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BREAKING: Fox News Report Deals Death Blow To Janice Hahn’s Credibility [Updated Below]

07 July 2011 @ 17:48

Democratic candidate  Janice Hahn’s chances to win the CA-36 House seat vacated by Jane Harmen have suffered a devastating blow after Fox News 11 aired a report that showed that candidate Hahn is a liar.

Ace is already on this:

In the past, Janice Hahn served on the LA City Council and supported paying city money to gang-members like, um, gangbusters.

Oh, it gets better. Her attorneys sent Fox11 a cease an desist letter forbidding them from pursuing this story.

That, madame, is a large mistake.

Oh My: Did I just hear a single gangster sucked up one million dollars in city funds? And now is in jail for selling machine-guns?

I did.

Here’s the report Ace is referring to:

I’ll have more in a few minutes.

UPDATE at 1749…

-Some background from Bryan Preston, The PJ Tatler:

So the story goes like this: There’s a special House election next Tuesday in CA-36. Janice Hahn, the Democrat, tried to kill a negative story about herself on the local Fox affiliate, concerning her ridiculous and wasteful “gang intervention program,” which more or less put gang members on the city payroll when she was a Los Angeles city council member. Fox 11 investigated the program and found that it was one massive debacle. Hahn fired off a cease and desist to get Fox’s story killed. That backfired as you’ll see in the video … in which Fox 11 spends 8 full minutes of its newscast going over all the story’s details. Do yourself a favor and watch the story to get a very detailed look at just how wonderful Hahn’s gang program really was. …One of the gangsters sucked up over $1 million being an “intervention” type, but is in jail now for selling illegal machine guns.

Please click here to read the rest.

-Dave Weigel points out that it was Ladd Ehlinger’s ad for TRUSA that finally brought this issue out, as none of the media would touch it:

You must remember the Turn Right USA ad against Democrat Janice Hahn in California — you know, the one that offended everybody. It even offended Craig Huey, the Republican running against Hahn, who called the ad “racist, sexist, bigoted.”

But had the ad never run, is it likely that Fox11 would have revisited its 2008 report on Hahn’s gang rehabilitation program? A report that ends with the anchor telling voters that she dodged their questions and sent them a cease and desist letter?

-The Lonely Conservative is on the story too and offers this good suggestion:

Hahn’s campaign is now broke. But you still might want to consider sending a few bucks to her opponent, Craig Huey, just in case. Seriously, the last thing we need is another Democrat loon with rotten judgment in Congress.

-I’ll have more in a bit.

-Big Tip of The Fedora to Stacy McCain.

UPDATE at 1905…

-DaTechGuy comments in his report [tip of the fedora to Instapundit]:

It was a sign of trouble when Janice Hahn was running negative when she had a 10-1 cash advantage and an unknown opponent, it was a bigger sign when someone bothered to make threats to the life of the people of TURN RIGHT USA pac. It was a sign of trouble when they wouldn’t return calls or e-mails from me concerning either the death threats or the Hacker hitting the Hahnshomeboyz site. All of it is bad but it is really under the radar stuff that doesn’t get noticed by many.

But there is no way to keep an attempt to intimidate a local TV station under the radar. That move makes it a major news story locally just a week before the election, and a NATIONAL news story!

He then goes on to offer three possible reasons why the Hahn Campaign took on Fox11.

Do check out Pete’s full posting here.

-In the Comments Section, Richard McEnroe offers a good suggestion:

Contact the LA County GOP

They’ve been pushing hard for Huey with very limited resources.

-More to come…

UPDATE at 1937…

Stacy McCain has filed his report [I would expect he’ll be doing a number of updates throughout the evening].

-Don Surber reports on the race and this latest news here, and comments:

I would not get my hopes too high, but perhaps Congress will be spared the addition of another young liberal lifer.

From you lips to the god of election’s ears.

-Mike Flynn, over at Big Government, comments on the story here.

-No surprise here: NOW endorsed Mzzz. Hahn on 05 July [here’s the link, but why bother?]

UPDATE at 2107…


The American Pundit.

UPDATE at 2147…

Three cheers for Ladd Ehlinger and his video which got the ball rolling on this whole story!  And three more for Turn Right USA for having the guts to fund the video.

-According to Stacy, Ladd is celebrating in an entirely appropriate manner.

UPDATE at 2311…

-Aleister at American Glob.

  1. 07 July 2011 @ 18:35 18:35

    Contact the LA County GOP

    They’ve been pushing hard for Huey with very limited resources.

  2. 07 July 2011 @ 22:30 22:30

    Oh boy! What a cover up. I hope this scandal helps Huey to win.

  3. 08 July 2011 @ 23:09 23:09

    Wow, this whacko is full of failure. Of course, she’s trying to lie her way out of it, but she may not get away with it?

  4. bobbelvedere permalink*
    10 July 2011 @ 18:36 18:36

    Tere: You look good in your new habit!

    Matt: And full of something else, IYKWIMAITYD.


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