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When Johnny Comes Fisking Home Again

22 July 2011 @ 11:14

There’s a steaming swamp of miasma hovering over the whole nation – and it’s damn hot out, too.

The weekend is almost here and there is no real relief in sight regarding either condition.

The mentally challenged bimbos of The Beltway will yammer and stammer and refuse to bring down the hammer on their profligate ways. And the heat will not be beat except by a well-executed retreat into the depths of conditioned air.

What better time than now for a solid Fisking of one of the Punditry Class’s most prominent and most masturbatic members: E.J. Dionne?

While such a severe [and deserved] thunderstorm of righteous ranting will not blow away either the hot air of The Ruling Class nor relieve the heat wave, it will most certainly provide a welcome rest-bit from the foul and fetid fumes that are fouling the American Atmosphere.

Thankfully, Smitty, Admiral Of The Afghan Seas, is home on a bit of R&R [The World's Youngest Blogger is due to enter the fray any day now] and has found time to take E.J. to the woodshed and handcuff him to the table saw of truth.

Two highlights […and remember this: there is no more important rule than to wear these (Norm points to his eyes) safety glasses]:

[DIONNE] McConnell can do this because he doesn’t confront the Tea Party problem that so bedevils Boehner and Cantor. Many of the Tea Party’s Senate candidates — Sharron Angle in Nevada, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and Joe Miller in Alaska — lost in 2010. Boehner and Cantor, by contrast, owe their majority in part to Tea Party supporters. McConnell has a certain freedom to govern that his House leadership colleagues do not.

[SMITTY] Wow, you really know how to draw the wrong lesson, don’t you, Dionne? It’s true that the unbridled will of the people was less that totally effective against the Ruling Class Overlords. They were able to circle the wagons, and squeeze a couple more years of graft out of the system. But, again, the Progressive Era is hard aground, going nowhere, and taking on water. “McConnell has a certain freedom to govern”. Look at what you wrote. The NRSC has got to know, and I think the fundraising numbers bear me out, that the only way the Ruling Class Overlords could have less respect in the eyes of the Tea Parties would be to, say, legally change their names to Dionne.


[DIONNE] And this is why Republicans are going to have to shake themselves loose from the Tea Party. Quite simply, the Tea Party’s legions are not interested in governing, at least as governing is normally understood in a democracy with separated powers. They believe that because the Republicans won one house of Congress in one election, they have a mandate to do whatever the right wing wants. A Democratic president and Senate are dismissed as irrelevant nuisances, although they were elected, too.

[SMITTY] It is nearly funny how you raise the ‘separated powers’ point, Dionne. Have you looked at the rot in the Executive? The DoJ? The EPA deciding to implement Cap & Trade? The FCC going after Net Neutrality? So, are you really that ignorant, or blowing sunshine up your readers’ bottoms? I tend to think the latter, and am thankful for an Internet which I can use to record the disgust and contempt that Americans of conscience feel for creepy little propaganda organs of your ilk.

Please do take the time to partake of the rest of this relief effort here.

  1. 22 July 2011 @ 14:32 14:32

    I wonder if Dionne realizes that he is just so much primal scream therapy?

  2. bobbelvedere permalink*
    24 July 2011 @ 18:44 18:44

    Smitty: Self-awarness is not one of the Left’s strong suits.


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