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He Came To Rob Las Vegas…

16 June 2011 @ 14:29

…and he did.

In the first year of his Anti-Presidency, our Economist-In-Chief made several disparaging remarks about Las Vegas, including ‘encouraging’ companies not to hold their conventions there. As you may recall, he caught a lot of heat and, being the Nancy-Boy he is, he left the kitchen, and we haven’t heard much from him regarding Crapsville, except for a visit he made there last election time for Harry ‘The School Marm’ Reid.

While he might have scurried out of the kitchen, like the cockroach he is, it seems he has been successful in his quest to demonize one of America’s great economic success stories.

From Vicki, Mistress of the Frugal Cafe, we learn:

Three sad — and frightening — headlines posted at Las Vegas online news sources:

North Las Vegas plans to cut 83 police positions, including 17 officers

After closure on the Strip, everything must go at the Sahara

Marie Callender’s files for bankruptcy, closes Las Vegas location

And not one of these positions (approximately 1,000 people were employed at the Sahara), from what I can surmise, has anything to do with automation, ATMs, or kiosks at airports, Mr. President.

She then goes on to look at how we all are suffering as a result of the discredited Marxism-lite policies of Our Glorious and Fearless Cypher-In-Chief. It is well worth a read and has the usual great set of links.

We have a three-bedroom condo out in Vegas that we purchased in 2005 for 200 large. We still owe 129 large on it. If we sold it now, at best we could expect to get 70k for it. That price is still going down after nearly four years of the downturn. Something ain’t right when that happens.

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