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Wolverine Alert!

18 July 2011 @ 11:16

Reporting from Waytoohotabad, Kuwait as he makes his way home for some R&R, Admiral Smitty makes perhaps the best case I’ve seen for going out of your way to see The Undefeated:

The Progressive project is predicated upon the notion that the American people are sheep. The American people have behaved sheepishly; let’s be honest. And here is a leader threatening the Progressive wolves with some honest shepherdly behavior. The river of dishonest bile from the usual liars is all you need to know.

This movie constitutes a 2012 straw poll. If you ever want to see a politician exhibit courage, Sarah Palin or otherwise, go see this flick. It may have strong associations with her, but, if this thing dies on the vine, you may as well plan to vote for a tool of the Romney ilk. Because that’s all that will be left. Or, WTF, just vote for BHO: as the ship sinks, you’ll have the satisfaction of noting that, by God, you were part owner of the capsizing.

Of course, the Bolshe critics are giving it a righteous panning and are trying to convince the great unwashed that (1) no one is going to see it and (2) it’s a bloody awful waste of time. They would, the lousy warts, but we know better. However, there are many of us, myself included, who rarely go to the movie theaters anymore. Well, I think we can make an exception is such a righteous cause, eh? I know it’s not playing in many regions yet [mine included], but, if it is within driving distance, please make the effort. I’ll be watching my local listings.

It’s not just a film about Sarah Palin: it’s about us, too.

Friend In The Ether Joe left a spot-on comment about Mrs. Palin and the MSM over at TOM that concludes with this great line:

She lives in their heads and she is tap dancing all the time.

Yeah, she’s doing leap-frogging splits down the stairs like the Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather.


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