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Seems Like Old Times…

24 June 2011 @ 09:34

This is very interesting. From Accuracy In Media’s Cliff Kincaid, via Trevour Loudon, via The Pagan Temple, we learn:

Is the FBI Investigating Obama?
In a front page story about a major FBI terrorism investigation, The Washington Post has reported that the targets include “Chicagoans who crossed paths with Obama when he was a young state senator and some who have been active in labor unions that supported his political rise.” The implication is that the trail could lead to the White House.

This is an unusual investigation that does not primarily involve Islamists. Instead, it is focused on elements of the old international communist networks that many people mistakenly thought had faded away with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Those under investigation are suspected of providing support to foreign terrorist organizations such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Middle East, a Marxist group. The Post called them “Colombian and Palestinian groups designated by the U.S. government as terrorists.”

The investigations came into public view last September when the FBI raided the homes of several “activists,” as the Post called them. Some lived in Chicago.

One of the targets, Tom Burke, was a union organizer for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). He was so confident he would get a fair shake from the Post that he provided the paper with a photo of himself shaking hands with Barack Obama. The other apparent intention was to send a message to the President and Attorney General Eric Holder that any investigation of Burke might lead to Obama.

The Post suggested that investigations of labor union activists might jeopardize their support for Obama’s 2012 presidential run. Indeed, it could therefore threaten his re-election bid, if investigations determine that the activists did more than “cross paths” with the President.

Deep inside the article, in the 29th paragraph, we find out that some of the “activists” are associated with a group known as the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), a Marxist-Leninist organization. Burke is a member of the FRSO, which the Post admitted was “far left.”

The obvious question is why Obama, as a state senator in Illinois, would ever have “crossed paths” with such people. The answer goes beyond just union support for the candidate. The “far-left” networks that include the FRSO, the Communist Party USA, the New American Movement, and the Democratic Socialists of America backed and even spawned Obama’s political career. Don’t forget that Weather Underground leaders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn hosted a fundraiser for his first run for political office. The same networks also backed CIA Director Leon Panetta’s career when he was a congressman from Santa Cruz, California. This helps explain why Obama would pick Panetta, with no intelligence background, to run the intelligence agency. They are cut from the same cloth.

None of Obama’s associations surprise me and, I would hazard a guess, they don’t shock the regular readers of TCOTS. The Panetta connection is interesting and should have been on The Stupid Party’s radar before they voted for him as SecDef.

With the DOJ in the hands of a fellow Committed Leftist, I seriously doubt that this probe will go very far. It is in Eric Holder’s best interest to see that it doesn’t and, as we’ve seen many times now, he, to put it very mildly, believes that the Law means what he says it means.

Two Questions:

1. Was this a probe started by some rogue FBI agents [you know, the kind that take their oath seriously, their careers be damned]?


2. Was this probe initiated so that certain information could be hidden under the dense vail of an ‘ongoing investigation’?

Over to you, Republicans in the Congress.

[The Pagan Temple's website is located here]

  1. loopyloo305 permalink
    24 June 2011 @ 11:42 11:42

    Perhaps there are still some FBI agents that love this country and are willing to stand up and act! At least we can hope so.

  2. Otis P. Driftwood permalink
    24 June 2011 @ 14:16 14:16

    You are 100% correct Bob – none of this Crap surprises or shocks me any more. It is becoming mind-numbing though. Maybe that is their goal – input overload or something like that. And apparently obama’s past associations mean very little to those outside of the Conservative blogosphere. Without blogs like yours this stuff would never be known. Keep up the good work Sir.

  3. Adobe Walls permalink
    24 June 2011 @ 17:51 17:51

    The key (assuming the Bolsheviks loose the WH and senate)is not to let these investigations wither just because the left is temporarily out of power. The Civil Rights Dept resources at DOJ need to be re-tasked. The links between Islamic and leftwing groups need investigated. Surely it’s time to reconstitute the house committee on un-American activities. The funding of federal grants must be eliminated. Taxpayers subsidise eco-nazi nonprofits who in turn use those funds to sue government and private businesses to eliminate access to resources. Every time the ACLU or Muslim NGO engages in a lawsuit the should be fought with maximum resources even when or especially when the outcome is questionable. Every one of these suits should begin by questioning the standing to sue in the first place. The goal is not just win in court but to bankrupt the NGOs by making them rely solely on private funding.

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