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…And In Stealth Jihad News…

05 July 2011 @ 10:21

ITEM: Happy Independence Day, Kafirs

From Pajamas Media, Patrick Poole reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to Instapundit][emphasis mine]:

Supporters of Ayatollah Khomeini and the Islamic Republic of Iran are gathering in Kansas City this weekend, as the Muslim Congress convenes their annual national convention. The topic? “The Divine Concept of Freedom.” Apparently, the American concept of freedom is insufficient, and they’ve chosen July 4 to express their dissent.

The Muslim Congress is a network of more than 120 Shia mosques, schools, and organizations operating in 24 states that are little more than fronts for the Iranian regime. In fact, the U.S. government is in the process of seizing through civil asset forfeiture a number of their mosque properties in five states owned by one of their member groups, because they have laundered money for the terror and weapons procurement branches of the Iranian government.

At the conference this weekend, they will be receiving a communication from the spiritual leader of one of the most murderous militias in Iraq, a group directly supported by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Their support for Ayatollah Khomeini isn’t subtle, either. The Muslim Congress website used to list Khomeini as one of their “prominent scholars” and maintained a lengthy biography, which curiously overlooks his leadership and direction in seizing the American embassy in Tehran in November 1979 and the subsequent 444 days that his minions held our diplomats in illegal captivity. Also missing: any mention of the tens of thousands murdered under his authority during the Iranian Revolution and early years of his rule….

Once again, the Mohammedins in the U.S. have no compunction about being bold in their actions. They openly and arrogantly seek to disrespect Independence Day with their anti-American conference and desecrate Ground Zero with their Grand Jihad Mosque Complex. That the Mohammedins do this is a sign that the government at all levels and a good chunk of the American People refuse to acknowledge the danger to our existence posed by Islam.

ITEM: Interview with Eric Stakelbeck, Author Of The Terrorist Next Door: How The Government Is Deceiving You About The Islamist Threat

Conducted by The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein, a highlight:

3. The press for your book highlights a number of stats that seem in and of themselves completely innocuous. For instance, the number of mosques in the U.S. has increased from 1,200 to 2,000 in the last decade, the number of non-Christians in Tennessee has risen from 1 percent to 3 percent in the last two decades, a mosque in Alaska will be the state’s first mosque, etc. What’s your point?

The fact that the number of mosques in the U.S. has nearly doubled in just ten years — from 1,200 in 2001 to over 2,000 in 2011 — is not innocuous: it’s astounding. It’s also not coincidental. Think about it for a second. In the ten years since the greatest Islamic terror attack in American history, 9/11, Islamic centers — which, as I document meticulously in the book, have a long history of playing host to terrorist recruiting, planning and fundraising in the West — have not been discouraged. Rather, they have increased dramatically from coast-to-coast. This includes sprawling, multi-million dollar mega-mosques in places like Alaska, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and Murfreesboro, Tennessee that are home to minuscule Muslim populations that are anything but affluent.

Why the need for these massive Islamic centers in areas where there are not many Muslims at all? And where is the money coming from for these structures? As I recount in “The Terrorist Next Door,” the imams have told me the funds are all “locally raised.” But I’ve been in mosques from coast-to-coast and have simply not seen the potential to raise millions of dollars among the congregants, who are, in most cases, not extremely well off. In most places, it would be tough to raise that much money to build a church or synagogue, let alone a mosque.

So where is the money coming from? The short answer is the Saudi Kingdom, which has spent billions of its petro-dollars over the past several decades building mosques throughout the U.S. and Europe (although it is not permissible, of course, to build a church or synagogue in Saudi Arabia). Funds from the Wahhabist Saudis and other wealthy Persian Gulf donors pay for many of these mosques. Then once they are built, Muslim Brotherhood-connected imams and organizations move in to run the day-to-day operations and supply the ideology.

Why is that so troublesome? A recent study published in the respected Middle East Quarterly journal found that some 81 percent of U.S. mosques feature literature that advocates violence. As stated, I’ve been in countless mosques and have seen this pro-sharia, pro-jihad, anti-Western and anti-Semitic literature firsthand. Not surprisingly, Muslim Brotherhood documents, uncovered by the FBI, reveal that the Brotherhood considers Islamic centers the “axis” of their movement in America, where “battalions” are supplied.

While America sleeps, the diseased rats invade every nook and cranny of the house we live in. Do not be surprised when you wake up some morning and they’re feasting on your flesh, as they now are feeding on your Willful Blindness.

Wake Up Westerners Or You’re All Through.

  1. loopyloo305 permalink
    05 July 2011 @ 10:40 10:40

    And then states like Tenn. are adopting Sharia law and banning offensive speech, bumper stickers, and even DVD that someone outside you car might complain about. Insanity and in total violation of the constitution. All in the name of appeasement. Fools will wake up with their heads rolling one day and then it will be too late. Excellent article and I hope everyone can get the chance to read it. I will repost if you don’t mind!

  2. 05 July 2011 @ 12:10 12:10

    Why should the jihadists fear us? The Democrats will protect them. Most of the country has already capitulated.

  3. bobbelvedere permalink*
    05 July 2011 @ 19:21 19:21

    LL: Not at all, LL, and thank you. It’s very distressing, but, you’re quite right: heads will roll — literally.

    Infidel: Don’t forget the RINO’s and those conservatives who want to be loved by The Establishment and the libertarians who wanna let it all hang out, man…join the party.


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