amazon ads displayed, click-on any of the Amazon ads [it doesn’t matter which], and buy the book.  This way, you will be contributing to that blogger’s tip jar, as each Amazon Associate get’s a commission on every sale.

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