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WTF Sarah?

19 August 2011 @ 10:06

As if you needed any proof that I’m not one of the True Believer Palinbots…

In a very badly researched and reasoned blog posting yesterday, Greta Van Susteren defended Orrin Hatch.

Michelle Malkin takes her to the woodshed:

Van Susteren’s sloppy blog post (which doesn’t include a single hyperlink) provides erroneous facts about the Tea Party movement, erroneous characterizations of the core Tea Party agenda, and erroneous analysis of Hatch’s fiscal record after three decades in office. After insinuating that unprincipled motives are fueling those who oppose Hatch, she wraps up with a rather specious conclusion that based on Hatch’s creaky old support for the balanced budget amendment, she “would think that fact alone would make him the champion (the visionary?) of the Utah Tea Party.”

She ends with a question: “Am I wrong?”

Flabbergastingly so.

Mrs. Malkin delivers a detailed spanking here that is a thing of beauty ― although I, for one, am not flabbergasted, which the Collins English Dictionary defines as: ‘overcome with astonishment; amazed; astounded’, because, ever since I first watched her in action, I have known that Mzz. Susteren is a first-class dullard, dolt, knucklehead, pillock, muttonhead, nudnick, windbag, gasbag, bag, pudding-head…oh, and she’s a lawyer*. I have never seen her express any creativity in thought or action. She clearly has a mind that’s as dumb as cardboard, but, at least, cardboard has the saving grace of being useful to society.

So, I was not surprised to learn that Greta had written such a slipshod and waterlogged post.

What was unexpected and maddening was this, as Mrs. Malkin relates:

Most devastating of all, Palin offered ZERO rebuttal of van Susteren’s nonsense and agreed that Tea Party folks should “work with” Hatch instead of “shoving him out.”

PALIN: Well, and you’ll find that within any venue, within any group, Greta, especially when it involves politics. But to your particular point about Senator Orrin Hatch — he is doing good in terms of trying to get a balanced budget and he has been for the last couple of decades. And he’s pushed hard for some fiscal reforms that we have got to see implemented, otherwise, you know, crony capitalism is going to continue coming out of Washington, D.C., and we’re going to continue on the wrong path and we will be bankrupt.

So people like Orrin Hatch, who now especially — he’s rising up with quite aggressive talk about the balanced budget amendment and other things that he has seen for all these years need to be done. We need to be agreeing and embracing his idea and working with him to make sure that that happens, instead of shooing him away and shooing him out of a Tea Party movement, if you will, when he agrees with such a basic fundamental principle that we must see implemented, and that’s just simply balancing the doggone federal budget!

Is this the same Palin who just a few weeks ago boldly (and rightly) wrote: “Everyone I talk to still believes in contested primaries.”

To quote of my favorite Palinisms: WTF?

‘WTF’, indeed. Come on, Mrs. Palin: Orrin Hatch is part of the Elitist GOP Establishment. As Michelle Malkin reminds us in her post, this guy has spent most of his career compromising with The Enemy ― and let us not forget that when a Republican ‘compromises’ with a Leftist, it only means, at best, he got the Bolshe to water-down the he/she/transgendered’s plan a bit, that the Progressive got pretty much everything he, she, or the transgendered wanted.

As you said on Sean Hannity’s show last Friday: it’s time to ‘cut the crap’. Well then, you need to realize that Orrin Hatch is offal.
* We tend to think that it takes some brains
to pass the bar, but, looking at the majority
of lawyers, one gets the impression that
their only appreciable skill is in adapting to
the tribal mindset of the legal profession.
It seems to me that people who never pass
a bar without stopping in are usually much
smarter and possess Common Sense.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    19 August 2011 @ 14:31 14:31

    We need to get rid of all Republican Senators who have gauzy memories of being able to work with Ted Kennedy. We don’t need no stinkin compromisers.
    Greta is afraid of loosing one of her frequent guests. She is truly a dingbat but she does seem to get some high profile guests on her show. That ability has been slipping of late as evidenced by the fact Donald Trump has been on two or three nights a week lately. To be fair she has never been considered a conservative or a moonbat. I think she believes the lack of compromise is a flaw. She tends to obsessively get stuck on ideas like waste, fraud and abuse as a means of saving money. What she lacks is the awareness that Government is waste, fraud and abuse. Her current meme is that congress and the president should come back to DC so they can compromise and somehow magically create jobs.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      20 August 2011 @ 16:32 16:32

      I’ve never thought that she had an agile brain. ‘Dull as toast’ comes to mind.

      • bobbelvedere permalink*
        20 August 2011 @ 16:33 16:33

        Also, I think we always have to be weary of any host who can easily get all of the Beautiful People to come on their show. They come only because they know it’s safe.

  2. 19 August 2011 @ 19:54 19:54

    Sometime, I’ll happily provide some insightful insightfulness into lawyers and the multitude of problems with them. It starts with the fact that they are not, as a group, nearly as smart as they think they are; the vast majority couldn’t hack engineering, math, pre-med, or accounting, and, wanting a high-paid profession, went to law school. People like Eugene Volokh are extraordinarily rare.

    It just gets worse from there.

    • bobbelvedere permalink*
      20 August 2011 @ 16:35 16:35

      I can’t wait to read that, Roxe. Because they’re exactly like you describe them and the fact that law school teaches you how to think in a way different from normal, these dull sponges absorb the non-real-world way of thinking and act accordingly.

  3. just a conservative girl permalink
    20 August 2011 @ 00:17 00:17

    Hatch has been very good on judges. I will give him that.

  4. Rosalie permalink
    20 August 2011 @ 10:10 10:10

    There has to be term limits!

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