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The Spot-On Quote Of The Day…

05 July 2011 @ 09:51

…is awarded to Michele Bachmann for making a very kind and generous offer to two of the people who have demonized her the most:

I want you to know, as president of the United States, I look forward to creating real jobs for both the Treasury secretary and the president of the United States.


I found this quote is a posting by William Teach, Commander of The Pirate’s Cove, who offered Mr. Geithner a suggestion that makes a lot of sense:

The best part is that she would certainly be more capable of creating jobs for Obama and Geithner (perhaps a job at Turbo Tax answering the phones?) than Obama is….

It’s kind of like when a computer security firm hires a hacker.

But the question still remains: what job would Obama be good at?

  1. 05 July 2011 @ 10:41 10:41

    I bet Obama would be a mean IT tech guy.

  2. bobbelvedere permalink*
    05 July 2011 @ 19:56 19:56

    Maxim: As an IT Manager, I can tell you he’d be the kind of guy who I would send out to deal with the people I don’t like.

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