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Bring Me The Head Of Willard Mitt Romney

26 August 2011 @ 09:50

Back on 09 August, Politico reported that the Obama Re-Election Campaign planned to launch a ‘ferocious personal assault’ on Mandate Mitt Romney.

Two days later, while doing his gonzo reporting thing from Iowa, Stacy McCain published a post about the candidate receiving, as he put it, ‘some good old-fashioned commie incivility from this left-wing pest’ and provided video.

Now, Stacy reports this morning on Mr. Romney being subjected to very similar treatment at a New Hampshire event and has video of that where Romney, once again, keeps his cool as this Leftist agitator makes a scene.

Stacy comments after:

Like most conservatives this year, I oppose Romney in the GOP primaries, but it is ridiculous to pretend that this is a spontaneous expression by a typical “voter” when, in actuality, this “voter” is a Democrat doing her part in Operation Destroy Romney. And I’m glad to see Romney pushing back against such tactics….

Me too.

In many Dispatches here, I’ve made my opposition to Mandate Mitt quite clear. I don’t think he’s a principled conservative and I think the guy is wimpy, having watched him closely for over fifteen years up here in the Nor’East. But, no man deserves such treatment and it profits us not to dismiss these people as gadflies and/or kooks. Stacy is damn right when he makes the assertion that this person from yesterday was part of ODR, and I think it highly likely the cretin in Iowa was part of the same enterprise.

Stacy concludes his post with this:

We ought to be calling this what it is – Alinsky tactics straight out of Rules for Radicals — and we must further insist that news organizations correctly identify such efforts as part of Operation Destroy Romney.

Good luck with that last one.

The members of CREEP [Committee to RE-Elect the Putz] are all acolytes of Lucifer’s dedicated friend [and Lenin] and will do whatever it takes to destroy whoever they think is a threat. They will be enthusiastically joined by their comrade Fifth Columnists in the media.

As with the vicious and vile attacks on Right Wing bloggers, we must provide aid and support to those, like Mitt Romney, who are and will be subjected such calumnies, even if we do not support their candidacies. We must get the word out as widely as possible when these operatives strike, exposing just exactly what they’re doing.


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