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Stacy McCain: Throwback

10 August 2011 @ 14:08

DaTechGuy is dead solid perfect:

If you’ve spend any time at all with Robert Stacy McCain, (and I’ve had him live in my house for a week at a time), you will find that nothing about him says “insider” or “expert”.

His clothes are not tailored; his suits are not expensive. His shoes are worn and unpolished.

However it will take you less than two hours to see that everything about him says “reporter.”

Stacy is the stereotypical reporter of old – rumpled and world-weary – who is willing to wear down some shoe leather, not only to report the stories, but to also get behind the scenes to understand the machinery that’s driving them. He’s dogged for the truth, but never burns his sources. While a serious chronicler of the news, he also possesses a wonderful sense of the absurdity of life. Cosmopolitan in his interests and knowledge, he is a deeply religious family man. Stacy’s an all-around damn good reporter and a good egg.

As I mentioned yesterday, he’s been doing one helluva job reporting from Iowa for the last week. Pete again:

…Stacy McCain has written about Iowa like few others have: Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum—he covers ‘em all. He has filed from Sioux City, Des Monies, and Roland, producing story after story in an unending arc. All of this on airplane tickets paid for by tip jar contributors—many of them one-way fares that left it up to Fate, whether he’s find his way home again. Somehow, he always does.

Consider the resources possessed by the MSM, and the corporations that own them: Stacy McCain is providing more coverage, and in better depth, on a shoestring. He actually informs his readers.

He doesn’t pretend that he has no viewpoint; he does, and he is proud of it. Yet he gives the whole story, in context, and allows the readers to draw their own conclusions.

That is what real reporting is all about.

You can read all of Stacy’s reporting from Iowa [where he'll be, at least, until Sunday] by clicking here.

Bravo, Pete.

BTW: If you’re amenable, you can always hit Stacy’s Tip Jar so we can get him home safely to Mrs. Other McCain.

Message To Andrew Breitbart: Why haven’t you hired him yet???

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  1. 10 August 2011 @ 14:41 14:41

    I met Stacy last week in Des Moines, and while everything you say is true, you have to meet him to see what a force of nature he is. He has enormous manic energy, and he seems to be always thinking about 8 things at once, while holding a Marlboro in one hand and blogging and drinking beer with the other. Of course, watching him in a Karoake bar is a transformational experience.. Do hit his tip jar.

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