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Thorn Flakes

28 June 2011 @ 14:22

In a posting yesterday evening over at AmSpecBlog, Friend In The Ether Quin Hillyer took Michele Bachmann to task for not accepting Chris Wallace’s video apology for asking her on Fox News Sunday if she was a flake.

While I think Quin is being too harsh on Mrs. Bachmann, I do agree with this:

…First, Wallace’s apology seemed sincere. Second, he didn’t ask the question in a nasty way anyway, but more in the tone of giving her a chance to clear the air. Third, the actual subject of the question, if not the wording, was entirely legitimate: Bachmann does have a history of verbal gaffes, and she will be challenged on that history, and it is perfectly legitimate for a newsman to ask her about them. Actually, the way Wallace did it was a favor to her….

I think it was a softball question and gave her the opportunity to do some defining of herself for once. I agree with Quin that she should have handled it better after the fact [we both agree her answer to CW was, as QH puts it ‘pretty darn good’].

I don’t agree with Quin that her refusal to accept Mr. Wallace’s video apology was ‘pathetic’, because she did once he called her, which is the proper way an honorable man handles such matters [see Aaron Goldstein’s posting on that here, which I heartily agree with].

But I do agree with this Quin quip:

…Bachmann is an eloquent spokesman for the conservative cause. But she needs to develop a Reaganesque ability to shrug off insults and, better, to turn them around to her own advantage, preferably with humor….

Mrs. Bachmann has to adopt more of the Happy Warrior persona that The Raygun and Mrs. Palin have in spades. However, as I much as I like her [she would be my second choice after SP], I don’t think she can ― it’s not who she is [that many kids will do that to you] ― which is why she may make a damn fine VP candidate [confession: I liked Spiro Agnew].

I still think the best course she could have taken would have been to join with Allen West and a few other brave House souls and overthrow Cryin’ John Boehner and his mushy minions. She’s a street fighter and The House Of Representatives is the rough side of town.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    28 June 2011 @ 14:54 14:54

    I think all of the republican candidates should be equipped with wrist rockets particularly while at the debates. This will eliminate questions like Coke or Pepsi or are you a flake. Chris Wallace’s facial expression looked to me like he thought the question was cute, she should have punched him.

  2. 28 June 2011 @ 15:55 15:55

    Bachman didn’t get angry with Wallace. I did. So did a lot of other conservatives. I am not saying Wallace is a wuss who wears women’s underwear much as sports broadcaster Marvelous Marve Albert. For all I know the two men have no association… though they do look alot alike. Again, I apologize if my comments about Chris Wallace are offensive, and if his feelings were injured at the suggestion he is a wuss cross dresser, then I apologize.

    Look, Wallace asked an asinine question, and got a cogent, informed response. If Wallace needs to recall a sharp response, perhaps he should turn his mind to the mauling he took at the hands of William Jefferson Clinton when Wallace’s questioning was perceived as impolite. The red faced finger waving, the diatribe, the difficulty Wallace had of keeping control of the interview. Wallace was grounded in the questions he was asking Clinton. He was clearly off base here, and repeating the offensive phrase in the video apology doesn’t score any points with me. You don’t get a pass for suggesting this crap, and he does no one but the left a favor by “getting it out there.” The fact of the matter was, as off base and flip as he was, the answer he received was measured and polite. That speaks to temperament and self-confidence. Those attributes count.

    Why is it that for conservative women its no holds barred? I think Wallace feels he was misunderstood, or made an honest mistake. What if Wallace’s enemies were saying he was a pedophile? Would I do him a favor by asking him on National television, “So then, Chris, are you a pedophile?” Perhaps not. Chris Wallace needs to examine what went wrong. Until he figures it out, he gets no quarter from me.

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