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When Mark Steyn Starts To Talk About The Break-Up Of The United States… [Updated Below]

05 July 2011 @ 14:14

…you know things are not good:

In my soon to be imminently forthcoming book, I quote one of the most poignant lines from the Declaration of Independence, one that never made it into the final text – Thomas Jefferson’s parting words to his fellow British subjects across the seas: “We might have been a free and great people together.” There is a sense both of regret at the separation yet also of its inevitability. Today America is divided between those who see no problem with a bloated, wasteful four-trillion-bucks-a-year behemoth, and those who understand it’s killing the country. A betting man might wonder how long this “free and great people” will wish to remain “together”, especially when the spendaholics’ policies seem consciously designed to fracture the citizenry: The old vs the young, the latter crippled by debt run up by the former. Government union workers vs a beleaguered small-business class, working till it dies to pay for the lavish pensions of those who retire in their 50s. Poor Hispanics vs poor whites, both chasing jobs that no longer exist. Young Hispanics vs old whites: 83 per cent of Medicare beneficiaries are white; 70 per cent of births in Dallas’ biggest hospital are Hispanic. In a post-prosperity America, that would seem an unlikely recipe for social tranquility. Feckless bankrupt states like California vs comparatively prudent, solvent states like New Hampshire: How many of the non-spendaholic jurisdictions are prepared to pick up the tab for Sacramento, Albany and the rest for the privilege of keeping 50 stars in Old Glory?

This is not an age favorable to big, centralized entities that outlive their raison d’être – ask the Soviets and the Yugoslavs. I wonder if a 21st century Jefferson will have cause to modify the original’s farewell to his compatriots: “We might have stayed a free and great people together.”

I don’t know what Jeff Goldstein would say about what Mr. Steyn has written, but I do know that he understands how serious the situation is. And he’s determined to fight [tip of the fedora to Paco]:

We have pissed away the greatest experiment ever conceived in self-government. And watching helplessly as the left moves us ever closer to the rule of man — where government is all powerful and can determine our rights for us, granting them or removing them at a whim based on a clearly farcical “reading” of, eg., the Commerce Clause — should remind us just how precious liberty is.

We shan’t go down without a fight. Once this country is unrecognizable as this country, the time will come once again to declare our independence.

We are a people who were born in freedom. Let the rest of the world suffer in servitude to the state. That ain’t us. And it won’t be — at least, not so long as we still have a voice and a will and the desire to be free. And those who wish to do us harm had better stop underestimating our resolve.


As for myself, I have lately become more despondent, seriously questioning if we can hold The Union together. There’s just too many differences between us. Short of exiling of all Leftists, I don’t see how the Right and the Left can continue to live together much longer. The two side have totally different views of Life and Reality. If, by Divine Providence, we were to get the Progressives out of government at all levels and reconstitute said governments under the Founding Principles, you know the Left would immediately begin scheming to get back into power and, since they live by the philosophy of ‘by any means necessary’, since they have no moral sense, they would do whatever it took, twisting the law and usurping it, to regain power — because that is what they care about the most.

Leftism is incompatible with American Values. It despises custom, morality, and Right Reason. It rejects the importance of tradition and, in fact, scorns and spits on it. Leftists seek not to learn from the wisdom of those who have come before them. They disdain the hard-won knowledge that politics is the art of the possible. They seek to remake the world in their image, to be as gods.

How can you deal with such people?

You can’t because they believe they have found The Answer — that secret knowledge that the man of the Right believes can only be known to God. The Left believes mankind can be perfected, whereas those on the Right know that Human Beings are, well, human, in the purest sense of the that word — they err and will always err, they are flawed and will always fail.

Thus, the Right seeks to craft governments and institutions that put checks on the damage erring men can do. The Left, on the other hand, believing that people can be perfected, sees no reason for such restraints. Their faith in the idea that the Eschaton can be Immanentized, leads them to brook no opposition because, well, how can you oppose the Illuminated Wisdom they have discovered unless you’re an idiot or a fool? It is a torturous logic they follow and it leads, inevitably, given the frustrations they will experience imposing it on their flawed fellow Human Beings, to them torturing their fellow Human Beings. And it has in every single place it has been tried.

So, there is no possible way normal reasonable people can deal with such people — nor should they because they will be outgunned every time because, unlike themselves, the Left will not feel any pressure to conform to the rules of Right Reason and civilization. The Right plays by a set of rules first forged by the hand of God on Mount Sinai; the Left makes up it rules as it goes along, believing the ends [Illumination, Heaven On Earth] justify the means [anything goes].

It is inevitable that the two sides will clash and that, eventually, the chances are very good that this clash will escalate to the battlefield. This is especially true in The United States, where the belief in constitutional government is the strongest.

The Left will not compromise in the ends they desire to force upon us — they are the most feverish and fervid and fanatical of believers, who are unbound to any sense of morality.

We on the Right must not compromise because we have an obligation to those who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor that we might be born free, and to the American children born and those to be born to hand them what was given to us.

‘We might have been a free and great people together’, wrote Thomas Jefferson, and he was right in speaking of the American Colonies and Britain, but the same does not apply to the Left and the Right in The United States — there was never a chance that we could coexist for too long with people who despise everything we believe and everything we, as Americans, are.

The impasse is reached.

Quo vadis?

UPDATE at 1903…

Doug weighs-in over at The Daley Gator with some erudite thoughts of his own.  A highlight:

There are those who will scoff at Bob’s belief that the Left are the true fanatics seeking to force their religion, Marxism, down all of our throats. But, nothing could be more obvious. The Left practices no tolerance, nor does it embrace, in the least, any diversity. The Left welcomes only those who march and speak in lock step with the Left. Those who do not are targeted for utter destruction.

Please do take the time to click here and read the whole thing.

  1. 05 July 2011 @ 17:51 17:51

    Problem is, there is no conservative party in this country.

    Consider: Both parties support open borders. Both support government surveillance of its subjects, and damn the 4th Amendment. Both support corporate welfare.

    The reason is that the monster in DC is a huge parasite that feeds a lot of greedy, power-hungry people. Big government, even when it has the most conservative of aims, always becomes the tool of radicals hell-bent on reconstructing the world.

    So I say, let a thousand flowers bloom. The return of the city-state, the regional state, and the microstate is the return of the human scale to politics. Big nations have always focused their energies on becoming larger, at home through repressive government, and abroad by war.

    The age of the megastate began in the nineteenth century, reached its zenith in the early twentieth, and as the growing number of small nations indicates, is sputtering to an end in the twenty-first. Good riddance.

  2. Gatordoug permalink
    05 July 2011 @ 17:52 17:52

    Great post Bob, Got you linked with some thoughts of my own

  3. Wayne permalink
    05 July 2011 @ 21:20 21:20

    Sir, great posts. I’ve been preaching the same thing forever and a day now to no avail. The sheeple believe Communism died with the USSR. They have no clue.
    As far as the break up, I must admit that each day I feel like this country represents me and my heritage less and less. At the airport (I fly a lot) I could be in any 3rd world country. Sir, this break up, IF it happens (the other option is we all become slaves under a Marxist regime), will be especially sticky and ugly because, I believe, there will be very heavy racial/ethnic overtones to it. The founding stock of this nation are being replaced for a reason, and I’m sensing that whites are growing a little uncomfortable with the prospect of losing their nation, both politcally as well as culturally. Have you addressed any of this?

  4. 06 July 2011 @ 02:09 02:09

    ” … they err and will always err, they are flawed and will always fail.”

    Chaotics (‘leftists”) always err, are flawed and fail. They oppose the truth and for that very reason cannot prevail.

    Truth protects those who hold the consciousness bound to truth. Chaotics are a dependent phenomenon, not a independent one. They cannot and do not exist apart from normal people. They require an “enemy” to exist at all. They depend absolutely on the presence of normal people to be opposed. Their power is in two related abilities, the ability to delude and the ability to change disguises. Neither ability is omnipotent. Let us hold on to that which is good. It does not and will not fail us.

    Click to access Outline-For-Field-Manual.pdf

  5. 06 July 2011 @ 15:08 15:08

    Nil illigitimi carborundum.

    Yehh, don’t let the good Mr. Steyn get you down. He’s been in a bit of a funk for the past few years. Not that one can blame him.

    The tide is shifting. Everywhere one turns, the record of statists and central planners is failing – whether it is the social democracy debacle, the tyrano-fascist model or good old fashioned mohammedan neo-paganism. De Tocqueville pointed-out (decades before marx wasted paper) that la democratie – individual Liberty and the freedom to pursue self-interest – was the course of History. So it shall be. Look: Russia fer Pete’s sake has Steve Forbes’ flat tax. This is G-d’s plan.

    Granted, we’d best be prepared for real revolutionary trouble. The trogs are piss-drunk on the power they feel they have at the moment and are open about their “revolutionary” intent. The thing is, the game is late and they are out of potential, out of credibility and out of ideas. Let ’em try, if they dare. They are far, far weaker than they seem.

    America will recover from her 20th Century statist overdose. Israel wil survive. Those who stand with G-d and stand with the Ten Commandments will see great miracles – for these too are part of historical reality.

    Pray and Get Out The Vote, Bob. G-d will handle the big picture.



  6. 06 July 2011 @ 20:26 20:26

    “Leftists seek not to learn from the wisdom of those who have come before them.”

    Leftists also refuse to learn from the mistakes of those that came before them. They refuse to consider the horrific failures of their ideology where ever and whenever it has been tried.

  7. 02 December 2011 @ 02:27 02:27

    $author your blog is amazing.


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