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The American Experiment Corrupted

23 August 2011 @ 08:48

In reading a posting over at The Corner by Stanley Kurtz, commenting on Rick Perry’s book Fed Up: Our Fight To Save America From Washington, the following words got me thinking:

Too Texas — that’s the political knock on Perry. Will a gun-toting evangelical with a Texas drawl be able to reach suburban soccer-moms in the Midwest? Far from being naive on this point, Perry places it at the center of his philosophy. He rests much of his argument for federalism on America’s diverse local cultures. For a country forged from ethnically and religiously varied immigrant communities, federalism was the solution, Perry reminds us. With religious and cultural variety on the increase, Perry argues, federalism — not racial or ethnic bean-counting — remains the way.

So while Perry may want to be the president of us all, his real goal is to let Midwesterners and New Englanders develop, say, local K-12 curriculum standards or energy regulations with as little interference from Washington as possible. Since Californians want to legalize medical marijuana, says Perry, the Supreme Court ought not to have allowed Congress to override that state law — even though California’s policy was not to his personal liking. Perry, in other words, isn’t trying to remake the country in the image of Texas. His real argument is that federal efforts to press Texas into a single, national cultural and economic mold have deepened his respect for local differences — and for the Founders’ system of protecting those differences….

The federal system, indeed, worked and made sense when we Americans all shared the same cultural values, when we viewed life from the same perspective of Judeo-Christian thinking, had the same base we operated from. But that is not the case any longer.

During the middle years of the 19th Century, Leftist Ideology, a new way of viewing the world that had been born in the mid-18th Century, finally made it’s way to the Atlantic shores of The United States after having ravaged and roiled Europe for more than half a century. Very slowly, it’s mutated thinking creeped into the minds of many Americans, and the massive influx of Europeans who had suffered it’s effects since their births did not help. The huge amount of poor Irish Catholics, Eastern European Jews, and Southern Italians brought with them the resentments of the oppressed ― just the kind of vulnerable people whom the Marxists understood were relatively easy to exploit. It also appealed to the intelligentsia because, having been developed in the sterile laboratories of various minds, Progressivism [as it came to be called] was a perfectly logical system, one that provided answers to every question ― something an intellectual desires with all his heart and what passes for a soul [none of that sloppy, unorganized Human reality stuff of life for them].

The Communist way of looking at the world, being the opposite of the Judeo-Christian, it’s acceptance in America, created a group of people who no longer understood the world as the people of Western Civilization had for over a thousand years. Their beliefs are totally incompatible with Western Values.

The American Experiment proved that people of diverse cultures can live very well together, but only if, at their core, they are the same. Only if they come from the same basic premises.

The coming of Marxism/Progressivism to The United States opened a fissure that has been building pressure for a century-and-a-half, one that will erupt in the not too distant future.

We, those of us who still hold Western Values in our core, cannot co-exist much longer with those whose quintessence is Anti-Western.

The rubber has met the road.

Could This Be One Explanation?

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  1. 23 August 2011 @ 12:03 12:03

    The Federal Experiment was NEVER imagined by our founders as such a megalithic intrusion into every aspect of our daily lives by faceless bureaucrats 3000 miles away with no actual experience of our needs and conditions. Forget Marx, this is an obscene fantasy of tsarists and mandarins made flesh.

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