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Right Wing Bloggers Under Relentless Attack

25 August 2011 @ 03:23

Attack Of The Leftist Zombies…

There’s a broad effort across The West by the Left to do whatever it takes to silence those voices speaking the truth about the Left’s depraved schemes and designs for America and The West. While there is no grand, coordinated conspiracy, there is most certainly a philosophical conspiracy to silence the Right. All of the aggressors hold the same belief that dissent from their Utopian vision for the world must be stamped out, by whatever means necessary.

As Lenin said:

The bourgeoisie is many times stronger than we. To give it the weapon of freedom of the press is to ease the enemy’s cause, to help the class enemy. We do not desire to end in suicide, so we will not do this.

Therefore, Lenin advocated active and relentless assaults on those who he deemed to be ‘class enemies’ [ie: everyone that disagreed with him, most especially the bourgeoisie (aka Middle Class)]. He believed all forms of assault, especially psychological and physical, were permissible because he saw the traditions, customs, and morality of The West as illegitimate [this, by the way, explains why one of the standard forms of Leftist attack against it’s enemies is to delegitimize the Right in the eyes of the masses]. Terrorism of all hues, therefore, he encouraged. His heirs continue the practice today [up until the past year or so, they have not been too keen on the physical assaults, but that has now changed]. They often use the power of government, through such entities as courts and commissions, to go after prominent people on the right. Mark Steyn and Geert Wilders are just two of the more notable examples.

As the Right has gained a solid foothold in The Ether and begun to flex it’s political and cultural muscles with much success, the Left has turned it’s attention to the bloggers.

In that spirit, people like Donald Douglas, Zilla Of The Resistance, and Pam Geller have been subjected to unrelenting attacks from trolls — those weasely souls who spend an awful lot of their waking hours on the attack against bloggers on the Right. The Leftist trolls harass them by disrupting their comment threads and by spreading vicious lies about them on the Internet. In at least one case, the trolls have set-up a blog whose sole purpose is to demonize one blogger [more on that later].

I have seen no conclusive evidence that this is a well-organized effort coordinated by the Left from some central clearing house, as it were. But, then again, they don’t necessarily need to do this because they have plenty of people whose anger at the world they can exploit. All the Left has to do is train and, more importantly, encourage these people in the arts of harassment, and in this day of the Internet, there is no need to hold seminars in some dingy basement room like the Bolsheviks of old. Merely passing around instructional manuals in The Ether is sufficient to provide the base training or by setting examples.

Another key factor is that this effort does not require great sophistication of method. Harassment and bullying are not brain surgery. Mob mentality is a low-skilled job. With many of these angry young men and women, all that is needed to get them on a rampage is a well-placed spark. They have enough Internet savvy to do the rest.

All the leaders of the Left have to do are to instill the right kinds of anger in those that slavishly want to follow them. As their anger is born of a massive insecurity and low self-esteem, they will follow the seemingly mild dictates of those who exude more confidence in their anger [ie: the leaders of the Left]. The leaders cultivate an empathy with the millions of self-hating souls out there. They feed them a diet that produces the reaction of turning the self-loathing of the Sheeples outward towards the enemies of the Left. They are herders. The most successful Leftist leaders, such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler have grasped the centrality of this technique and exploited it to it’s full potential. Know your audience: play on their deep fears and insecurities; turn those into hate for The Other. This is Chapter One in the Leftist Playbook — part of the Torah of the Leftist Bible.

Incidentally, the ‘disaffected’ over here in America are, in many ways, no different from their empathizers in the rest of The West who have been rioting. There is, however, one major difference: it takes a lot more to get our ‘disaffected’ to riot because they’re all so spoiled. It helps, too, that some of them have enough brains to realize that many of those on the Right in America are armed. Of course, the more sophisticated ones understand as well that those that are armed are not as ruthless as they are and would never think of threatening the trolls with armed violence. We not only believe in Law and Order, we practice it. The Left, having rejected morality, has no such compunctions.  They play on our good natures.

Under Siege, But Undefeated…

A number of right wing bloggers are now under siege by forces of the Left.

-One of the first Friends I made early on in my travels through The Ether was Donald Douglas, proprietor of American Power. He was kind enough to throw some much-needed linkage my way, which I greatly appreciated, but he also turned out to be wonderful guy, a deeply intelligent man, and a first-class wit.

For several years now, Donald has been under attack from what I call guerilla trolls, people who have been harassing him in his blog’s comment section and in other ways.

These trolls have sought to paint him as a crazy, paranoid pervert.  Donald has returned fire, demolishing their allegations and equating their bashing of him with the killing dissidents by the Taliban and Communists. This may sound over-the-top, but there is a connection between the two groups that is deeply rooted, as Richard Pipes explains [The Russian Revolution, page 128].

…For what separates liberals from the extreme left is disagreement over the means employed, whereas they differ from the right in the fundamental perception of what man is and what society ought to be.

The path of logic every Leftist travels down is the exact same for each individual Progressive no matter what version of Leftism he or she is a follower of.  The only difference is their locations on the Road To Utopia.  So Donald is merely stating the Truth, that, at their core, all Leftists are the same.

Donald’s enemies have even started a blog to harass him with [ — I will not dignify their deplorable behavior with a ping].

That Donald is heated in his words is understandable: these people have attacked his honor and dignity and some are trying to get him fired [see here for the latest vile attempt to get him terminated from his job and here]. The man is under threat from several redoubts. Also, he realizes that what they are doing is what Leftists have done throughout history and he knows well that, if they can get away with it regarding him, they will be emboldened to increase the intensity and scope of their attacks on others of the Right. His attackers are the mongers of fear. They are the merchants of intimidation. All opposition must be silenced. Donald Douglas must be utterly destroyed.

But Donald is made of sterner stuff and I have no doubt that he will prevail — at worst, bloodied, but most certainly unbowed.  My biggest concern is for his wife and sons, who the vile trolls will not hesitate to attack if they feel it necessary.

Zilla Of The Resistance has been subjected to nasty and personal attacks from trolls connected with the Democratic Underground website.

In the spirit of a true conservative, Zilla has responded to the guerrilla trolls with a justified and righteous anger, but tinged with big dollop of mischievous wit: if you want to troll her comments, you’re now going to have to pay for the privilege [and Mr. Soros, the rates are reasonable for a man of your wealth].  A magnificent idea!

-My good Friend In The Ether Chris Wysocki of WyBlog was the subject of a union troll attack for telling the truth about the recent Verizon CWA worker’s strike.  Nothing fazes my Jersey pal, though.

Amusing Bunni was so badly shaken by the threats against her that she stopped blogging for a time. Now, here is a gal who is one of the kindest and gentlest souls I’ve met in my travels through The Ether. When I’m feeling the old Black Dog gaining a foothold in my soul, I often head over to her site to enjoy the fun videos she posts. What grand sin did she commit that caused cruel calumnies to be rained down upon her? She was a member of The TEA Party, a passionate patriot who merely spoke up for freedom and liberty — in a non-vulgar way mind you [I doubt if she has a crude bone in her body]. But, as far as some Leftists were concerned, Bunni had to be put in her place. How dare she speak up for the American Way Of Life? How dare she think she knew better than her statist masters? How vile of the Left.

-Melanie Phillips was forced from her position at The London Spectator by scurrilous charges made by a Leftist that caused the Editors to whimper and grovel like squishy Quislings in an attempt to redeem themselves with The Smart Set Nazis of Great Britain. Donald Douglas has the details, with links, here.

Stacy McCain has been the subject of many attacks [‘He’s a raaaaacist and white supremacist!’]. ‘Neo-Confederate’ is one of the latest terms that have been applied to him [see here and here, but just a simple search through his archives will yield more instances of the disgusting slanders that have been hurled his way].

-One of the most famous targets has been Pamela Geller, who runs Atlas Shrugged. She has been and continues to be one courageous blogger who is fearless in speaking out against creeping Sharia and all forms of Jihad [overt and, more importantly, stealth] in The West. Threats of violence against her and her family have been many, and to be expected, but the relentless campaigns to delegitimize her by the Left have been particularly vicious. When it comes to Mrs. Geller, the Left has not hesitated to throw the kitchen sink of calumnies at her [and, sadly, it has worked with some on the Right].

You read about the latest batch, as reported by others, by clicking on these links: Stacy McCain, Donald Douglas, TWB of The POH Diaries [here and here].

-Another well-known target is Michelle Malkin. Two posts by her illustrate very well the situations she has had to endure:

You’ve Got Hate Mail: Midsummer Night Edition

The Conservative Crazy Eyes Cliche & Other Stupid MSM Photo Tricks

And there’s much, much more that she has had to withstand. 

What the fools don’t understand about her and the others mentioned above is that the Leftists’s attacks only fuel the resolve of we conservatives.

-There are many others I could cite. In researching this situation over the last month, I have discovered more cases than I knew existed. This leads me to conclude that there is a clear and present danger to the members of the Right who dare speak up to defend Western Civilization and it’s values.

Enemies In Our Midst…

Let us not forget this truism: whatever the Left is accusing the Right of doing or advocating is, in fact, what they themselves are doing and advocating.

Regarding the cases I specifically mentioned above, and with countless others, the biggest disappointment has come from those on the Right who have bought into the Left’s narrative that these people are whack-job extremists who do not deserve a voice in The Public Square. One wonders if the David Frums, George Wills, Bill Kristols, and Charles Krauthammers of the world are motivated by that desire found in all aristocrats to keep things quiet and that these bloggers are, in their minds, unmannered at the dinner table, as it were. Do they see them as uncouth rubes who have no understanding of the rules of polite society? Do they see them as rabble-rousing disturbers of their cocktail party peace? Yup.

It is not the Krauthammers and Wills and Kristols and Frums who are carrying on the traditions of The Founding Fathers. Rather, it is McCains and Gellers and Zillas who are the true descendants of those great patriots. They are the John Adamses and James Otises and Thomas Jeffersons of the modern age. The aristocrats want to guard their societal privileges and their precious propriety, while the bloggers want to see the freedom and liberties bequeathed by The Founders restored with vigor under a reawakening of American Civic Virtue.


It is imperative that we provide these patriot bloggers with every encouragement and bit of support we can muster. We must support each other in this grand attempt to restore our freedoms and liberties, for, truly, if we do not hang together, we shall most assuredly hang separately — by a rope of our own making, on the Leftist gallows.

  1. 25 August 2011 @ 06:46 06:46

    Hi Bob, The psycho lefties are the most vile, evil things on earth, well, look at their master.

    I am honored to be included in such great and brave company! The other’s you mentioned went through, and STILL go thru WAY worse attacks than I do. How they can do such horrible things to Don, Pamela, Zilla, etc. is appalling.

    I am sick to death of politics, and they way these psycho’s act, it’s just not worth my time and pleasant demeanor to engage them, which is why I post fun and happy video’s of adorable animals now. There is too much crap going around the internet, and I like to think I help contribute to taking a break from it all. It’s only going to get WORSE, and it has in the last month or so, now that the nuts see obumbles #’s dropping like poop through a goose.

    Keep up the good fight, for all you, and other’s do. Also, having a great “comment thingy” helps. One moronic comment, and their ip’s are BLOCKED forever!
    Plus, they don’t tend to like cute animals, so they have been leaving me alone for a long time now… hopefully that trend will continue. You actually didn’t need to remind them about me by putting me in this great post. 😉 Good Luck to all, it’s just starting.

    • 25 August 2011 @ 08:15 08:15

      Love ya, Bunni!

    • 25 August 2011 @ 11:21 11:21

      Good on ya, bunni! Hey, maybe you could split the difference and post a video of a goose pooping Obama’s poll numbers…

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:01 13:01

      I purposly included you, Bunni, because what they did to you was the height of vileness.

      • 29 August 2011 @ 19:34 19:34

        Thanks Bob, it was pretty horrible, but I’m over it now.

  2. 25 August 2011 @ 08:09 08:09

    Bless you, Bob! I gotta tell ya, I started off today feeling really low. Things have been brutal for me lately and I have lost a lot of folks who I thought were my good friends – conservative friends – it has been painful. I am honored and heartened by your post. Thank you so much! And I am certainly in good company.

    I hate what they are doing to my friends Pamela and Donald, and I am especially disgusted that anyone would go after our sweet friend Bunni! It’s one thing to go after ME, but when folks go after my FRIENDS, it really pisses me off and makes me want to annoy those jackals even more!

    No quarter.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:03 13:03

      You’re in the best company – people who are risk their comforts fighting to restore this country to what it was meant to be before the jackels got their filthy claws on the culture and government.

  3. 25 August 2011 @ 08:14 08:14

    Oh, and Stacy is, quite simply, A HERO. God bless him.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:05 13:05

      He’s a grand man and, once he’s your friend, you’ve got no more loyal a defender you can count on.

  4. 25 August 2011 @ 08:14 08:14

    The leftie psycho nut jobs will get worse before it gets better I fear. Take no prisoners.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:06 13:06

      Your fear, methinks, is quite justified.

      No quarter, no retreat, no surrender — WOLVERINES!

  5. Adobe Walls permalink
    25 August 2011 @ 08:18 08:18

    “I am sick to death of politics”
    That’s one victory for them.

    A conspiracy doesn’t have to be well a coordinated conspiracy to be a conspiracy. However it is suspected that leftists methods of communication are probably more instinctual. One solution to this problem is to eliminate the conditions in which they thrive. There are also more direct methods in dealing with this infestation. The following quote is located at the bottom of the page. “Ammonia sprays make excellent contact molluscicides”

    In short piss on’em.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:07 13:07

      ‘Piss on ’em’, but eat Mexican before you do!

  6. 25 August 2011 @ 08:37 08:37

    Sorry to hear it. But I think it is fair to point out that the Bush loyalists doled out the same thing to those who disagreed with his polices.

    Just a thought.

  7. 25 August 2011 @ 09:14 09:14

    You are exactly right Bob, we do need to support these excellent, conservative patriot bloggers. Pamela, Zilla, Bunni etc. are being attacked for speaking the truth in a similar fashion to those who dared to speak out against the Nazis during WWII. We must not abandon them in their time of need but encourage them in their efforts to expose the lies of progressives. We are chipping away at the Left’s false narrative and they are scared that it will crack further and their agenda will come tumblng down. We need to make sure that in 2012 we put a major crack into the Left’s agenda by electing a true conservative as President.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:10 13:10

      Spot-on, Tere. And we’ve got to gird our loins for what they’ll do us between now and then.

      We have to be ready, like the Minutemen, to rush to the aid of fellow bloggers who are subjected to direct attack.

  8. 25 August 2011 @ 09:16 09:16

    Thanks Zilla & Teresa, Love you too!
    & Our proprietor, Bob, of course.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:12 13:12

      Well, heck, you are my Bunni Buddy in the Blogosphere, after all.

  9. 25 August 2011 @ 09:56 09:56

    I eat union trolls for breakfast!

    Bunni’s observation about having a good commenting system is spot-on too. I had to enable comment moderation due to all the truly vile bilge coming my way via various homosexual “rights” groups. There are some truly sick individuals out there. I don’t dignify their demented ravings with an acknowledgement. The death threats are a little unnerving though. Thank God for Second Amendment Security.

    I hope too that for those of us on the right we can realize that disagreement amongst ourselves does not necessarily constitute an “attack.” Alas I’ve found some Ron Paul supporters to be quite unreasonable in that regard, and Zilla says she’s been equally mistreated by Rick Perry aficionados. There’s no excuse for that. We’re better than the lefties, we’re supposed to respect our fellow bloggers and counter with ideas, not personal attacks.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:14 13:14

      -I try never to feed the trolls and they always have gone away.

      -You’re quite right about some of the Paul and Perry supporters, but don’t forget some of the Palin ones, who suffer from an Obama-like Cult Of Personality thing.

  10. 25 August 2011 @ 10:12 10:12

    Thanks Bob! Got you linked up at my place!

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:16 13:16

      Sorry it took so long to publish, but, unlike the Left, as you well know, we on the Right have lives outside of politics and we put our families first.

  11. 25 August 2011 @ 10:44 10:44

    We can fix this.

    All we have to do is re-open all those crappy used-record stores that have been disappearing in our digital age.

    Give these pathetisad losers and lifetime grad students a day job with a counter they can pontificate behind to everyone who walks in again and I bet their non-porn blogging drops off 90% while they browbeat their aging clientele and compulsively reorganize their Rage Against the Machine bin over and over and over…

    Same thing for dying independent bookstores: you may think it’s counter-capitalistic to support these middle-aged, pony-tailed ideologues who alienate half their community and then wonder why business sucks, but every counter clerk they hire is one more troll offline and not interfering with the business of the internet.

    Think of it as a digital version of Giuliani’s “broken windows” theory of government…

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:17 13:17

      Damn fine idea, RIchard! But don’t be raggin’ on used record stores in and of themselves; I spent many a happy hour in them and always came out with some good stuff to add to my collection [that’s why I have over 3000 albums].

  12. 25 August 2011 @ 16:04 16:04


    Pam Geller is a national treasure, IMHO, and it drives me crazy when “our own people” snark on her. Pamela, like so many other conservative bloggers, is doing the job that journalists are supposed to do. She is an indefatigable and thorough investigative reporter. Things like the Pulitzer Prize have become essentially meaningless, because the only true investigative journalists left in this country are mostly in the blogosphere. Not to mention that that’s where much of the best analysis and commentary is to be found as well.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:19 13:19

      She’s a national treasure.

      Look, she’s not perfect and sometimes she gets a little too heated, but her heart, soul, and brain are always in the right place.

  13. 25 August 2011 @ 17:11 17:11

    Great post. Keep on punchin’. Added you to my humble roster of dangerous dissidents.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      25 August 2011 @ 19:23 19:23

      Back at you: In accordance with Stacy McCain’s RULE 2…
      I’ve added your site to my version of the blogroll: Congratulations, you are an official Fellow DHS-Certified Right Wing Extremist.

  14. 25 August 2011 @ 22:53 22:53

    Well done sir. It seems the lefties have turned it up a notch. We simply have to remember that their goals are to distract, discourage, and disrupt. If you feed into them, you give them power far out of proportion to their numbers.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      27 August 2011 @ 13:21 13:21

      Exactly. Also, we have to be relentless in countering their calumnies.

      But, we can never, ever, let the Judases in our midst off the hook.

    • themadjewess permalink
      27 August 2011 @ 23:38 23:38

      Give them **NO** power!

      I allow NO enemy in my home, why should I allow them on my personal blog?
      Hell with em.

      As I said;
      Let THEM ‘feel the fascism’.
      They can find out what it is like, as the MSM does to AMERICANS.

      • bobbelvedere permalink*
        28 August 2011 @ 18:16 18:16

        Hear, hear!

  15. themadjewess permalink
    27 August 2011 @ 23:36 23:36

    Right wingers must become dictators on their websites.
    Let THEM feel the fascism.
    Its NOT a democracy!!!


  16. 29 August 2011 @ 17:33 17:33

    Well said, what a call to arms. Death threats on Bunni, how pathetic. Bet she’d go all Monty Python’s Holy Grail’s bunny on them, knowwhatImean.

    I leave nonthreatening troll comments on my blog just because they are amusingly stupid. But I don’t get many. I don’t post enough about Islam, I reckon.



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