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Summer’s Eve: It’s All About The V, Not Raaaaacism

30 July 2011 @ 16:30

From AdWeek, Tim Nudd reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to me for using Google]:

Summer’s Eve pulled three videos off its website and YouTube on Wednesday following claims that they were racially insensitive.

The videos (scroll down to watch them), part of the feminine-care company’s new “Hail to the V” campaign by The Richards Group in Dallas, featured talking hand-puppets representing women’s vaginas. Two of the spots in particular, featuring black and Hispanic characters, were criticized by some viewers, who complained that the voice work was racially stereotypical.

The black woman is “Pam Grier and Lil’ Kim all wrapped in to one,” wrote one online critic, while the Latina woman opens with the cry, “Ay-yi-yi.” (The Caucasian hand puppet remains on the website, narrating a short animated intro, but all three longer ads are gone.)

Under pressure, agency and client stood by the videos last week, [1] with agency founder Stan Richards saying they were meant to be “relatable,” not stereotypical. But on Wednesday, Richards PR executive Stacie Barnett told Adweek that the criticism had begun to overshadow the message and goal of the larger campaign—to educate women about their anatomy and break down taboos in talking about it—and that the online videos had to go.

“Stereotyping or being offensive was not our intention in any way, shape, or form,” said Barnett. “The decision to take the videos down is about acknowledging that there’s backlash here. We want to move beyond that and focus on the greater mission.”

Mr. Nudd’s report has the videos here.

The Summer’s Eve Hail To The V Campaign even has it’s own blog run by a cat [haw, haw] named Carlton [he’s the most interesting feline in the world, as you’ll see].  Here’s the  video wherein he gives a brief primer:


IN OTHER NEWS: Summer’s Eve will now be sponsoring all TCOTS Rule 5 postings from here on out.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    30 July 2011 @ 18:05 18:05

    Bob, who ever came up with that needs a mental examination.

  2. bobbelvedere permalink*
    30 July 2011 @ 19:03 19:03

    MT: It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine [just sipped my first bourbon of the evening].

  3. 30 July 2011 @ 19:31 19:31

    I like the cat.

  4. 31 July 2011 @ 11:19 11:19

    If the voices weren’t stereotypical, lefties would be mad that they were made to “act white” as the standard of normal. If they used only white hands, the lefties would be mad because minorities wouldn’t be represented.

    As Little Miss Attila pointed out, the big issue here is that a corporation, with its corporate cooties, is trying to sell something that deals with women’s health.

  5. 04 August 2011 @ 01:05 01:05

    They ran with “talking hand-puppets representing women’s vaginas”
    and it was pulled down because the VOICES were offensive !
    Yeesch, I hope these admen don’t ever get the Preperation H account.

    I miss the ads SNL parodied with
    ” Personal Product – Gilda Radner extols the virtues of a product for women that’s so personal no one can say what it is or what it does.”

  6. bobbelvedere permalink*
    04 August 2011 @ 19:56 19:56

    Maggie: He reminds me of our Mr. Adams — what a ham.

    Roxe: As you point out: you can’t win with the Bolshes.

    TJ: I was shocked when I saw the ad, but I shouldn’t have been; I knew this would happen after KY ads started appearing a few years ago. BTW: In accordance with Stacy McCain’s RULE 2…I’ve added your site to my version of the blogroll: Congratulations, you are an official Fellow DHS-Certified Right Wing Extremist.


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